Wednesday, May 30, 2012


                                I think it is immaterial weather Anna team breaks or unites as the focus is basically on the Baba Ramdevji now.After all he is man with the mission and national hero, the Anna Hazarejis support in spite of his team mates reservations may make Bharat Swabhiman more devastating. Specially if the Diljale General singh joins up.Try what may be, it will be still also difficult to stop the general feeling of the Publics against corruption by any ruling party.The Publics are now fed up of referring of Aam Admi I,e-common Public interest by central party high command also.As it now seems to be fashion to do so,so the real need is to now show sacrifice.

                           The Anna team should accept gracefully the role of Babaji as he is a Yug Purush and a super star, though party discipline will not make Congress man to accept this officially.But fact is he is one of the greatest crowd puller that too for not only free , as Peoples are seen to pay in hard cash to have an appointment with him.In heart of heart I am sure ,even the good Congress man will see him as father figure ,as he speaks the truth , which is daily bread of soul,and very much need of hour in this days of corruption.As the Country belongs to all.The leaders have monopoly over their ideology also, that we have seen earlier with SP coup, after all the originator have slogged for it also.See ultimately what happened of Amar Singhji and Cine Star Madam Jayaprada who defected from SP in the end , as the publics seldom appreciate the manipulative steps.Thus the Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hajare team is enough for the revolution against corruption, as they are its original Director and producer.So ultimately things comes to be thanking good God for sending great man from time to time,as today it is not question of Rahulji is good or bad, it is basically sudden exposure of the simple man with media that have made them to feel that they are also human beings.
                          And none is born more privileged in society and have divine right to rule cinedie,this new thinking may be also good for positive development of the country;as many seems to have realized that now.Barring Congress who seems to be in wrong side of the history after the fate of the CPM.After all one eyed man becomes king in land of blind, their will be much better and qualified man also,and interestingly Gandhi family may have also no jeal left now.After all they have no point to prove now,thus earlier jokingly I have suggested my face book friend Rahul Gandhiji to become a missionary to save the souls . But it is also bad to hail Gandhi family responsible for all the personal failures of an Individual as well.But this is truth this things will be said by some,one likes it or not ;more so when earlier Babaji was treated so badly.If their was nothing in foreign banks ,Congress man should have been one`s to be respecting Babaji,after all he is also a great man of our times.So all have plus and minus point ,howsoever one play cunning politics , but victory belongs to God.And if the Anna team finally is able to nab the big M than other small fish can be an easy thing to catch.With Congress infighting it is also possible to get all the skeleton in their hidden cardboard.

                      But some have also good times earlier so tomorrow they should not regret if destiny bring them down in street, after all this is natural pheomenon.What Babaji is definitely successful in telling is that 400 lakh crore is really stashed in Swiss Bank to fuel more fire, that is other matter that is is still their or not.The congress man have so far uncomfortable telling Publics congress achievement .When mostly elites wants them to clarify on this position and if necessary bring all the Swiss Bank Account Book Ledger Folios once for all for Public display, this is brutal facts. See even in christian healing crusade venue none will like to take a water bottle written poison in its logo to be drinked with ease. As after all Peoples are still not that bad and foolish to bite same stale food again and again, as Congress man may seems to always think about others as manageable, this misconception ad overconfidence may finish them specially in Arunachal Pradesh ,which may be Goa in waiting.As the matter of facts was earlier Gandhi topi may have been carelessly put on Ravans kind of persons only, which may have brought this curse on this longest surviving party also .And so called collateral damage seems to be beyond repair now.The Congress which is in it`s worst transition phase honestly need virtual autopsy. As it has become a world phenomenon today for political fatigueness with same party,this is unfortunate phase of Gandhi family.Though they have also done many good things and deserve honorable exit also; which no body wants to say now specially Congress man out of self fear and lust.And with so many interest at stake specially of the Congress man,what best they can do is forgetting their own pride and reciprocate the coalition friendship by some , which in fact they need more .

                              May God save the Congress party from capsizing like a rudderless boat, the congress man should pray now sincerely. Please don`t take it otherwise ,take it as a positive sujjestions.After all Congress have also made slight positive moves also like inviting Sachin Tendulkarji for MP post, but things may be too late now.But I am for all who repent truly to God also, who alone can forgive any one and deliver miracles.Incidently most of great man who died suddenly, especially the excessive corrupted persons who are alleged of thousand crores of scams, seems to have died of accidents ,natural or man mad God knows.Who knows if not God their enemies or Swiss Bank Peoples may be behind their mysterious death also.As ones like good terrorists and Dawood Bhai may have become changed man now, and want to reduce their sin`s by cleaning this mess.After all kinds of different forces are working in this world one never know who is the ambassador of Yama.Thus time to be apprehensive of being over manipulative greedily eying on good post always to act as broker in sector like Hydropower, instead of becoming real representatives, which educated ones like brother Setong Sena seems to be perfectly delivering.

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