Monday, May 2, 2011

GOD SAVE OUR Hon’ble c.m :-

                                                              Hon’ble c.m may God bless him , though politically we have different ideology but I take him as a friend , their fore I am very disturbed to hear about his whereabouts .May we receive his good news real soon . Though I have ideologically dissimilar view in many issues . But it is not the kind of thing we prey for .

                                                 Democratic fight will be always their, but hope he will return soon as he have been a dynamic and sincere leaders who had at least heard to have promised political sanyas by next election . He did commendable work in field of preservation of animal and doing what he believed by supporting young leader even if high command likes or not . I had chance to meet him in several occasion and he will surely remember me as one who never take any moneretary offer from him , hope those who benefit from him also pray for his well being , more so as many is rumored to have benefitted . Friend Tswang Dondup MLA Tawang once short of joked that it was only from me that Kanduji ever benefitted , as once God may have used me to  predicted C.M ship from his community ten days before he become one . For this God alone is worthy to be praised and he alone can do something now , as God is God of miracle hope his family and friends and relative makes absolute surrender to God by confessing their sins and get his blessing as earlier also some prophesy were conveyed to him for immediate repentance which he should have taken seriously. Let thy will be done in earth as in heaven .

                                                   This night is very crucial for our state . Let us wait for the morning to see him in heal and hearty as a changed man as I always believe a man in that level is always God ordained and have a purpose in life . May God Bless him and even if an untoward incident happen we should be psychologically preferred for it . At this time Kandu family needs tons of our prayer support ; when each of our Leaders irrespective of any party does so much for us . Have we also no obligation to prey for them and their family in this time of crisis .I appeal to all to do so . Later their will be always time to play politics , it is now time for prayer support - may God bless the Kandu family and let they receive an immediate message .

                                                              I personally appeal the Govt. to totally cancel the Helicopter service in Tawang as the Sella Pass Peaks seems to be the death zone . Where there is less dangerous and beautiful place like Mechuka than why to take chance . The Govt. should also immediately comb all the terrorist camps by seeking help of the Burma junta . And the Chinese Govt. should be also verified weather they have not unintentionally shoot down a chopper for violating the air space zone . The expert rock climbers may be also have to be roped in , as the passes in Sella pass areas are also said to be no less deep than grand canyon . I am for any help I can render as a person as Gen. Secy. Of PPA and Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI .

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