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President ARCA alleges his article below not publish in Newspaper in adjact manner


The Editor,

Arunachal Times/Echo of Arunachal/Arunachal Front/Dawnlit Post/The Sentinel Arunachal /AIR Itanagar.

Dated Itanagar the 16th March 2011.

Sub: - Press Release in (reader’s forum)

                                  The all Arunachal Registered contractor association AARCA delegates lead by its president Shri Deepak Charu made a whirlwind tour of all Arunachal Pradesh. The team where shocked to find that their was so much anamolities in the contract procedure. Namely no tender was given of the project in many places like West Siang, East Siang and Upper Siang District. The good contractor is seemed to be sidelined by the Govt. effecting the quality of work. The politician and their relatives were mainly seemed to do the work without maintaining the due standard (NIT). The officers were telling their helplessness regarding political interference in the tender procedure. As it is pertinent to mention that the cabinet decision and Supreme court Verdict in catena of cases like Nagar Nigam, Merrut Vs A1 Fahem Meat Export Pvt.Ltd make it clear that in the project costing more than 50,00000/-( Fifty Lakhs and above) there must be tender the procedure requires that the advertisement has to be made in reputed daily news paper one month before the tender.
                           The AARCA was also surprised to see injustice to particular community in Places like Siang District. The executing agency who made an agreement with the parent department which plot the tender are also accepted to re-tender it to the interested parties as per the guide line whereas this is seen to be not done. Therefore all the departments are directed to comply the tender procedure in letter and spirit.
                                 Thus the AARCA strongly condemn such mal practice and demand for black list of firms who have not done good quality work since five years. Govt. must release a white paper document on all firms performance within 5 years to identify the deserving contractors and in contract works hence forth no partiality should be shown in terms of political or social relationship. The AARCA also appeal to all the Contractors refrain from Gunda-Gardi and Dada-Giri to manipulate the tender procedure we will be also compel to take action against them.

                                             Thus the Khandu Govt. is expected to immediately make a guideline regarding this issue and keep this above politics for the greater interest of the society. The Govt. should make a mechanism where the top contractors get a chance to bid in big project like Hydro Power Project leaving the scope for the lower grade contractors to also prosper. This is possible if the works are categories and packaged as per the classification of the contractors. The Association will take strict stock of the situation to see that this arrangement is made as quickly as possible. The voice of the public is the supreme voice in the Democracy fed up of mismanagement; Nepotism and manipulation the common public of Arunachal want us to fight for this issue. We will continue to rise this issues without any personal interest. Any communication can be made to us in E-Mail: or Ph: 09206042914.




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