Saturday, June 2, 2012

The BJP PM leadership issues-

                                                   The BJP leadership crisis should be solved immediately or it may be taken advantage by the members of the 3rd Front.The veteran Advaniji also cannot be blamed as he was also instrument in bringing the Party to its present position, and will definitely voice his concern on behalf of his supporters also. If the situation deteriorates, the best way will be making both the Advaniji and Narendra Modiji to accept the lottery result where both fate may have to be sealed.
                                                         But the feeling of the Aryanism within the BJP cadres may ultimately make both the party to make a historic amicable solution also. Like the final result may be  Advanaji taking the role of Lord Krishna or Modiji made to give him one time chance to him.Thus any thing could be possible, but if the decision is not taken within 6month it is better for the BJP to openly declare it support to 3rd Front leadership. And this may make them to pull down the Govt. to make mid term poll election which will surely doom the Congress party.As mind it this is historic occasion and when goal is so near non of Advaniji or Modiji will like to get the future blame also.
                                 Although for one term  old  Advaniji also deserve the coveted PM post as I myself is indebted to him.But it is also fact that the resourcefulness ,smartness and the youthnness appearance of Modiji will go better for the BJP vote.As today the world have also changed a lot,and in this historic occasion even Mulayam Singhji is not a bed bet if the Congress Party is wanted to be nipped from bud.As unlike me who have equ-distance with both the Political parties. See others  have lots of risk at stake this time,as war seems to be-` Aar Ya Paar Ka Larai`,by some.And mind it the Congress is still filled with master manipulators who are good at all short`s of trick`s.And who knows they have inherited Indra Bagwans dirty mind .And even who knows the coal scam is laid as booby trap for Nitin Gadkaris relatives by Congress think thanks; after all the Congress party is conglomeration of vested interest Publics,who will do any thing to keep their position intact also.After all they have all the richness to rope in all the good brains in the world.
                                              It will be also no surprise also if tomorrow Baba Ramdevji will be filled with embracement if the Swiss bank account is found to be  filled with non Congress man.After all who waits for the forensic result`s this days .It is only the election result that matter for smart Congress and innocent Publics who like- Kadar Khan and Asrainiji in a hindi movie-`Baap Numbri,Beta Dus Numbri`, is ready to be taken for joy ride in Juhu Beach in the name of tour at hefty fee  to promise land of India-Dubai.Thus the BJP cannot afford to pull on with this PM post controversy any longer ; and if there is no solution have to either merge with Bharat Swabhiman party or make pre poll alliance with SP.As for Mulayam Singhji he will also like to eat a cake given by BJP as pretext of excusing party for all the hindutva card.After all anything is possible under the sun.Sometimes choice has to be made and better quickly also,as the anti Congress wave have to be cash on by the parties who sees Congress as mother of all evil.
                                               The other person to wach is Nitish Kumarji but the hate of Biharis also seems to be universal as much as Nitishji tries.And unless the present U.P Hon`ble Chief Minister Akhilesh Kumarji project him his chance is bleak also.As Akhilesh have future with him and may like to avoid the uncomfortable question of non clear voice of his father. And the Nitishji`s equi distance relationship with all  may also go in his favour. But the truth is also Bihar is less resourceful than Gujrat and it matter a lot for P.M post.For Modiji success  result of the Gujrat election and acceptance by Advaniji coupled by his wirl wind tour to all the States giving even financial help to anti Congress camp may keep him in better position.As like Salman khan the dabang leader seems to have edge on other`s now .But the victory ultimately belong to God.

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