Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big brother`s speech:-

                                         The time is now set for hearing the speech of the Hon`ble Chief Minister Saab Tukiji on his whirlwind tour as Congress party will be trying to take good advantage of State resources at their disposal like always . The time for him to address the publics in this historic occasion with full responsibility as earlier in hit of passion some leaders have committed some grave mistakes. That too just before elections which seems to have become Congress party trademark. As time to now panic for the congress as publics in this time of calamity due to price rise and dwindling of AOP will like none of this nonsense election promises never ever to be fulfilled. In an era when any one cannot be taken for a ride any more , it will be wrong to blame other now for sabotage or giving explanation that some who promised earlier to deliver are no more present in this world or some doesn`t want it blah blah blah, as if power is not with the State Govt.exclusively.

                   The congress party will commit grave error now by defaming their earlier leader whom they used as triumph card once upon a time. The overall true development will happen only due to God`s blessings and good introspection, that have to be accepted. Only because someone else doesn`t belong to other community his valuable suggestions doesn`t become immaterial. The outstanding issues like Hydro power MOU,Assam Boundary and refugee problems etc. can only be solved by God`s blessing and having a practical solution acceptable to all, as gone are days of hidden agenda and persecuting the truth tellers. The present HCM he is said to be a perfect gentleman who is accepted to know the value of democratic discussion .And will like more of discussion on this contagious issues least no blame or unnecessary sin is made in his own name by overzealous supporters. Who will like the CRPF and the Police force to compel the Publics to accept the Hydropower Company terms. Honestly that will be unacceptable at least in this places where publics are very much enlightened. Neither the State Govt. filled with corrupt siphon of the creamy layers of society have teeth to crush this democratic movement everywhere.

             Thus some critics suggestions for Congress need to have pre poll alliance with PPA should be seen as a good step in that direction also ,as today honestly the Congress seems to only represent the air condition wallas and aristocrates. And some seems to be not minding even if later they fall in terrible mess for all the scams against them and their family as they seems to be too late to change.But even if some act smart ,in their heart of heart they also need to fear for future. So inner democracy is important to thwart any future revolution ,so a visionary leader will like his step to have a moral back up by section of society which is deprived and voiceless now.More so when many of his Colleagues have become like Zamindars and have represented haves class which have never been their in State before. But nevertheless haves class also cannot be undermined in future as realization is coming among them also,as they many are all set to eat congress money like in U.P and Goa election recently, giving devil its own dues. But a ray of hope also from a God fearing person in helms of power now for taking his Colleagues’ to path of true repentance, let us see what is his vision is.

             As today the middle and the best course of step is good for all perhaps it is divine also, therefore he should not call parties like PPA as Ant like some earlier leaders have heard to have said earlier .After all none of our party cadres are going to gallows in case of strong Jan Lok Pal is passed ,which is now inevitable sooner or latter.Hon`ble C.M Saab should himself be first convinced of work of Holy spirit in his own rise now that good time has come to him, hope he will not laugh and mock at other poorer co-believers being. Who may be lacking in material weakness but not in God`s spirit, may be equally blessed in this regards also. Being a person trying to be maturing in Christ, I am hopeful he won`t do any mistake for which State will suffer later. And we are also ready to help in finding solutions prayerfully for over all interest. Even if a person is a Catholic, a Baptist or Revival but siding the thy will ,than only the person concern will survive in this life not to say in politics also.

               As the hidden agenda days are gone and such kind of persons will never last also; specially who are mesmerized by the clever and deceitful persons chaploosi`s of highest order ,who had earlier always hand in fall of earlier leaders and have survived like Indra Bagwan joining the victories each time. Their loyalty is bullshit and temporary, they will bite any one any time,and are source of chronic tension ,thus better to make friendship with other camp`s- visible enemies rather than this persons opine a friend. After all the good time the senior leaders have also seen in their life,this is so far deprived to many,and the good God will definitely bring a change .Today the things are complicated where deserving leaders should not be blamed later when things are too late later on for reconciliation. See the Congress own Maharashtra C.M unable to get compensation for his farmers in hunger. So one cannot mislead others cine die secretly eying on mother nature which belongs to all.This things is unacceptable to haves not class who have been always deprived always .In this historical cross road where situation is also like Britishers where just about to be removed , the senior generation need to show their magnamity before the ball which is now in their hand goes to the court of the Publics .

                Some of the Publics are already pretty upset by poor works made by leader contractors or their relatives ,the situation should not become volatile, thus reconciliation is best for all, instead of making blame game. As now publics know that the schemes like-PMGS and NABARD schemes will never come back again, and are realizing that who is real villain one who create small gangs in election or one who is opposition it to highlight this issues. And Publics are in fact waiting for right time to teach a good lesions to some, who have earlier misled them of their false sense of clans injustice etc.Before the situation deteriorates , hope the Hon`ble C.M will not fail any body and make redundant ones to retire, who have been only seen to work for his own personal gain all the time. And whose poor performance and enemity may spill over to other Congress bastions. As the grounds have changed today, it is going to be the Publics who are going to judge from now on. Today few money minded persons support ,need not represent the will of the average Publics ,they themselves may be seen tomorrow to be shifting for better future.

                           As like with Swiss bank issue in Country the general publics of State is also seems to be seeing other arguments as a deviating plans ,and wants need real deliverance in almost every front. The Govt. unfortunately is seen to be only eying on Hydropower MOU which it can proceed from publics perspective only if utmost transparency is made .Even to the extent of earlier commission and kickback given to some as alleged by Siang Bachao Andolan is traced back.After all Arunachal does not belong to few, who will think it as its own property, only one who love others can be bear to some extent by the owners of land.The switching of light of and on in the mid summer by Govt. secret directive if any will not deter the general Publics. As this is Childish act and also, we cannot be mute spectator to injustice in some place also.And the presence of suspicious Peoples with bad track record from Govt. side  in any of Public hearing from for Compensation will be also unacceptable from Public side.So what they are Secy. As everyone knows today ones hidden agenda.

                                               The Present silent Publics cannot be seen to support the leaders tomorrow just like that, as the silence may be indicative of coming storm. Even if not a single person openly stays with the opposition leader now, but in proper time they may give their emphatatic reply to haves class if they remain stubborn. As today many in their heart of heart owe their alliance to God and co-believers and righteous seeking one`s than Gandhi topi also, this is hard facts. The financial position of some need not means Peoples with the will power can be stopped. So nothing like friendship with some when we have many things to gain together. As real friendship is not knowing each others mind ,but avoiding a collision in future. And so why not openly show our love also when we are baptized by same holy spirit. After all everyone including the non believer want the reign of power to be taken by a righteous seeking person, as at least in the filed of probity in public life they are supposed to be good to some extent.

                    As some may be burden to society as who will cherish on their personal achievement which is based on lies and deceit , only a fool will do. Honestly today in this new era of enlightenment how do one can expect to rule with muscle power also.Thus one who wants to join ruling party in this time of no AOP and tender directives also for special package should take crores for joining the party. Or they may be tomorrow again seen shamelessly trying to join parties like PPA if lady luck clicks on it , much to their disgrace. In this era of transparency it is time to pave the way for the future generation leadership who need to be given chance also, who may pave the way for win win situation for all in various controversial fields. Also where Govt. has not make any breakthrough so far, they should not be blamed also when it is too late tomorrow. It is high time for introspection, as so far some seniors seems to have been seen to have been benefited so much for themselves and their family members only.

                Remember the silence criticism is more dangerous, the Christianity is more about sacrifice than proving a point, more so by rich and powerful to give a greater personal testimony for glory of God as what we do today is history, and it is basically evangelism work for Christian in any field. As Christianity is following the words of God in letter and spirit and there is absolutely no other way than this also, after years of persecution in some place can one afford to overlook their pain and suffering, for God at least He seems to be not forgetting them. And honestly things may be different in some place, unlike here where none have been given chance to become a representative so far, and this should be cause of concern for all , as some also cry for justice in other place.The guru mantra is -`Do Unto others , what you want other` to do to you`and this theory is also negated by some crooks who seems to have never sacrificed in their life.

                   And today’s best way will be also choosing the best reconciliatory move in this difficult phase of State. Coercing the Govt. servants relative to join their party forcefully, such muscle flexing will boomerang later. As the days of coercion and force is gone, it is temporary and Childish tactics ,if the hand of the Lord is upon anybody can any one harm him. Time to support the righteous seeking one`s, by rising above petty and even party politics than only one will rise in his self esteem and his family eyes and will be worthy to be called as the son of the God.Atleast Late HCM Kanduji was one hell of a person in this regard; he give a damn when he had to support his own Buddhist co-believer, though their will be always some point to criticize a new rising star.The greed make some smart crooks to be always seen oscillate between both the camps. And the good God above us does he not see all the evils and know the heart of the man even if he pretend to be good. Is He not aware of mischievous plans of some human being before hand; and may punish and not bless the manipulative man. The righteous seeking mans life in contrary is an example he openly witness God`s glory in his life .Who knows also tomorrow it will be too late to talk about friendship issue also, if the congress party collapse in centre ,that is for only one State`s injustice and mistake.

                     So there is time for everything proposing a friendship and accepting it.As the Congress need to realize for its already poor state for its earlier wrong strategy, so far for being so monopolistic by some family like in Goa.Who unlike Hon`ble C.M sir was never seen to confess their sins in front of Father and Bishop. Problem is the Congress seems to have made right person in helms of power very lately. The point is any one from any religion who is bad is bad ,goodness is trying to seek God that way a good Gangi and Monastery goers is also a one maturing in divinity.And as seeking god is more important we are like same bothers also.The concept of Christian State as predicted by the prophets is like Ram Rajya which is goodness for all.It should not be misconstrued to think forceful conversion. We ourselves don`t want bad believers in ourselves who may make everyone backslide also.The one who belong to none of this camp have no right to put misunderstanding trying to deviate from their personal failure. The real charity of person can be seen only after one is retired , it is wrong to be convinced by one who says that he also helps the divine institutions. As some politicians only help for a vote and from public money more in our State.And after retirement only their true claim and colour has to be seen.

                 So before regretting like not hearing Nuas warning which should have been hard by adamant Peoples as told in Holy Bible ,the congress man should realize now ,some of who may be now exalting in false sense of temporary pride to not accept the value of modern coalition politics, only for few persons interest. For not accepting their fault and trying to make lame excuses always ,after so many chances to run the State in their own way was given by the God and Publics. Some persons and party may commit grave error for not thinking others as human, only for their truthful discourse ,Only because he or she doesn`t belong to him Biologically or politically. But being a co-believer are we not from same family also? More so from divine standard ,which in fact alone is the reason for blessing of person. The Congress attitude to finish last of the dissidents is a psychopathic and maniac attitude and God will never like this, the friendship and love alone is best way for all. At party level if not at an Individual level also as who knows one may need a middle man one day to make a peace,the power is something which is not static, so one should not be intoxicated with it.The coalition may ultimately appease madam Sonia also as a visionery step by State leadership, as than only may be some chronic critics can be silenced also.After all Oppossition will do what i their best interest . The person who starts talking facts cannot be criticized in front of the innocent publics, after all democracy is all about talking a solution out, If God wills who knows the Publics tomorrow may again get chance to hear a new convincing story in the front of the new and better leader.

                     As finally victory belongs to God and there may be some chosen ones also, especially in desperate places ,come what may they may still make an imprint in history as Lord is more active here. Thus the peace and justice and reconciliation move will benefit all, and burden upon big brother to show his loyalty to divinity ,humanity or still prefer fading white cap; after all God has right now kept him in vintage position to may be make a historical decision .And big brothers speech may end up becoming a historic speech, that too from some who was never was known to be a good speaker until now, only one seen as Gandhi loyalist. Today when the Gandhi family itself is under tension will big brother side with Gods verdict or not, only time will tell. After all there is power in truth and it is above everything else also ,remember life is a chance to choose narrow road to go to heaven , the rule is same for all.


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