Friday, May 20, 2011


                                                     The rumor that most of the sports man from Arunachal Pradesh in just concluded state sports meet were hired from other state don’t auger well for us . Our local chaps has to come up and I give full credit to those who have made an Individual achievement . The Govt. must assure them job and security in life so that it inspire new generation . Our Hon’ble C.M saab who himself is a good sportsman is accepted to take a very serious note of it .

                                                                 It is also pertinent to mention that advertisement for the course      in the SAI in Arunachal Times  published on Wednesday March 30,2011 was  so late which make us wonder weather was it not a plan to fill the Arunachal team with the outsiders once again . As some persons settled in the State will be extra conscious to dominate the outside State activities to make their claim more authentic .The APSU blood in Hon’ble C.M is accepted to make him more tactful in this regard .The Hon’ble C.M is also accepted to direct those corporate houses interest to invest in state to sponsor in this fields as we have tremendous scope in this field . The perfect gene of the Mongols like Mughals that ruled India , good environment and healthy food makes us as an agile as our Mongolian counter part in present days in China . May God bless our future sports man and women who are right now toiling secretly for the State .

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