Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sikkim success story in floriculture :-

                                Yes , the Sikkim did it yet again and this time in the field of the floriculture . The creative Hon’ble C.M Pawan Kumar Chamlingji is all set to make Sikkim as the most beautiful place by making it more beautiful by planting number of flowers of all shape and size . Not only that he have encouraged the young entrepreneurs to invest in this floriculture field and the State does the marketing for them it is heard .

                            The first Lady of the State Madam Chamling herself is said to be interested in this field and started a big floriculture garden where the flowers are grown to export in the foreign countries. The Villagers are given plants by the Hon’ble C. M and are encouraged in this field and need not to say the place has become very beautiful everywhere , as foreign import good quality flowers are now themselves grown to be exported in foreign countries . Hope this creative ideas are also adopted by other North East place to remove the problem of unemployment .

                        The famous quotation of Chamlingji need to be remembered why look for Jobs , create something for State which is ever lasting . The other entrepreneurs are also accepted to learn from this Hon’ble C.M Saab who is a man with a mission .Specially the rich Persons of Arunachal Pradesh  as we have  diverse climate and topography we can surpassed them also if we have right kind of leadership. The world body which is suffering from the Global warming and worst climatic change need to learn from this sikkim Govt. success story . By rewarding Chamlingji we as a world will gain. But unfortunately the Congress Party which never seems to praise an opposition leader will they make an exception in this case?

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