Wednesday, May 18, 2011


                                          The recent election result in Tamil Nadu must be a major set back for the ruling Congress Party . Specially those corrupted ones who may have money in Swiss Bank as they must have liked the power of the money to overcome the issue of righteousness and morality . who knows the innocent Tamils were have been experimented upon in election .But salute to them that they not only ensured righteous win but made DMK much poorer . May be this is going to be the fate of the future election in our Country .See what Congress Leaders said after election result in Tamil Nadu . Kapil Sibbal – `It is a sad day for the Congress Party`, and Pranab Mukherjee –` Next time I might not get the chance to become a cabinet Minister` .

                                        What the critics are finding it interesting is the defeat of the Epi- centre of 2 G Scam DMK Party by Madam JaiLalita who was also her named dragged once upon a time in Tansi scam . Now what will be the fate of the Congress Party next time ; if the godman like Baba Ramdev really rise his Bharat Swabhiman Party against the Congress . Thus to make the mission extra sure even some real country lovers in BJP are muting with the idea of sacrificing all the party activities in Congress ruled State to Babaji . As they are heard to have also accepted the inherent limitations in BJP due to communal image and the Karnataka Hon’ble C.M Yedurappas tainted image though earlier BJP was never so much suspected in corruption field .The Black money holders will try extra hard in tarnishing the image of babas and sadhus but vigilant Baba Ramdev and his camp should be able to thwart all the mischievous and nefarious designs.

                                      Devoid of the main issue of calling back Swiss Bank black money hijacked by Baba Ramdev which seems to be interlinked with the funding of the terrorists and elction of  corrupted leaders in Indian elections , price rise and demand for similar operation like Americans to kill Bin Laden .The slow process to pass Jan Lok Pal Bill as demanded by the majority Publics also seems to be going against the ruling congress party . The helpless Congress seems to be right now busy in other small issue like farmers welfare in the U.P . Whereas they themselves have bad track record of not passing a comprehensive bill for Land Acquisition Act earlier and also may like to disturb the coming Monsson session of the Parliament to disturb the much needed Lok Pal Bill by advocating this less important bill is what the critics believe.The popularity of the Babaji may eventually attract UPA allies like Didi Mamta Bannerje in Babas fold . After all Swami Vivekanandas blood may made her do so . As Didi is after all also like a sanyasin herself and  may ultimately hear the voice of her conscious and clarion call of modern Mahatma Gandhi and swami Vivekananda - Baba Ramdev .
                                               As didi has been always known to have been a fighter for a poor and destitute against injustice and thus when the country needs her today she may sacrifice her individual comfort for the nation a TMC member proudly said  . And this time seems to be coming in coming Lok Sabha election , as all the spiritual leaders are seen in the mood to support Babaaji thus if likes of Mamta Bannerje and Jai Lalita joins Baba Ramdevs camp it might not be a surprise . As after epic war of  Mahabharata country where never ideologically divided  between two camps , as it seems going to happen in coming election between truth and the falsehood  , goodness and evil . To a critics the likes of Sharad Pawar seems to be ready to die a natural death as Lavasa scam and family infighting are reported .
                                    The Assam result is a all together a different case as in North east money does matter and the central Govt. in power has influence . To check places like Assam and Arunachal the nation wide political  war must be waged against the congress to stop the back up of the man and money and material  reserve in this place  to dissaray the congress attack . As this interior place has lots of strategic importance for the congress for fund diversion and manipulation due to poor opposition and media  ; therefore the Baba Ramdev group are accepted to target this place from Panchayat stage itself  . In Assam  also it will be most prudent if all the political parties join the Bharat Swabhiman camp before Lok Sabha election , as we could not be that selfish and in coming election we must give a united fight to congress monopoly . But same cannot be said of tribal areas in North east .
                                                          But the Bengal experience which seems to have finished CPM also may give us a different picture tomorrow . If the change come due to fed up of the CPM for its prolong misrule and ideology , similarly the Congress party monopoly may be also rejected in coming Lok Sabha election .The CPM cadres devoid of their ideology takers may ultimately become Bharat Swabhiman Party members , as they are good man and should do so also for Countries sake . As honestly today the CPM ideology seems to have become off dated . It will be no surprise even if the China accepts democracy very soon . The only option left for the congress will be to accept all the Baba Ramdevs demand in letter and spirit than only may be a national Govt. may be thought upon with support of congress party also .
                                       As this is the need of the country to evolve itself , if we don’t make this time we may never be able to do so in future . So we need to sacrifice our Individual comfort as our country needs one time revolution more than anybody else , and my good face book friend Rahul Gandhiji himself should accept this as he is from a good family . As in spite of best effort of the good Gandhi family members the Congress Party seems to be needing a virtual autopsy not a face lift. It is easy to win election by money and power but by love and respect Babaji alone seems to be in a position to do and it only seems to be the need of the hour to make our Nation once more the best . It will be also  not surprising if the Hon'ble supreme court showing its historical judicial intervention direct the Publics to boycott the UPF Govt. if it does not mend its ways .

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Non Congress Government will formed in the Cent re with the Help of other like minded party i.e Coalition government