Monday, May 2, 2011


                                                                This country can be only made healthy once more if the spiritual truth of the Bible is seeked , coupled with following the way of life of His Holiness Pt. Ravi Shankar , following the law made by Anna Hazare and joining the political party of the Baba Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman party .

                                                    As even if there are some good persons in the congress but they seems to fear the result of the complete somersault on the congress policy , as they seems to know that congress thrive on this image of pro rich . And Public today gives a damn about Gandhi ideology which may increase more so after evolution of great mans like Anna Hazare , Baba Ramdev and Pt. Ravi Shankar . This combination alone can take country to a new height but in North East they need to bless us PPA , NPF , SDF and AGP as here time has not come for direct intervention .

                                                    The good part of Art of Living and Bharat Swabhiman party is they seems to be close to the preaching of our Lord and Savior , so I recommend if one doesn’t become a Christian . He should at least become a Pt. Ravi Shankar or Baba Ramdevs followers . As they don’t try to show cheap miracle which People might  caught later and promote idolatry . The sirdi Ka  Sai Baba was also a very holy man his legacy was claimed to be carried by Sai baba ; hope his disciples are also later accepted to join this great man's for a good mission , after recent loss of their leader Sai Baba they should not feel lonely.As Tendulkarji is strongly felt by great mans to be the P.M candidate for the new great ressurrected Bharat .

                                                     As for my part I am appealing to the regional party in the North east to make a formidable coalition with this forces as this great man should support the change we believe in and their blessings will matter a lot . The rich congress Party members may personally try to appease the swamijis, but if some ordinary members can resist the temptation to eat Adams apple they should also set an example . I also don’t deny that there are also good Peoples in Congress . But what other will get from this congress monotony they should realize , as if they doesn’t take the initiative and make a coordinate approach to save the country who else will ?

                                                           Specially in place like A.P where situation has gone out of order a new house has to be built that is only possible after breaking the old ones . Therefore the great man should make direct interventions in sponsoring the RTI and PIL activists . And in pan India context after Lok Pal Bill they should push forward the demand for returning Black money in Swiss bank , demand  action on CVC report where 15000 officers find to be excessively corrupted and press for modification on Peoples Representation Act so that deserving ones get elected , not one with fake B.A pass certificate . Mind it good Peoples are always in majority , only their was never ever a coordinated attack aginst them hope this time great man does not fail us , in spearheading this thryst with the destiny as if needed the holy man must take up weapon for a good cause.
                                                       I am ready for coordinating any inter relegion meeting in our state the good of all the religion must be fused for our better life .The lack of spiritual democracy seems to have harmed us a lot as we may die without knowing the truth the purpose in our life  .

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