Thursday, May 12, 2011


                                           The present case of the Pakistan is like between deep Sea and Devil . The Pakistan instead of taking this advantage and coming clean on the Osama Bin laden hiding case in the view of the International pressure is hitting at their own leg by making lame excuses . It is wonderful opportunity to remove the blot like Dawood Ibrahim and other wanted fugitives of India who are making the life in Pakistan horrible . As instead of benefiting some few ISI Officers they have become periah for the whole country . How a country can have double policy and save itself from so called good terrorist without hurting itself . How a single goon will benefit the country in compare to a rich and powerful nation as its neighbor ? It is beyond my understanding why Pakistan is continuing to harbor the dreaded terrorists and anti social elements , as one day the President and Prime Minister Pakistan may themselves doom their own life for this short time gain policy as you can't play with the fire for long .

                                       It is only from country like America that they stand to gain as countries like China is doubtful to give them much needed finance which they need so disperately . The countries like India need to learn from the dare devil attack made by the Americans for which preparedness and commitment has to be highest . A completely a new Helicopter seems to have been design fitted with extra blad in the back side . The Black Hawk Stealth Helicopter was the result of great research and commitment for annihilating their enemies . Our  country has also  the capability to nab the Indias most wanted fugitive , but after announcing this before hand the Govt. has made undue pressure before itself as critics doubt our capabilities and this interview made by Indian  General has left no excuse for argument later. As Lately our Govt. seems to later always try to find a humble excuse. As country was all along demaniding this and where fed up of seeing bollywood movies bashing Pakistanis  the Govt. will be under pressure as political will is the most important and it have been always seen to be shoft on D Company beyond a point .

                                                         The enemies have to fight in multilavel war zones from cricket match fixing to stopping black money source as all seems to be interlinked . why not this surplus money be secretly used to sponser this expedition even their will be lots of International Dons to take Suparis like they do.The  modus operand for the funding of the project should be taking help even from the rich relatives who are victim of the Terrorists if Govt. is felling short of money. The Govt. can also start a website  to contact the relatives of dear ones killed by the Indias most wanted groups in case it need more funding , they should be everwilling  . And make a committed soldiers specially from good spiritual background and those relatives who have suffered from this groups may be handpicked  .The American help should be also taken as right now the provocative speech from Pakistan towards the American interests may also go in our favor .The Americans also need to be advised to close all the black money transaction in Swiss Bank as it is from this sources that the Terrorists are surviving .
                                                          A good amount of prize on the head of this fugitives may ultimately help us . After all in places like Pakistan this things may matter as in highest level the officers and politicians may be corrupted . So far the congress was only seen to be good in domestic circle . Let us see how they use this new situation, specially after the demand for Indias most wanted terrorists dead or alive seems to be poised for becoming most important issue in coming election . And if they can't do this within 5 yrs. it is better to give general amnesty to Dawood bhai who may also want to see his childhood place in his last phase of life . After all it has to be also accepted that he has harmed our Countries interest and we are so helpless in this regards.It is better to make friend with one you cannot fight . Does the leadership will rise their white flag let us see going by election funding from suspected anti social elements who seems to be hand in glove to thwart entry of good Parliamentarians every thing is possible .

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