Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Miracle of God is possible anywhere:-

                        The point I liked about todays Sunday T.V preaching by preacher pastor Joel Austin of Lake wood Church was that thrust the God and do something good to a person with it, as one never know how the blessing will come back through him oneday.As if you have helped some one in dire problem oneday, he may come to bail you out oneday.So prayer is only not enough with it their have to be sacrifice, the Ecclesial 12:1 of the Holy Bible says seek thy lord when young so that you have no problem in the old age.Thus any problem in young age is worth taking in thy name.

                       Many successful persons have really sacrificed for God initially ,this many does not see.They were also once in brink of suicidal point. The success of person in politics is basically defendant on making others as ladder ,but here also the God may do miracle if what pastor said is followed. As the word of the God is the truth yesterday , today and tomorrow. It will fill someone with compassion to come to help one as guardian angel if one diligently follow the will of God. Though this may be seems as funny idea to some,but the mercy of thy blessing is need by all.

                   And more so who have got the terrible amount of blessing in his own life, it is time for him also to show the power of love through which he have also benefitted once.Or this society will be finished and the history will never forgive one who is selfish to core and only sees his own interest. And today in this era where things are completely different it is the best way to surrender to God by all of us forgetting our pride and egoism. Than may be society as a whole will go to the heaven. As sometimes great things are done in small initiative.

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