Wednesday, May 30, 2012


                                 The real man of the moment is one who is going to be loved and respected by all and one who have all the reason to cry for justice and on whom Publics have confidence that he will do better and may can start chain of revolt for good everywhere.See John the Baptist who predicted of coming of son of God never had a prior meeting with Lord Christ; and his heaping praise on him was not a setting also like in politics. And he never needed to introduce Lord also , as because there is sixth sense in all, to know that one is a good man.As one mans speaking, writing and body language itself will prove his goodness and this will be understand by the Publics instantly if one has little grace of Lord with him.We will never reach these stage of perfection being a mortal man and for someone having bit of God`s grace I suppose no amount of difficulty can stop them also to succeed.

                              As the best politics will be also making top politician friends also to repent, as this will make the Country so much good. As some of the top political family have nothing left to achieve in the world,only they may have to punish their own lower cadres scams stars to reduce their own sin committed unknowingly. And thus for likes of Gandhis time to help some genuine ones who are fighting like Akiri Kurusewas film actors against some regional satraps long dadagiri act,taking their godfather`s name for bad reasons.See did even Lord Shiva ultimately did not helped Rama to kill his disciple Ravana, as sometimes enemy is within also.Some time I wonder weather Anna Hazare camp is also not helped by top political family indirectly by giving them list of corrupted leaders. After all in fake end of carrier non will like to die with hand and glove in sin ,as the greatest Politics for knowledgeable person is getting ticket in heaven. The politicians needs spiritualism more as they are more knowledgably person and can excel in life in spite of odds by overcoming this temptations,the Americans have excelled only for prioritizing Praising God`s glory, as He only can give and also his desciples,after all there is non better way than this for any party to come back in power .

                                   Even today publics are good at comparative study of the Leaders and see 80% publics will take right decisions in right time , as situations have made them careful now-as they are fed up of tall claims in election, as now question is betterment of future generation.But it is also have to be accepted that their will be initial problem. Specially 80% who are poor and benefit of Govt. seldom reach them are fed up of price rise should ultimately side with honest leaders,even if some relatives ditches them.The leaders tall claim of charity will also not help as the charity by leaders is seen to have always vested interest reason with him; and they have made more money than other business man without political beck up and want vote for pseudo charity work.Thus the issues like love and compassion is still their because God is their, and more so to them who have ideological difference even with their family members for the shake of aam admi they have to be respected as sacrifice is divine; why good Public`s will not respect those kind of Leader`s as the Publics will decide tomorrow after hearing both side of story.The Govt. promise for transition to more viable income earning source like agriculture and horticulture can also be not fulfilled if the more honest leaders are not given chance.Which is impossible with the kind of set up of Congress party we have in State as Gandhis also seems to be helpless to control some.But Publics today know that a good opposition leaders carry much respect among ruling party also,and todays Youth and amateur politicians may tomorrow turn out to be great leaders of their time. And regional Party have been seen to be done better in State like Sikkim and Nagaland also.

                                            And it is a misnomer to think that all Publics are purchasable also, those Leaders who are apprehensive of their future instead of vowing down to Public demand seems to act more smart now,but will it last? As in my worst days as an opposition leader also, many great man of my place have stood by me, so Society is not that bad after all, as future is honestly bleak for Congress party as it is a sinking ship to many.And those who love my ideology they are the real man whom I need to trust also and they seems to have believe in Basar publics that we can show the world everything is possible; one need not compel someone else to join him unless he is in a real desperate situation, this seems to be the case of ruling party in my State now.And yet this tactics is also today off dated as the new resurrected Publics’ may be ready to support genuine leader as they have given enough chance to Congress which have become conglomeration of vested interest politician, officer and business man; as Congress is yet to fulfill many earlier election promise till now, and Publics may hate their muscle flexing more badly in todays world, which they used to resort in each earlier election`s . As today many hate the one who is against civil right ,after so many discourse on it on today`s media, as the Publics in general is seems to be ready to show that- pen is mightier than sword, as told through ages, and this seems to unnerve some uneducated and corrupted leaders who only knew pressure tactic`s for which alone they are artificially respected also. And to some critic `s if this kinds of leader`s lost once, it is doubtful weather publics will ever go to them or not also? As some Congress leaders tactics in State seems to be only controlling what little comes to State, instead of exploring other avenues for increase of income of general publics.
                                      They seems to be a disturbance on the openness policy and outside investors due to their lack of time and distrust on almost everything and seemingly common attitude of unless they get something personally don`t do any work a frustrated Youth was saying.Who was surprised by the tourism development in place like Tawang. As some basically business man leaders seems to be only busy in their own work and seen not having time for exploring other avenues like in Tawang and other areas, as habit is a second nature. Lacking selfless character,innovation,accommodation ,acclimatization and political will and above all having no moral right to motivate others also they are in fact impediment on great society whom Peoples look towards for great leaders like LateTomo Ribaji and late Todak Basarji. And some still try to play manipulative politics of worst order, but in coming election the new resurrected Publics may savor lots of Congress money with lots of delight, only to vote genuine party like PPA.

                        The love for the money is bad and the excessive greediness is worst as many don`t realize how much they have lost by running blindly after it.And before some good generation leaders are criticized this is to be understand that new generation honest and educated leaders have also many good qualities,atleast they have great vision for future.As love for God and poor compensate one mans all past misdeed . But as scriptures also says don`t forgive one who have done injustice to poor and downtrodden, so they are compelled to spearhead the revolution in this challenging time. And if Lord is blessing no amount of temporary disturbance can stop us, as great things where done in pain only,and none will like to be left in this historic occasion to be remembered for ages.And when the Publics starts thinking something is impossible the Guardian angels should start acting, as positive attitude and possibility is the will of God we must side this.As one man have no right to block the prospect of all the society, as society cannot be told lies in election without any adverse reaction for some crook. As leader are in most responsible post and this nonsense cannot be tolerated any more.

                                          Some of the earlier leaders excuse of hard days and financial problem they faced  cannot be a ground for anger at new generation. As the 50-60 tree permit from Tirap and Changlang was all one defeated leader needed from his godfather at that time.And in any case this past problem should be a better ground to see other`s problem also and sympathizing with them,especially who helped them in their hard days.More so when somebody is suffering due to one`s earlier false assurance also but no, some may rather like to die in their post, while their earlier demand was only one time MLA post. And thus instead of accepting one`s mistake it is wrong to commit more sin after sin and putting bad name for oneself in history. As it is possible adamant nature will one day ruin oneself as power is not something for ever especially if one use money and muscle power only to benefit his family.And if tomorrow the Public realize that, they may make sure the case is registered against the baap of badmash company like Taliban group which comes up in election in some place.And worst may come if the inevitable Lok Ayukta is also passed in the State as the opposition groups are filled with good Peoples their repeated request for creating a win win situation for all should not be seen as their weaknesses. In any case some congress man against whom already some cases are registered may do the needful to expose their own friends if the country suddenly change.And this days nothing can be taken for granted any more.

                                   The power of happiness is in sacrifice; few knows it,and more so needed by some who have never tried it also, mind it for them it will be a spiritual journey the source of real happiness also if they at least fulfill their promise, as some have better grounds for honourable exit.To show their commitment and appreciation to the new youth power. Today whole the world is watching and it will be difficult to sit and eat alone when others are hungry. Some can make all short of excuses earlier, but not now when the situation is like the scene in movie- Apocalypse; when the Spanish arrived in Ecuador to save some minority from imminent death. The Publics of Arunachal is not bound to vote congress cine die,more so when the Congress mans Paap ka Gara seems to be Phutne Wala Hain.The innocent tribal peoples of Arunachal Pradesh are trying to re-discover themselves ;for God shake the Central parties please don`t disturb them like the Red Indian Apaches of America where shifted from Turkey Creek to Florida during Geronimo’s time ,the mistake they are still regretting. Not to say about even the mismanagement of CJI sheet for BPL by UD and other Dept.the Arunachal is worst scenario case of corruption and nepotism and surprisingly some Crocodiles are today pretending as if they will not eat fish any more. And the way relatives of the Opposition leaders are compelled to join ruling party today,mind it one day the worst may also come to their own fate also.As the Opposition are at least clean in matter of probity in public life.And God knows what better time is also awaiting for them as scenen like East India about to be removed in freedom struggle days is seen now.And it is for congres mans own mistakes.

                               But the time today is unique in the sense that everyone are feeling the need to do something good also,even within the Congress and BJP this is truth, as more good work the better it is ,as with increasing corruption also increasing realization for need of spiritual approach with uncertain future looming large for most.As the time has come today where every corrupted one`s life is threatened also.And the best way is to be with God and righteous seeking new friends. And thus it will be not surprising if both the parties declare Most Favored Status, upon some Individual and party. As all the parties may be not filled with bad peoples after all and may show change ;and definitely the genuine party like PPA will be compelled to reciprocate with one who make a first step of friendship and thenceforth resists speaking bad against them.As non can remain defiant today, as who knows fed up of Public anger even parties like SP may ultimately reconsider its support to UPA and Country see the mid term election also to the peril of the UPA. As politics is marriage of convenience by some and what is guarantee that others will not support BJP under Narendra Modiji`s leadership if Modiji`s Jadu Chal jaye; as Modiji is seen to have also done lots of Sadbhawna mission lately easy to clean his earlier spot`s, which may serve as an easy excuse for SP to date him also. After all everyone likes to be with rising star only, as politics is really unpredictable also,thus the coalition with PPA in A.P will be good for all Congress man provided they make a quick decision before panchayat election. Mind, it is their desperation more than us as we are yet to open pandoras box of Congress misrule. And even some senior State Congress man are heard to be advocating for secret plan to help about 10 genuine opposition leader fromPPA for future interest of the State of Arunachal Pradesh,as future is unpredictable as one may need party like PPA to bail them out in case Congress is routed in centre they are heard saying. At least one need a party to land, as completely going to a new party without candidates may be a tactical mistake as A.P will be like fish without water due to dependency syndrome of centre if the congress dooms in centre .Good if the Congress high command show their magnamity now and stop this mischievous plan which will suit only some.And better support an open coalition where there is feeling of win win situation for both before the Panchayat election, as politics is after all social engineering ,both will get from each other .Congress have financial resource but lacks credibility and PPA vise versa. As the coalition is today a political necessity, after all some State Congress cadre also have the right to be seen to be loyal to State interest also after all non will vote against State interest, and the high command should see this as a positive advise. As some crooks will try their best to mislead the high command who never brief the facts to Gandhi family for their own end .
                                                         After all so far every political party have win only for their logical convicting plan and strategy made in advance. Today there is already common popular mood against the Congress party in State also, where the coalition of all the opposition group against congress may also make all the political equations up and down in the coming State election. As like Nirmal Baba`s prescriptions today political future of State of A.P is also unpredictable. Thus today it is better to have a safe side arrangement which will be good for both the stake holders , provided- some cancerous tissues have to be cut and thrown out. And this may be not a big gamble for the oldest party high commands who may accept some of their party cadres who have enjoyed their life without any responsibility also to retire with Honor in this coming Day of Judgment for Congress party, after all some pseudo party loyalists have yet to show their party loyality.Who knows ,tomorrow barring me - non of Congress man may even not sympathize with my good face book friend Rahul Gandhiji if their bad time starts in life.And for someone who have known the tricks of Indian politic`s for long , it will also take no time to make new friend by him, if someone fails to prove as a friend in need also,as mission to liberate my Peoples are more important.

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