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                                                                         The demand for the NPF by the Tirap Changlang members where long expected . Earlier I had warned the Leaders towards apathy to the Tirap Changlang publics . As I went to see this places twice , therefore I may have some right than others to say . And for State interest I had also even requested others for considering the name of one leader from this region for HCM post like Brother Setong Sena , if the congress really want to remove the injustice tag to this Districts , as one should be committed in letter and spirit . Of course this was my personal opinion .The freedom of choice have been taken good advantage by Nishi brothers some of them have even accepted Muslim religion it is heard . Everyone has right to determine their own future .
                                                                  In other way bringing NPF should be seen as more better option than bringing other political groups like NCP and TMC for which only aim seems to be getting slice of cake of corrupted senior central leaders . If one doesn’t want to share the power than this short of controversy will naturally come up . so humble appeal to all . Let us show our utmost sincerity to deal this issues . If talk can be initiated to give PRC to none tribal’s this is an small matter . I advise why not even senior Naga leaders invited in APSU talk . To see are those who are coercing them talking vocally .As for me I am unfortunately busy in my Christian work .

                                                                 To some student leaders my advice is if f they have failed to do anything regarding Chakma Hajong issue , do they stand any chance in NPF case ? as it is a democratic move accepted by Election Commissioner . Howsoever we have right to criticize the Outfits , do we have right to go against the constitution ? the Congress Govt. May see it as a major political threat in coming days and who knows may be using the innocent students as cannon fodders ?The Naga Publics are also worthy to be praised as NSCN IM is at lest talking to the Govt. also . In the worst situation like they are going through now their belief in the Democracy is also appreciable ; in this transition period nothing can be predicted about the future. Who knows tomorrow even greater Nagalim issue may not carry much sense with Nagas themselves ; therefore what is harm in talking it out . It is wrong to think Christianity and existing underground People as irresponsible towards peace in State . We can’t also deny Naga contribution when we praise some tribe member for their new found peace for their missionaries have worked so much tirelessly .

                                                                            Rather more than them haves and haves not gap due to domination by one class is also responsible for this corruption , nepotism and bad governance . Leading to hypertension as new Political equation may be seen as a threat by some who have been ruling and benefitting earlier . Those haves who are so easily blaming others can they leave aside visiting those place can give chance to a Tirap Leader to become C.M if a chance arise ? Man saying is easy unless one sacrifice he has no right to say . Why Student community are mum regarding the recent Hon’ble High Court Order to lodge FIR against Sri A. Welly Minister WRD and others . Whereas this is the most important issue for the students . Even NSCN cadres are also good Peoples will they also not like to settle for a more meaningful purpose in life if we take them into confidence . Man it is easy to criticize but difficult to bring a solution . The strength is in talking like a man not shouting from back . However their must be also good student leaders who must have been also honest in their opinion and it is also a positive discussion . After all the beauty of democracy is unity of thought in diverse opinion.

                                                                          See the how the Mizo National Front - MNF was able to leave the insurgency , credit goes to Lord and savior and organized Christian Church also ; howsoever one criticize Christian Institutions but for lasting peace its help is also indispensable . I on my capacity of the Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI tried my best for peace in Tirap and Changlang least tomorrow we are blamed . Sometimes the central Govt. also seems to make the outfits fight among them , who knows weapons and other logistic support also was rendered to one group against other . As earlier there was no semblance of accountability and sincerity by the army and Central Govt. so how could underground element have also come in negotiation table? They are also human being and it is wrong to think them as others . They are also our neighbors and our own . I believe everyone can be convinced with God given power .In this regard - An article in this blog- ` Appeal to Nagas for future generation ,` in blog can be also seen .

                                                            Only after proposed draft bill on Jan Lok Pal Bill after Anna Hazares fasting , real trust on Govt. may develop for the first time in India and even underground elements may come to negotiation table . Or earlier was not Country condition pathetic those who are enjoying the life will have contrary view . May be after they give back 50 percent of their evil earned money in charity Underground element may also diminish . Lack of love is also responsible for it . It is also wrong to think that all the Christians are pro- outfits . But even if we refrain them they are here for the moment one likes or not . Not only in Christian State even in Nepal a Hindu State it didn’t come up . So let us please give peace a chance and stop blaming other . So now time is for saying openly what is in mind , I hope everyone loves an honest person . And this leaders who badmouths to innocent students may be the one maintaining double standard and may be romancing outfits secretly . God knows how much they have paid the insurgents secretly earlier for their own survival? And in coming election also the Outfits who have lately become mercenary of short may be compelled to sideline deserving candidates even from their co-religion for the sake of money . Only in Gods promise to interference to save the righteous we believe .

                                                                                      We should also see that Hon’ble C.M Neipo Rio as one who has earned his right to be respected . During time when most leaders don’t dare to tackle issues like terrorism he have done his best . So what other leaders are more richer have they this commanding . It is only sacrifice that makes a man great . This man fought against President rule in Nagaland and singlehandedly finished Congress monopoly . And to our leaders I challenge them PPA is ready if they want to do similar experiment before election . But it is doubtful so God may instead bless a small David , against Goliath the Demon to do the needful as there is still lots of good things to come to our State .

                                                                Contrary to the belief that Christianity is responsibility for mess , It has given us a platform to bring a peace also , as in changing world as more demand for right by the poor increase the clash was inevitable . Are we also not responsible if some Villagers start seeing Outfits as Robin hood . In fact Christianity talks about justice and equality and as many of its believer are now effected directly or indirectly in some part of State . Which may make them more committed towards Social cause as the Christian philosophy which says love thy neighbor also exhort us to fight for justice . If this God given philosophy is hated by haves we can’t help. Who may be of the wrong opinion that if NPF if allowed , none can stop this French revolution slogan as it will benefit have-not . And for those who despise Christianity seeing it as a threat to their culture and tradition without seeing other benefit it may be also creating a hypothetical fear .Whereas unlike other even if tomorrow one Christian C.M becomes by Gods mercy he should give equal justice . But before giving a chance this bru haha is wrong .

                                                                         I presume most of the NSCN cadres may even have no personal house of their own like ULFA and BLTF, at least they can be praised for it and they seems to be very discipline . Though in many occasion I have criticize them .But what about us , is corruption is also not an indirect killing ? Neipho Rio seems to be a good man , if he wants to bring all the Naga clan in one Umbrella Culturally and politically , without harming Arunachals interest what is the probelm ? as he personally assured us on our last PPA and NPF interaction in Dimapur . None can stop brothers love for other brother even from Mongolian point of view are we not more akin to Tazik Peoples also and should not start cultural ties with all . It will be only for our benefit see how successful China is . We should be proud to be India as well as to be from Mongol ancestor .

                                                        Does Arunachal only belong to rich and Congress Party who always seems to be hypersensitive like Indra Devta in Indra lok to any development taking place below . After our meeting with Hon’ble C.M Nagaland Neipho Rioji we had an impression that he had no ulterior interest . As he seems to know his limitations in not poking into internal affairs of the Arunachal . As if clan affinity is made the basis for Naga unification than Nagaland may one day itself be broken in several pieces . The pertinent question should be what should be the solution for Tirap and Changlang ? If we can’t fight the underground than a second best solution , plan- B by HCM Neiphorio may be more practical .

                                                                     That way the NSCN - K may be also brought in the negotiation table someday .And this most hated campaign against the NPF Party may itself be later boon in disguise to unite the Tirap and Changlang People to stand in their own feet with a new convictions . Remember Peoples belief in themselves in their roots are also important to bring a confidence in them . Even if present Govt. have cared their monetary need they may be given chance to correct their historical roots .When we have no objection to party from Bengal like TMC than should we have problem with them should we ? The motive in former case is worst as it is purely monetary gain . At least the NPF is from North East isn’t it . Not only that already it is also heard that talk is going to give PRC to non tribal’s. So man why no voice in this issues ?

                                                                                    The power obsessed Arunachal Leaders even after making of the Committee for drafting Bill for Public Lok Pal still seems to living in fools paradise , by diverting from more pressing demands by the Public in corruption and nepotism front they seems to be hacking up other issue to divert from core issue . If the NPF is disallowed the corrupted leaders also need to resign will they do so ? so Public should say please go to Tirap and Changlang and organize Public rally their or first at least arrest tainted leader indicted by Hon’ble High Court . Before blaming others . Already few good congress leader like Setong Sena may not like undue coverage given to this issue and tomorrow you never know bereaved of recognisation to their contribution to congress , may also end up becoming NPF member one never know future .

                                                                 The Outfit also need to realize that they are unwelcome here if NPF is invited Public condition may be removal of the Outfits who are operating in this district ; and a new party will only prosper when public demand is heard . There is definitely scope in regionalism in State as critics see only regional love can fight corruption but honestly no one need Outfits , in fact themselves might be also fed up of their life fighting . And so the burden will now lie on the newly formed NPF Party members to promise that even if they form Party they will never demand for cessation in Greater Nagalim , which seems to be the present fear and it also cannot be gainsaid in future as leaders are capable of doing many things . But what NPF cadres wanted they seems to have already get e,i- cheap publicity the oxygen of political party . They should also join APSU meeting to put forward their view .

                                                                                     The APSU should maintain its non political image , should take advantage of the invitation by Naga student union and remove their misconception that forming NPF is first step of forming greater Nagalim. And instead talk for greater North East cooperation which PPA envisage . As for such issue ruling party was in the fittest position to say but they have always shied of showing their leadership in such matter which is unfortunate . As you cant expect opposition Leaders only to be made as escape goats and keeping them in lurches in other developmental works . something it is best to wait and watch as how long we will come as Guardian angel for ruling party . Even if we object whatever has to come will come and go will go . God’s will is the best let us take it that way . At least for me history can not blamed me as I had said what I had to say to Neipo Rioji to do something regarding peace and wrote what I wanted to write . Future God is the owner – Let thy will be done on Arunachal and Nagaland .

                                                                      Today it is global world leave aside Nagas , if need be we should also make friendship with China . So long as the Tirap and Changlang Publics doesn’t demand separate State what is the harm ? The litmus test for the AAPSU will be in coming Panchayat election , as in previous election they are only seen to be siding with the Congress showing their real mukhota . Hope the new leadership will show absolute neutrality and if at all interfere will do so for the change we believe in for the society ; unfortunately their senior members may end up campaigning for Congress fatty rich heavy weight like always . Baba if you want to really earn become full time contractor or business man why two yardstick for rich and poor , relative and none relative . See in PDS case Govt . has put itself into more complicacy and it is due to our silence . First let us do small things big things will automatically happen .

                                                                       For the Tirap and Changlang publics please at least leave them from politics . As even if what AAPSU say is right, who will camp their in those troubled place to tell the Publics . But for the sake of future controversy which might come , it will be good if the members who have invited NPF are requested by APSU to sign a declaration that in future they will never secede to other State . But we as a Arunachalees should also root out corruption so that tomorrow Publics don’t intend to join even China for corruption and nepotism of Highest order which is also the real cause of such demand. Please stop bombastic and emotional impractical slogan in coming meeting sponsored by APSU .I appeal to the NPF that if they feel that the local publics in Tirap and Changlang are really going to be angry with this move later on also why not form North East Democratic Front Party . As PPA , AGB , SDF , NPF and MNP members have already accepted this in principal and who knows tomorrow that will be best option also .

                                                          And as for AAPSU if it is formed should they not render their unconditional support to regional party , or will also they not BE  called by the critics as – ` You too Brutus .`


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