Monday, May 14, 2012

The Future of the NPF in Tirap and Changlang:-

                   In today’s politics which changes so quickly we also have to have a flexible approach in our view in almost all the matter. After all we have to see the best interest of the society also. And so our earlier meeting with Nagaland H.C.M can be seen as a welcome move ,where PPA accepted in principal to have alliance with NPF in Tirap and Changlang areas .Which again does not mean we are supporting their greater Nagalim bid. The constitution of India permits them, and if they are inclined they have all the democratic right also to contest from Tirap and Changlang.Leave aside them is TMC party also not from West Bengal? So this is upon local population to welcome them or not, for us regional ideology bind us together that matter for general party members.

                For us satisfaction is at least beginning a chain of communication with them also taking that idea in mind of peaceful reconcilation,and what better way is their than this also to appreciate each others sentiment? Who knows with God`s blessing we may have a better understanding with them one day ,those who are spreading the false fear of NSCN ,they may be themselves ones to use them now and secretly appeasing them. After all who have big big apartments and buildings the haves class is it not so. As Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI we toured this poor area`s of Tirap and Changlang where have the one`s sitting in air condition have ever gone to see the pathetic conditions of brothers their? The Christian instead of being blamed should be appreciated also for trying this peace deal, as in their condition our own would have end up becoming a demon. The good part is at least the society is evolving towards equality due to outfits presence also.Was this not our State mistakes also as all the natural resources earlier during saw mill days where allowed to be looted by outsiders, keeping locals in lurches.
                    Who knows earlier some outsiders played Opium war over innocent tribal’s their also.None can be threatened by NCTC Act as our Central Govt. has also teeth to implement it? that has to be seen.It is by God`s blessing and a good leader alone who makes others to repent from their heart alone .And the Soceity should be magnimous to give chance to this serious leaders also , at least for the shake of innocent blood.The HCM Nagaland Neipho Rioji seems to be more inclined to have a cultural ties with the Tirap Changlang Publics more than anything else .Friends politics is for welfare of common Publics only isn`t it? And some leaders devoid of creative ideas may challenge our every move ,though not in open platform which will prove meaningless also.So I will give a damn to this gossipers for I am for a sacred mission. I will respect one who make open challenge of my claims in my own comments in also, as I also want to know my weaknesses, after all none is absolutely perfect.

                                      Having said this I also feels if the violence escalates the PPA may have to strongly think of snapping ties with NPF also .As the whatever step we take should be for State interest only.I also  find the Congress Leaders from Tirap and Changlang places exceptionally good Peoples, it is seen above some of them, God himself seems to have His especial blessing like- Brother Setong Senaji HM.Therefore as an Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.I will be happy if the NPF unit in the Tirap and Changlang Dist.  find a way out to make a peaceful co-existance plan, as also difficult to get HCM material again also. Honestly in the condition of showdown I will be with the God`s way Individually as shown in vision in fasting programme, as His way will alone keep all the N.E happy and promising. As PPA also wants to tactically confine in the Abo Tani belt for now, and so far their have been no any serious talking with NPF also.The report that the NPF cadres are also opining to avoid this head long collision by stressing more in M.P election is sense of relief to some Sena supporters who have his fan followings in whole the State.May the State have soon three M.P post to satisfy all the groups to some extent.

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