Sunday, May 1, 2011


                                                                  In the new changed circumstance where Anna Hazares Lok Pal Bill is suppose to make a new Indian order . The AARCA appeal to the Govt. to make the tender procedure and other contract procedure more transparent and also follow the mandatory guideline of the tendering procedure in MLA  Special package . As the  Hon’ble H.C and supreme court have recently shown judicial activism to call back old cases also ; their fore it is time to change in view of the proposed Lok Pal bill where there is provision of trial within 1 year punishment enhanced from 6 month imprisonment to  5 yrs. Minimum and maximum To life imprisonment if found guilty . And if senior leaders are feeling themselves in wrong side of the history  than honest advise prepare for honorable exit to pave way for better ones . As to our knowledge above fifty rupees corruption the Court will take cognizance .
                            Mind it if action are not taken against the misutilisation of MLAD , MPLAD and Special Package we may be compelled to take strict action . The powerful MLA and Beurocrates are still reported to do whole work in others name or giving others commission to do the work in benaami way effecting the genuine contractors and quality of work . The Govt. should release a white paper document on its performance regarding this funds . The corrupted rich leaders and beurocrates should not blame the public for their need to do scam ; as what they give to poor and sick is much below they make money record speak itself . If they really mean charity why they are not continuing their good work without intending to contest in coming election . The planning commission and the Doneer minister is also said to be blaming mostly  the Arunachal Ministers , MLAs and Beurocrates for tempting them with money this is highly condemnable . Let the work come on merit ; today the Planning commission can identify the most important project based  on their impartial study. We also intend to apprise this to the higher up  authorities so that leaders stop working for the self gratification .
                         Mind it this is the core issues , Govt. should not deviate from it by hacking up other issues to divert from core issues . See why the Sikkim and Nagaland have progressed so much ? If the Govt. fail to immediately act upon this advise ,  we may have to make direct intervention to teach a good lesion .If Govt. does not change it may itself create jeopardy for its whimsical leaders as most of them may have black spot to their credit .
                                                                    Courtesy - From the Office of the AARCA ( Arunachal Pradesh Register Contractor  Association ) by President Deepak Charu

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