Monday, May 14, 2012

The Clarion Call to RKM School friends :-

                  The RKM school friends are probably the only right thinking peoples in the world who want to do something good but have not yet get the chance.After all the teaching and doctrines of the swami Vivekananda is enshrined in their blood also.So they must remain committed to the society in this visionless and directionless time.My privilege to have some good friends who are successful persons today and they may end up becoming friends in need also, one never know.After all when one take the name of Mahatma Gandhi they also take the name of JRD Tata.

                 Only friends have to give a logical end to their vision by becoming a practical man, planning ways to help the society and practically investing for it after all there is price for everything, as they are commissioned to be guardian angel for society.And if they don`t comply the master they will remain a guilty man till our death.As sometimes the unfulfilled desires also make one to go in negative way and be a number one critics,that if made in print media , could have served some purpose. After all open discussion alone help the society but criticism help the person criticized alone.Thus Narandra Modiji emerged as one man army.Thus the RKM colleagues are expected to maintain their class and not seen as pack of gossipers. Leaving one in a half way road also hampers some so it may have been not good for the school to impart spiritualism in nascent stage also .Unless truth have been allowed to be discovered by making comparative study of all the religion.I have a feeling this problem was always their with our batch, so spirituality have to be completed to its logical end, and unless we do this may be we will never get real peace.
                          And as charity have been called as real religion so many should help me.As we have to bring truth and justice in the world.The truth is discovering goodness and virtuessness within our society.Not to be misleaded by some who only says loss of culture is loss of identity without intending to clear our inner dirt as Swami Vivekanadaji said.Once one know the secret of world we are under God`s scanning also, so the student`s from spiritual school have initial problem adjusting in society, in earlier occasion when the society was least ready to accept the spiritualism.So I accepting the challenge set up by Swami Vivekananda to seek the truth and honestly,found ultimate happiness in Lord Christ,I will still credit my foundation for this higher realization.As Swamiji himself exalted us to seek for higher spiritual realization also.Friends we being from same alma meter must respect each other`s sentiment ,as Biblically also love is above all.The credit to my old almameter cannot be denied in shaping my personality also.As we have been brought up like pack of wolves, unitedly we can contribute immensely to ourselves and society. The jeal of the Guys from this school to do something good in their life from day one is most welcome .The RKM friends should give positive contribution to society and desist from childish comment which unfortunately have become its trade mark with some.Only the frustrated man will cry on spilt milk and criticize others Individually, this is childish , let us grow from our cocoon. The best way to serve the society will be to make a coordinated approach to clean the mess of the society ,for which our own leaders have to be promoted who can make the swami Vivekanadas dream come true also.

                    The swami Vivekanadaji have in fact encouraged the rational discovery of higher self by evaluating all the religions of the world.And may have wanted us to become peace maker in the line of Holy Bible in almost everything.So time to practically do his vision together , standing unitedly instead of thinking others as traitor, by this only this is possible. I exhort all my class mates in particular and friends from same alma meter to help me in my endeavor to get our cumulative blessings by some historical deeds which teachers like Ram sir also thought when teaching us about French Revolution in the class room which have still made us to cherish for a society devoid of injustice and class less society.

                              `Kuch To Log Kahenge Logo Ka Kam Hain Kahna`, thus for good work we have to be shamless, as many begine their morning thinking evil and don`t feel anything shame about it, so why shamness in starting a good work.As we are special elite class and have been send for a mission.From one volunteers will increase to two and from it four and thousands ,so and so forth .So Let us now cumulatively declare- `Halla Bol`upon the enemy of the society. After all we have physic of iron and blood of still also due to P.T sirs physical training in early morning.The Ram Krishna Math and Mission think thank at Belurmath also need to remove its bad name ones and for all if it has any.By siding with Yug Purush like Baba Ramdevji who is seen as modern Swami Vivekanada by some in this epic Mahabharat like battle in coming election.As in historic occasion historic decesions have to be made and really nothing is impossible as shown by the Yogis recently who showed they could fly and walk over water in Samay T.V.Thus time to show oneself as worthy sons and daughters of Swami Vivekanadaji by one`s who are in the Haves class now.And can show a change which everyone will believe in for the greater interest of Country and Humanity. 

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