Monday, June 6, 2011

The need for autopsy with the AGP :-

                                 If the AGP wants to survive in near future , it must make a surgery with highest precision . The Old leadership may have to pave way for new generation of Leadership as they have been found to be redundant . Those Delhi university graduated who alone can excel today in this fast changing world may have to be invited . As today it is high teck world one has to be apt in Hindi and English as well besides Assamese. One cannot accept the Party leaders to even not know what is internet , also one cannot accept the PIL to be filed by a social activist and enjoy the reap . If they don’t want to work hard better to leave the dias for serious parties like Baba Ramdevs Bharat Swabhiman Party which has acceptability and ability to fight the deep rooted party like Congress in Assam .

                                   From the day one there ought to have been an alliance with the BJP. One has to cut his coat according to his size . There is no scope for egoism in politics I have warned of this dire consequences several times if they make late . Now the reign of the proposed North East Democratic Forum must be immediately given to Hon’ble C.M Neipo Rio, who alone seems to have the Midas touch now. Specially in tribal belt of the Assam he may be an instant hit and should start liasioning with the small groups for the North East Democratic Front to succeed. The opportunist politics like by NCP will do no good for new confederation , only party that work will excel and which have regional roots . Neipo Rioji should use deserving and available leaders like Zoram Thanga to be his subordinate to revamp the NEDF .

                                                   Days of self pride and harping on past glory is gone unfortunately BJP and AGP seems to be slave of its customs and traditions they need to evolve quickly , everyone wants delivery now and the Congress with the perfect match in Baba Ramdev will be in more troubles which should be taken advantage by NPF . The AGP may have to accept the fact that the regional ideology in Assam has received a major setback and have to make a serious introspection .Next time in the coming Lokh Sabha election the party is accepted to make an immediate alliance with the BJP and Bharat Swabhiman party if it is really serious about coming back . And those who are against this grand alliance are the secret agent of the Congress Govt.they must be find out and thrown inside flooded Brahmaputra river.

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