Sunday, May 1, 2011


                         Those who have filed RTI and PIL and withdraw it for some money , mind it they are shame on themselves , their family and society to which they belong . Think thousand times before filing but ones you do become man like Jodik Taliji and Payi Gyadi President of Sange Lamte Foundation . You will be remembered . I have also much expectation from – Save Arunachal Forrum .

                     Hoped soon an RTI will be filed to unearth the real crooks who have filed RTI and PIL and withdrawn to take money . Let the corruption be thing of past and honest and righteous alone be the guru mantra . Lately the judiciary also seems to be sincere congratulation to Smty. Duter Padu for her initial favorable judgment. The time for searching dedicated professionals who don’t use manipulation and power surely seems to be coming .

                             One thing the People fail to remember that the easy earned money also sometimes become of no use in their life . We are bad only because of our audacity and belief in power and post which is temporary . But once our breath is taken where we will be ? I am also not man of perfection there are so many short falls . I feel sometimes I am not fit even to be a Christian . Please pray for me as sometimes I may unknowingly start to take too many credit . But honestly my intentions are only for publicity of an issue rather than self aggrandizement but if unknowingly if I had heart any one . Pleas sorry and pray for me you are better man than me .

                                     There are so nicer persons than me who are burning mid night lamp and doing charity secretly they are my gurus in this field like one of my good old friend Gojen Gadiji Hon’ble MLA of my constituency he is so good at helping the ill persons that is marvelous . We need to make a coordinate approach for the development of our constituency ; as God has given something good to everyone so a opposition leader like me can be also consulted for development of our beloved place . It will be wrong to criticize other for ones own end . If God given time will come none can stop it , if I have stand by some friends in their most testing times who knows in time of crisis they will themselves pave way .

                                      It is also heard that there are some dedicated officers who deserve highest award for their sincerity and office only thrives on them . Only because their relatives are in opposition they are not getting due recognisation . This is wrong as even if relative ideologically they may have different views . This Taliban type of views has to be discarded . Let us make a new beginning start accepting truth adore someone for what he is love can alone change the world .

                                         After this all short of developments like Judicial activism , new political thinking coming the honest and deserving ones will be having an added advantage like never before . But we should also use our new found power for a good purpose . Forgiving those who have repent for their sin , than only one will be happy and digest the food God has given us . As criticism is easy but what one day when we also come to their post that has to be seen . The Old Leaders should also show their magnamity in giving chance to new generation as they are after all our father and must pass on their legacy that too with open heart if we see society as our second family .May God bless Arunachal .

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