Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Regarding right to Propagate any Relegion

Regarding Right to Propagate any Relegion the Constitution is pretty clear.The Fundamental Right Art. 25 to 28 confers right to practise religion . In the code of Arunachal Volume also this has been supplemented under Freedom of Relegion act I suppose.Therefore it is settled that it is a basic and inaliable right of the Citizen to accept a religion of his choice since prohibition against discrimination on the ground of religion, caste etc. is incorporated in articles 15 and 16.Therefore misconception that S.T certificate will be denied to the Converted Christians are all concocted and fabricated basically remnant of K.A. Raja ‘s Christian persicution era. This notion has been disaprooved once and for all by maximum numbers of Christian successful candidates in the list of previous APSC successful candidatees .The objectives specified in the Preamble contain the basic structure of our Constitution which cannot be amended in exercise of the power under article 368 of the Constitution. Keshavananda Bharti V. State of Kerala, AIR 1973 SC 1461: (1973) 4 SCC 225, paragraphs 292,437,599 ,682 and 1164. And as in S.R.Bommai V. Union of india (1994)3 SCC 1, Paragraph 153: AIR 1994 SC 1918 it was said that Secularism whatever it may mean is basic structure of constitution therefore since part of Basic Structure of Constitution it can never be abbrogated therefore no body will dare to curtail this right at the danger of his own service or Political Post for it will tentamount to be a fight against the Constitution itself. In a landmark judgement of S.C preaching as been considered as an integral part of the Christian religion and faith any body can convert to his choice of religion but only in case of Shedule Caste after convertion they will fail to get there original right since S.C is a cast based right and there is no discrimination in other religion. so after Ambedkar father of the Indian Constitution converted to Budhism with his followers they were no more considered Harijan and started to be treated as per with higher caste Hindu relegion. In case of S.T besides Fundamental right and provisions those enshrined in Preamble Supreme Court is clear that they will continue to get there all benefit after conversion to any other religion. Only restrain regarding religion seems to be given in 153-A I.P.C which is also a Penal Provision which is not raised to the status of Fundamental Right it is only weapon to check Promoting of enmity between different groups on grounds of religion,race,place of birth , residence ,language , etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony for which one shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three years or with fine or with both. And if the offence is committed in place of worship which will include even religious ceremonies like Mopin and Healing crusades than punishment may extend to five years and shall also be liable to fine . This case will be Cognisable, Non- bailable- Non- Compoundable and triable by a magistrate of the first class. Therefore the religious groups should be very responsible and understanding to each other before an incident like the burning of St. Stain in Orissa happens which may completely vititiate the atmosphere. I appeal both the Communities to be very restrain and the burden of Peace lies to the Peoples who are in majority in there respective areas the Christians in Tirbin and Likabali should tolerate the activity of the Donyi-Poloist to the extent of giving them Dere for temporary use similarly the followers of Doni- Ploism should also

show there magnamity in there majority area like Basar and Aalo, as the common aim of all the religion should be making a better Society. I dream a day when the Religious force of Arunachal together will come and work together to work for a better Society this may be a dream now but already having a common goal we cannot nullify this in future; though most likely initially in this transition period our differences will be taken advantage by those who are resorting to divide and rule technics which is worth pondering but hope one day we will be able to see our certain similiarities and work together for our common good. For a wonderful Society which is awaiting us we should do away with the Superiority complexion and do away with hate which will ultimately eat us all; only because of someones religious background, one should be not hated just like that- Why we don’t see that before a christian or Doni Poloist he is our own, way each part of the body has its importance Society works that way; if somebody is hated for hitting somebodies interest is it justified to hate him just like that specially if the Guy stands to some extends for all others right, does not all the religion teach us to stand against the injustice as after all somebody has to tie the bell in the Cats neck . If we don’t rectify this negetive attitude of us reserving praises and accolodes for only ones own son and daughter we will suffer the way like Tirap Peoples suffered; probably the curse for hating Galos they get in return by todays insergency problem as unending hatred against the Galos and Adis latter paved the way for the growth of insurgency as later when Galos and Adi left some thing body had to be made a punching bag and a common enemy and it resulted in fight between haves and have nots this hatred was taken advantage by Insurgents who are supposed to have a nexus with politicians for manipulating majority in the Assembly this may be also truth as leaving few like Jarbom Gamlin no body voice there opposition against there activities in Tirap ; contrary to popular belief it was not the Christianity and the Holy Bible which prompted insergency it was result of a long neglect and not addressing immidiately to the new need of Tirap Society which Undergrounds take advantage of ; Christianity never propagate hatred, it says those who fight with the sword will die with the sword thus Insergents have been today sidelined in States like Mizoram and Nagaland .

Thus ones merit should be appreciated some Peoples are unfortunately propagating hatred which will have a dire cosequences one day; if this Social hatred persists one day it may aggrevate class war like in Tirap were all the rich Peoples had to run away leaving the Tirap for good we definitely don’t expect that scenerio in our Society as later it will be bad for everyone. Oneday it is pervently hoped that both the majore Galo religion will come to term with each other, and if People goes berseck like it happenned in Tirap believing that all there problem had been always due to Social unequality rendered by the Haves than God alone is owner of those Leaders who are at present trieng divide and rule tactics misusing there Political platform for talking ill against those who don’t toe there line instead of working for the cause of Social Unification which is the need of the hour instead prefering to talk both the Parties separately with the evil intention so that they can be made cannon fodders against each others basically for there own never ending greed. There negetive Politics will though continue for sometimes as the religion is Opioum of masses as said by Moutse Tung therefore it is will be there best weapon as religious Politics are best medicine to keep calm hungry and emotional Publics who if come

to senses will be a real threat like in Tirap. We need to equivocally fight against there nefarious design as it will one day boomerange on themselves first and every one later at present though it a good way to divert there misdeed now which disturbs good governance which we all desperately want . Poor Christians in our Arunachal were earlier persecuted like anything may God never again give such situation to other religion , the puppet regime under the Leadership of Lt. Governor K.A. Raja were influenced at that time to try to pass even the Indegenious Faith Bill which failed even that time when there were no Christian representatives and today when our all Arunachal brothers when they have realised and are committed to protect the right of self determination of there and others right and after latest S.C judgement where the S.C showed its power of Judicial activism to the highest extent were in that land mark judgement it was said that even the provision in 9th Schedule vide which the State Govt. used to legislate certain laws passed by the Parliament pertaining to Fundamental Right and Preamble this was unconstitutional as it was a step to violate Fundamental Rights and Provisions of Preamble through a back door legislation in State assembly.

But one must not compell other to toe there own line for those who freely gospel around and to those who also provoke the argument and later blame the Christians as if they are not willing to hear the good news of God it is humbly appealed that it is a highly critical subject let us judge ourselves are we worthy of becoming Gods messengers and to those poor souls if they are really unhappy than there is a problem and if there is problem there must be a solution as well and by patient hearing and by being convinced of the truth by patient hearing you discover the truth ,happiness and peace of mind than you cannot later blame any religious groups that you have been forcefully converted as if you were tied with a post to hear the preaching if you don’t want to hear you could have well run away. So only a week person will blame other if you want to become a Christian or Doni- Poloist who is opposing you as you are the master of your own destiny and yourself will be accountable for your deeds; we should not blame each other as no body will today give initiative and money to toe there views it may happen in Politics but not in religion as one has to really go in the system to see the facts . Therefore the Magistrates must use there judicial mind in such kinds of cases . The State cannot discriminate on the ground of relegion, race,caste, sex or place of birth as per the Fundamental Right given in Article 15, unfortunately earlier the State was seen to favour some outside missionery Institution whose workers were mostly not tribals even, not that they don’t deserve help but today there has to be no preferential treatment or if after claiming there right if any religious Community is denied there right than they can move to the Court.It is a wrong notions to think that every Christian denominations are getting foreign Fund and so deny them State facilities this discrimination is highly condemnable at the same time the Cristians should not think every Public servents as anti Christians and shy from availing Govt. benefits.Neverthless we should be sympathetic to a new religions initially who need our passive and active support for its sustainence.The Public must be concern with quality education as Govt. has its limitations the way the St.Stephens and saint Xeviers are noted as famous Colleges and the Parents are dieng to admit there sons there even pretending to the extent that they are from Christian background therefore the yeoman service to the nation must be seen first. It is a wrong notion to think that all the Students from Christian Schools later become Christians did Swami Vivekananda studied in a Hindu school. The good God who must be a Gentleman must be giving us all a freedom of choice.Today we must rise above our parochial view in this Global world let us be concern with eating mango and leave away with this animal instinct of counting the seeds as hearing good things from whatsoever quarter benefit everyone .

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