Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lately their was too many complaints that the premier Newspaper of the State was never Publishing the articles against the Govt. also even if they did they use to edit it . Therefore now time to check them if this article is published by them in toto .
                                                                                                                         Date- 21.04.2011                                         


         The Editor Times /Echo / Front of  Arunachal

Sub :- Press Release with the request to be published in the Readers forum.

           Peoples Party of Arunachal  supports the Sango Lamte Foundation for its endeavour in unveiling gross nepotism and blatant overlooking of norms as per the  Arunachal Pradesh Gazette  Extraordinary published by authority  No. 190 Vol. VI , Naharlagun  Friday Dec. 2, 1994 , Agrahayana 11,1916 ( Saka ). In continuation of this the Party feels that the High Court Judgement in Case No. WP (c) 141/2011 should be complied with immediately and we  call upon offices of the Director general of Police and Minister of Home to read the Judgement of the Hon’ble High Court . After  analogy upon going through all the documents submitted to us we feel that since 1994 any appointments which were not conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service commission are completely illegal unless rules in the Gazettes have been amended or NOC given  by the Dept. Of the Administrative Reforms .

In addition to the illegality highlighted by the Sango Lamte Foundation the Party would like to question The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee as to   –

Q1,Why the then chief minister Mr. Gegong Apang has given an approval citing exceptional and special case while approving all the candidates as per page  No.26 for the posts of the Inspector tax and Excise . It is also co-incidental that the appointee No.5 Miss  Omang Apang  with the care of address given of Y. Apang CM’s Banglow Niti Vihar as per page No. 19.

Q2. Why the then Minister Tax and Excise Mr. Kalilo pul has sighted past previous appointments precedents  which were also apparently done flouting the norms for legalising the said appointment. Mr. Kaliko Pul  Minister has quoted his verbal discussion with the chairman of the APPSC stating that the Chairman has no objection in withdrawing the post from APPSC if the govt. decides whereas it has been noted as per the RTI report in page 28 of the HC Petition annexure 1/E Para -2 the reply from  the APPSC was that it has never given any NOC to the Dept. Of the Tax and Excise nor has there been any consultation , more over the APPSC PIO has stated that it has written a letter to the Secy. Administrative Reforms apprising the illegality of the matter  and the non  involvement of the Dept. Of Administrative Reforms.

             This clearly shows a nexus  between Mr. Kaliko Pul Minister tax and excise and the Chairman of APPSC Mr. Rinching Dorjee. Mr. Pul also owes an explanation as to why the candidate No.  2 and 4 in page No. 6 of the writ petition namely Miss Redi Awailong and Sri Eringso Romat who happens to be from his MLA constituency also benefited from his position.

Q3. The than Commissioner Tax and Excise Mr. Tape Bagra should explain to the People as weather the candidate No. 3 in page 6  Miss Api Bagra  who is related to him benefited from his position.

Q4. The then and present Chairman of APPSC Mr. Rinchin Dorjee should explain as to whether he has issued any NOC to the Minister tax and Excise Kaliko Pul ? either in verbatim or in written form .  He should explain as to whether there was any hidden agenda   since his foster daughter has been appointed as Social Cultural Organiser in the Dept. Of Cultural Affairs Vide No. DAC / E / 141 /09 in page 38 of the WPC.
 It is pertinent to mention that all the above points should be clearly published in your esteemed papers without any edition or deletion.

We hope that the Press release will be issued at the earliest.

                                                                                                                 Thanking you;

                                                                                                               Adv. Togo Basar 
                                                                                                            State Gen. Secy. PPA
                                                                                                      Mansfield Park Kadi villa.
                                                                                                           West Siang Dist. A.P
                                                                                                     E Mail –
                                                                                                           M. No. 9436229344


Unknown said...

Kudos to all the persons responsible for it specially Tayi Gyadi, its surreal to believe rule of law exist in land of khushi khushi.

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