Thursday, May 12, 2011


                           In the view of the hypothetical situation of  failure of the opposition to give formidable fight against the UPA Govt. In the end it may be imperative for ones like Baba Ramdev to lead the opposition and this will be for countries good . As the BJP leaders like Advani and Modiji are indicted for communal card and even if Public have no much love for the Congress party for their scams record . They are right now have to be now content with it as full support of the BJP to dashing young and energetic Arun Jaitly is very remote . Therefore the Babas rise is now seen with special interest . As he is seen as a secular and clean man and seen to have goodness of both the parties , therefore it should rock what the critics believe . As today the established political ideology is seen to failing after  communism in the form of CPM , BJP and congress turn may also come as per what critics opinion .

                                            But even the good Persons of the Congress Party should come forward to give helping hand to Babaji who is in his  with the tryst with the destiny . His beaming confidence shows that he has a divine assurance . Thus it would have been so good to see Bharat Swabhiman Party coming to power or at least a National Govt of India for first time , with Baba getting support of both BJP and Congress Party . Mind it we need such type of Govt. for say another 5 yrs. Or why so much of outstanding issues like delay in Bringing back the wanted fugitives  hiding in Pakistan and other sensitive issues are not solved . May be only due to lack of unity as both the BJP and Congress seems to have played opposssition for shake of opposition politics .Even my facebook friend Rahul Gandhiji and his family seems to have been used by ordinary Congress man for minting more money in their name. They may relieve much of curse upon them if they also sit silence for atleast one term to let Babaji clean the mess
                           I hope great sacrificing Gandhis will also toe this idea and for national interest do so unless ofcourse show the guts to come clean on swiss Bank issue. As regarding coming election both the BJP and the Congress will be puzzled to know the result . And if any one of them looses than it may be turning point for their future for ever . But many will like Babaji to forms the Govt. to maintain status quo . This is in spite of all the Crooks having money in Swiss Bank planning against this divine plan  ? Therefore may be time to make a reconciliation also for all the parties , as what is the value of human life other than to live peacefully , as both the party member will feel like winning if the reign is take over by the ones like Babaji .there is no need for egoism in accepting what is right .God wants our obedience than sacrifice .Let us also enjoy fruits of life and sometimes live like normal human beings.
                                  Beware for those power mongers  things are supposed to chang now , after passing of lok pal Bill Babas clarion call for corruption free state will catch lots of meaning and substance as first time he has been able to unite the good Peoples . The congress and BJP together also may definitely have no match in curtailing this divine power . It is fact that earlier the Congress Party was voted by aam admi , mostly for the hope of gaining the slice of cake of suspected money in swiss bank specially in places like ours where voters have been made as monosters though Tahulji might have been unaware , now that it will be seen as haram and money wallas will try their best to remove their names from the Swiss account books  . Theirfore danger bell also ringing for the Congress party like BJP which is seen as a communal party . As the critics had always apprehend the similar ideology party like BJP may finally merge with the Bharat Swabhiuman Party who knows the future making the situation more volatile . Therefore time for good persons to seek saran with Babaji after all their is also too many expectations from a congress candidate due to earlier leaders who have made bribery as the Congress culture . Honestly congress  earlier never  met a match like it is now having to face all the divine lumineries . Good for the party if it immediately delivers what they demands .

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