Tuesday, May 1, 2012


                                                                                The demand for the union territory is secretly coming up from Adi belt also,as the SMS is doing round; if it have to be stopped than the Publics in the capital area must show their accommodating character. As many have been said to have been harassed by the local miscreants ever more after last communal riot. This also seems to be fact in some cases after verification, though the present leaders may have not been responsible but they definitely have still not made a command centre to address this issue. As the local police is heard to be avoiding this cases as their also seem to be fear. The able DG Madam  Deol should encourage taugh Cops like in movie –Singham.The time may have come to rope in secret encounter specialists as some is said to be master mind of organized crimes and have become regular nuisance. The army are appreciable for shooting down some anti social elements, the local cop may be needed to be also empowered now to take taugh action, as the prestige of the Govt. is at stake  .
                                         If this dadagiri is due to chauvinism feeling by some locals ,mind it by this acts , the particular local community will harm their own interest, and this short of act should not be done even in the District Hq`s.See once upon a time the kashis used to rule the Shillong, but later on their society completely deteriorated by the curse of God and urbanization , as when community sentiment will never remain intact tomorrow in this fast changing world, it is wrong to fight in its name, using it for emotional reason .The day the karko awo clan members also start violence ,barring in self protection, I will like to quit ;as I am more comfortable for Christianity work which is best for all also, as it speaks about love thy neighbor. And honestly some seems to be forgetting Godliness when it comes to facing communalism this is very bad . As recently the SMS  is coming for propose Union territory demand to be conducted in pasighat, this cry for justice have to be studied sympathetically by the locals of Itanagar.As the demand for Union territory in Mon is already underway by Tawang and Bomdilla Publics.
                                                     And some Nagaland Publics are also alleged to be eyeing for the Tirap and changlang Dist.as a pretext to accept the Indian Govt. peace initiative talk.The central Govt. also are said to be under a pressure to do something to satisfy their aspirations ,the congress party must talk about this serious issues and find a way out for peaceful reconciliation. They cannot be seen as the mother of all the evil and sitting silently to only eat the egg  layed for all.Later Govt. cannot  blame opposition  for any reconciliation measure they are compelled to undertake after it is too late, as the things will go out of proportion one day mind it if not delivered now.One cannot hide the dirt inside the carpet .The leaders will come and go but what is important is our society.And we the Christian leaders can be at least appreciated for being friendly with both the camps and help in finding a peaceful solution before the things will be  not in the state hand tomorrow. Mind it, this situation may come oneday if we are not vigilant now .Thus the best way can be increasing the law and order machinery and setting zonal development commissioner with separate funds like it happens in some state.
                                                     As all the major office centered in the capital complex have made the things easy for the locals ,some of whom resort to hooliganism of worst order to compel the officers and technocrats as reported .The way the Bharat Thakur said was wrong, it gave the impression that all the local community member`s are wrong; but the time also for them to introspect least tomorrow everyone start to say the same.As for some community the murderers and rapists are never ever respected in their society. Thus we should pray God for removing pride killing also among the local community which seems to be the genesis of their violent character. But having said that other communities have also some social evils still practiced by them also, so none is perfect in the world also individually and community wise also.                                                              
                              But on merit also this Union territory bid may can be sympathetically discussed by all the cabinet as it is a serious issue, as the state is ten times the size of Sikkim and four times the size of Mizoram.The Govt. needs to develop a mechanism to ameliorate the peoples anger, even today the capital walas are fed up of regular traffic jams themselves and may support this ,as their was never any future vision for the capital also.And the locals themselves are said to be fed up of infighting for political post, friends ,respect comes through work not post  .And frustration among other community should not be allowed to be developed, one of my PPA senior cadre a non local was already saying if some financial help comes he will like to contest as MLA from Itanagar itself to win the peoples faith in their own capital come what happens. And majority 70% population may side him also to some critics view, thus the police immediately need to reign on the miscreants as the things should not be allowed to explode. I had  earlier also advised that the Govt. should keep a Rapid Action type force to curve the law and order problem. Especially in the traffic related accidents and land allotment encroachment cases where the outsiders are complaining more of some local goonda gardi.But good part is ,some good  local citizens  are also saying enough is enough, their community members cannot be also now taken for ride any more by some for their own selfish interest .
                               The Christians should think thousand times to run for the accident spots to help their community members which honestly have become common incidents, as who knows it is fixed to get some fine by few miscreants ;and one may unnecessarily go to hell for harassment to an innocent unknowingly. But it will be also wrong to criticize a community always which have made unprecedentent development in other areas also ,hope in the name of God they will also correct in this gray areas to follow Christianity not only inside Church but in daily life also to be worthy to be called as His real son.But having said that the locals are also appreciable to donating this capital land and many of them are perfect gentleman if a chain of communication is opened.The communication gap must not be kept to be used by some bad elements .The good side is today the local is filled with outside relatives and as such the communalism is bad for all .As for the proposed  pasighat meeting for U.T ,a resolution should be passed to criticize the Adis who take help of the goons to get their work done  in Itanagar.As the suparis have to be stopped to stop the local goons to flourish also.The resolution is further accepted to make Head quarter in no mans zone if the proposal is accepted by the Govt.As for the PPA we think it is right now peoples movement and its consequence have to be seen.It should not be politicalised also.

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