Sunday, May 1, 2011


                                    The Amar Singh will be always Amar for one thing his Amar Gathas , seeming to  being a devils advocate the feeling of over smartness already have been instrumental for his  removal  him from Samajwadi Party post as critics believe . I personally feel that no one has bathed in milk and the allegation against the Bushans father son duo advocate who are in panel of Anna Hazares Drafting committee is no exceptions . But at least has they not made Ganga snan after associating with a holy man . Thus their attack is unfounded as doing the sin is bad but repeanting as soon as possible is laudable.
                                   By associating with great man for  a great cause Bushans have shown their good family traits  . Their critics may even  be Be-jat I never meet Bushans but as per my friends report know for sure that Amar Bhai have even Bussiness interest in Hydro Power in Arunachal pradesh made recently where their is Congress Govt . Is he or Congress party not blackmailing each other , the far flunked Arunachal Pradesh far away from the madding crowd , media and oppossition party seems to be cooking pot for many a delicious  political food .

                                  This has to be also  seen – even if the  Bushans were  earlier bad but there is difference between tha and hain .The corrupted club of the India must have planned a bomb and the Bushan Vs Amar Drama seems to also have shown how their plan boomeranged . Man if the day of the Judgment comes none can save .Now time for the good Indians to side with likes of Baba Ramdevji and refrain from hearing this baseless arguments . As this great mans wants to save us from sudden dooms as an Individual and a nation .As earn so much money which family needs more than this is haram.Lately Amar alias Pappu who claims he can't dance sala in Aap Ki Adalat , was seen to be doing tandav nritya in our State of Arunachal Pradesh where their seems to be many secret hidden by Congress Govt..

                                               The Bushans who should have atleast no money in swiss bank should not stop at this , they should also later draft the bill for modification of Peoples Represent Act which Anna wants to give in his second phase of demand . The American style of having State sponsored election with strict action against the bribe giver must be introduced . Other point should be none allowance of corrupted and none B.A pass leaders . May God bless India and save us from other who are good at Tang Arane Ka Khel Main . I pervently believe this all sudden developements like  Jan Lok Pal Bill etc. are Gods own plan to let us develop spiritually also to know  his glory and mercy . May Country also prosper spiritually . Please readers may  see my other  article - `Something above Nationalism.`.

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