Thursday, May 19, 2011


                                 I am one of the ardent fan of the Nishi clan and have appreciated them for what they are as everyone is hero in his own right  . It is worth appreciating how they have adjusted with whole lots of outsiders when there is much struggle for existence now .The Nagas and Nyisis are class apart as they seldom hit from back and I welcome their straight talk . Beneath their hard face I find a very good man but they need to mingle with others more personally and use their natural God gifted talent in positive way . They can really make state proud they have that potentiality . Only may be today’s greedy and monopolistic society have no time for understanding them .

                                   It is wrong to think that Jarbom Gamlin was made Hon’ble C.M only because of being none Nyisi . It was his destiny and Individual caliber . The Karka blood in him in fact makes him more ferocious and aggressive than even many of other Arunachal clans , but he used this family trait in a positive way kudos to his good family gene pool , good  alma meter RKM school and St. Stephens college , good  relatives and good friend circle . But the fact that the Nyisi don’t command this community value system also shows that they are very good now or won’t have they also formed Govt. after all this community is accepted to be very communal as critics dub . We need to pray for them as they are in worst phase of transition system after all they are the ones who had to went through sudden challenging phase in form of quick religion advent which is good but surely will have initial effect as critics believe, sudden exposure  with outsiders and exposure with modernity perhaps when they were least prepared also effected them  . Thus we should not discuss over issues which smells of superiority complexion but introspection is good provided aim is to integrate all the community for state development . Thus a positive discussion is also needed .
                                                                               Those who are trying to malign Nyisis must be willing to hide their corruption and nepotism in view of the coming  Lok pal bill also . For one thing Nyisis are honest and direct kind of persons and nothing can be predicted of them also and may have proved nemesis for the corrupted souls if given chance . As one can see very few Nyissis are excessively rich but presently Nyishi seems to be sleeping over their responsibility and some are reportedly very dishonest . The incident like  bank loot , PDS corruption mostly by some of  this community members and murder of a outsider bussiness man last time have definately defamed the community majority of whom are very innocent and have no right to be malign by few greedy ones as a critic also affirm. See the good work done by brother Che Ajum in the facebook , Dr. Byabang Rana and many others  .
                                                          But the allegation against the Nyishi community seems to be the handiwork of some  greedy non tribal persons to appease new leadership that this allegation in newspaper has come up that Nyishis are not liked by the majority  . It may have been different argument if the Nyisi member has been made as Hon’ble C.M.So it wrong to project one inferior to other . But through education and experience also one shines as an individual and community , fortunately for Galos Britishers come first to teach us . And our local Kebang system is very strong where forefathers outcast Bin Laden type characters before long . Today due to their sacrifice we live a peaceful life .The Jarbom successes story is not related to Galo unification and it won’t be also , as in Arunachal we have to take every one with us specially to become a Hon’ble C.M . It is pertinent to mention that incidentally during bad time many shied away from this family and many also don't toe their ideas always  . But  a good future for Nyisis  will be good  for Arunachal good also after all it is in heart of the Arunachal and if they change whole Arunachal stand to change . Today many technocrats and Beurocrates are coming up from this community after prolong monopoly by Galos. Today now drought for officers is seen in Galo belt thus Nyisis are coming in a more positive way and that is very appreciable.
                                        We should rejoice in each others success as they are also our own Abotani clan brothers . But so that the critics don’t get the chance in future , the Nyisi elite society and ANSU must also come forward to curb goondagardi in capital area where 24 hrs. patrolling is needed .And need not to advise the premier institution - it  must be dissuading the clan members from this act which malign the community as a whole , like sudden gheraowing of accident cite if Nyisi Peron is hit by a vehicle  . As the Court is their to say who is right or wrong , theirfore this negative communalism also need to be removed to make the Nyishi image more powerful as today many have intermarried and as such everyone is our own so why this hypertension . If elites take care of this small matters they will be more appreciated . After all investors will only come where their is a good behavior . See already our capital is not located  in a beautiful place so to attract the tourists  good behaviour is the  last thing even a sensible Nyishi Bussiness man would have liked .

                                 If they dream something big they must make a tangible sacrifice . Why there is no official stand even in cigarette against smoking ?While other Societies are giving ahimsa as core issue in their conventions and Kebas are they saying regarding this in their conference ? But to some critics Nyisis  themselves are suffering from issues like pride killing . There time will also come if they make sacrifice of highest order . So this is a humble appeal to not feel inferior but to use the occasion for introspection of highest order which will eventually help them as at least they are with God. And must make a highest introspection and refrain from filling any high post in any forum from their own clan which may smells of dominating trend of the community which other's may be despising . As today it is time of quality leaders and un meritious ones may defame their own clans. Besides in capital area itself 80 percent will be of other clans . Not that their is dirt of good Nyishi Leaders but they need to make their homework nicely next time . I as adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI wish them best of luck also.

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As majority always win we can say majority of Nyisi people are still uncivilised by their dids, even the well educated person behaves the same as the others of this clan, to the nyisi people its not fault of all the nyisi people you all have completely egoism and cowardnes rather than geting busy yourself inside go outside try to learn and lead the world if u can why to hang wit arunachal...!