Monday, May 2, 2011


                                                   Bin laden go to hell you son of the bitch who have brought maximum curse to your own community ; many Muslim childhood spoiled , many become widow now it is your turn devil get your own due . And rightly your dead body did not get even place in earth and now floating in the sea , may be your soul be contaminated with the Japanese Nuclear contamination and even find no place in hell . The committed commandos of Navy Seal and Special Operation Groups of America have shown what is Uncle Sams Cow Boy attitude all about . They will shoot the enemies any where in the world and even not take credit and live a secret life  .
                                                 The Americans are also worthy to be praised for their courage why we always blame them .They are the only one who is fighting with terrorism while others are sleeping.  A good lesson to our country , as if the  Black Hawk Helicopter  Can go inside Pakistan undetected so can we have . But for this we need leaders like President Barrack Obama . Hope like a minority black man have not failed the American trust the Country will now even appreciate deserving leader from  North East . who are  the cousins of the Mughals I,e- Mongols of the North East who have only become short by excessively eating rice like their counterpart eating wheat’s and drinking milk  in Samarkand . It is pertinent to mention that our forefathers who migrated to Persia started to be called as Mughals instead of Mongols . Still their is similar mughal title like Rumi in our Galo tribe . I remember  reading  one Mughal general Kirlug Rumi in history  . As Chengiz khans descendent have certain qualities in their gene pool . Thus after Lok Pal bill is passed , merit should alone count to remove this gutless and lethargic leaders .
                                             The Americans who are so loyal to the God whose constitution first letter starts with God save the America and their national anthem also start this way . I appeal after this success they should help 3rd world countries to get back Swiss Bank black money . As they are also the eldest of the world family and are now relieved of this Bin Laden episode should come forward to help the humanity against this other threat . As it is completely Un- Biblical to hide the Poor mans money in the Swiss Bank . This is Gods commission mission to fight for poor and destitute , they must not fail us as Americans are always  doing Gods work in a missioner jeal . And also their seems to be a nexus between back money and terrorism.
                                         I pray to Americans for  one last  time please  help the mankind and also  for glory of God . And even cooperation with the Jullian Assange the owner of the Wiki Leaks may be taken for this good work . If the Pope also  remain silence to this issue People will lost trust in  our religion . Mind it , this issue seems to be always used by the corrupted ones to blackmail super powers and  to threat Americans with Chinese increasing power and give them perennial headache . Today  even Swiss Govt. is said to be spending most of the profit for hiding the account number so why stop for a good cause for which Americans have always come as guardian angel . And with the Obamas reputation poised to increase and election result predictable why he should not take a bold decision to finish the source of terrorism . As in the garb of the welfare of an ally the Islamic terrorists vis a vis ISI few CIA agent and ISI agent alone  seems to have been profiting from this Black money havala transaction at the cost of whole world.

                                                                 And for our Country to match Americans and Israel  the only  need is up gradation of the military and make a secret commando unit like Navy seal and fill them with God fearing and Holy spirit filled Individuals who only fear God . As eventually those Guys who have gone to Sunday church services and RSS alone can be accepted to be committed and fearless . As Christian countries like America have aggressively  broke terrorist  backbone . Its easy to potray Sunny Deol fighting Pakistani in movie but we want real Cow Boys . Howsoever Congress party man criticizes sometimes truth has to be accepted . And if it is not , why terrorist camp still their in India? So please don’t start an political argument . This is for national interest . And even if today Congress is in power may be a secret policy has to be made for national interest .As those in seva Dal may not have joined freely but the former seems to have really joined out of free will.The suffering family members at the hands of terrorists may also be committed.                                        Shah Rukh Khan cine star rightly  said ,` if today the Muslim doesn’t explain to the world what is Islam is all about than God will never forgive them `. The Muslim People in spite of so many talents seems to have gone somewhere wrong . Even the Prophet Mohammed has warned them that those who criticize Christianity will have certain doom . Only his other saying that the Jesus was not the only prophet need also not to be diverted by the Muslim theologians , as they never seeked Gods kingdom in true sense of term . And  in revelation chapter of the Holy Bible also next avatar of God has been postulated in a different role therefore Muhammad Saab was not altogether wrong . And Muhammad himself is alleged by critics to have not followed what he himself  said in his own life like his alleged romance with Caftic girl even after 4 marriage . So before following a religion and leader one has to be careful as it is something which is going to effect oneself . Those who shoot at one for telling the truth are devil themselves . Good that first time Arab world is fighting against the dictator and soon Gods good news of  salvation to sinners and hope to the poor and destitute are accepted to reach their also .

                                              One like it or not the spiritual destiny of the world has been already written long time back in the form of Holy Bible and Quran . Now it is the followers who have to prove which is better . Or Publics has the right to infer that if one is embodiment of love than other is its opposite . As both are so vast and voluminous that they have hardly left any topic to be dealt with by a new religion . The evolution of the Bahai religion and the Sufism can be also seen as the searching for the truth those who are not satisfied with the Islam . Mohammad Saab seems to have been a good political leader uniting both the Macca and Medina by finishing idol worship ; but today the religion started by him really seems to be in its most critical transitional phase . We need to pray for Muslim brothers .
                                                As the Lord and savior Jesus died for our sin and become an example for the sacrifice their fore the inner democratic values have been an integral part of the Christianity . This dissuade the religion from giving more value to a person or a leader who may not be always right . This absence of an ideal leader  for peaceful  revolutionary zeal may have been the reason for rise of the dictator and cult leaders in the Muslim community . At least we need to praise the Pakistan President to come to our Country for giving peace a chance that is best they can also do .

                                           The Sufi moment in the Muslim community is commendable through this also they should be able to evolve from this transition period. Even most of the recent revolt in the Arab countries seems to be inspired by the teaching of the God channel . See ultimately truth will prevail and hunger for it will never keep someone silent to the injustice . Mind it aam Muslim Peoples are very good and innocent and have hunger for the truth and spirituality so far seen to be suppressed by the Muslim fanatics ; who threatening them of fatwa and taking help of the Sharia to suppress the bid for new thought and revolution .

                                                 The film shooted dog like picture of the Bin Laden should make Muslim fanatics to realize that they can never win by terrorism , only by love someone may influence others . Those who have problem with the world , they need to introspect that problem is in them themselves . By branding others as Kafirs and day dreaming sleeping with the virgin in heaven after becoming martyr . They are spoiling their today and tomorrow . Finally  Shah Rukhji has intervened thats good if they don't who else will ? Before good Muslim themselves run away to other religion the intellectual Muslim like him must show the good side of the Muslim religion where there is love , sacrifice and charity not only towards own community but to others . We should also pity on Arabs - May be something to do with their traditional evil practices and hard life in Desert area may have made them to hardened their heart and let us  prey to God that this transition period  may be smooth for them .

                                                   God does not want our sacrifice but obedience – to accept as directed his only begotten son Jesus Christ whom he send to die for our sin as our Lord and Savior . According to the word of God in Holy Bible as Muslims are also descendent of Abraham  like Christians who's father Abraham  was  favorite of God . This was even if the God wanted Eassu Lord Christs forefather  to born of Sarrah first instead of their forefathers Ismail from Hagar who born first against Gods wish .Therefore they will ultimate find rest by seeking the truth , which is rightfully theirs only though Bible says that they have been cursed to get no peace till they repent . Thus it is fervently hoped that merciful God who has even accepted the gentiles like us will bless them and make them to make an introspect of highest order .

                                                               Hope the new generation Muslim Youth will refrain from hearing provocative speech from Muslim theologians who seems to select only those verses soothing them ; as those who fight with the sword will die with the sword as said in – Holy Bible . The Pakistan is soon accepted to take a holy Baptism as a nation and give all the terrorists hiding their a resounding and magnanimous kick in their ass . As how a country can fool itself by a double policy . In fact terrorist fighting against the Pakistani Rangers are inspired by those wanted by India and hiding their . Before the sin make the nuclear bomb to burst their itself finishing themselves they need to act fast before it is too late  . Who knows World Cup loss was also an example for them to rectify before it is too late.By denying that it had helped Americans  nab Bin Laden their own , Pakistan Prime Minister and President will dig their own grave . As  It is time to make an  offensive attack against all crooks to rise above Muslim brotherhood as country is more important .

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