Thursday, May 19, 2011


                                                  The death of man in his peak carrier that too as Hon’ble C.M what makes a man really memorable . But let us look forward to life and move ahead , in this time we will be also dishonest if we don’t congratulate the new Hon’ble C.M who is also no less deserving as an academician and intellectual per excellence and is accepted to inspire and understand the educated youth . It is pertinent to mention that our new Hon’ble C.M is also a man of diverse personality . Having graduated from top St. Stephens college and having done LLB from Law Fac. Delhi university . He later become President APSU and started his political life from PPA working under legendary Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji not only that he is a very good sports man - like his all family members and surprisingly said to bath every morning with cool water even in winter . This personal discipline seems to have put him where he is today .

                                                If he stop much of time in pokers game and outside tour he may put a permanent mark in Arunachal . Once Sakuntla Babhiji told me that your achi Jarbom has ten chakra in legs so keeps on roaming . But ultimately Basar Dune seems to have brought her lady luck . The Basar Publics have also great expectation from this high profile in-law and want him to solve many of their outstanding issues . I have personal connection with him from long time back though many Congress man are my friends but I have great regard for this man .As he has seen ups and down in life like no man and have shown exemplary courage in dealing with it . His physical and intellectual fitness have been appreciated everywhere need not to say he is a popular leader so must be given his due time.

                                               The good days for the educated Arunachalee should come after a elite per distinct have been selected for the coveted post . His main power source seems to be a very determinant and distinct gene pool through their parents . As the cross breeding of Chogjar Gamlinji and legendary Sri Boken Ete’s family seems to have a great effect on them . As all the Gamlin family from same gene pool  in same pre- degree chart have excelled in their respective fields .Need not to say all of them camped everywhere in India must have come in handi for Hon’ble C.M .His loyal friends from RKM days to Delhi and political friends must have been his bonus .

                                                The latest high profile real Barak Obama of Arunachal is hoped to take Arunachal to new height . But he will also have challenges as the new situation demands transference and cleanliness in all the issues . He has right fully made a positive impact by saying that all the Hydropower MOU need to be evaluated . The breaveheart and down to earth Gamlin Saab is also accepted not to provoke unnecessary power showdown with the deserving Opposition leaders as things are different now . To show that he is better than his predecessors with whom he had fight in this regards for the civil right from PPA days .He may have to refrain from promoting more of his clans as People may start seeing them in the same light as Apangji was subject to even if Omak was a good prospective leader but launching him before time seems to have boomeranged . This is even if the Gamlins are best than others in many respect but too much of everything the Publics seems to dislike .

                                                 The magnanimous new Karka king is accepted to work for the transition from old leadership to new leadership in the line of the Kandujis thinking and promise . He is accepted to help evolution of 2nd rank leadership for the interest of the State not to save his own Skin . As hailing from good family and community which is known for its inner democracy he is suppose to be less corrupted and accepted to be satisfied with whatever he have presently - wife and family . Regarding the property Gamlin saab seems to have not  made much unlike others this seems to have made him fit for todays kind of politics . I have personal expectation from my in- law and facebook friend that he will deliver and do more so as an educated and liberal man . And for good cause my Individual and party support will be always their as PPA doesn't believe in criticizing for sake of criticism without seeing the work of a Person .

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