Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Chintan Shivir in Bombay must discuss secret of Success for BJP :-

                       The battle field is ready but victory belong to God-Holy Bible.The time is tough for Congress party as the Narendra Modiji jadu seems to be chal gaya, even the Godhra carnage is justified by his supporters by citing also the Gandhi family success after the Hindu Muslim riot during partition where lakh`s where massacred due to the slow decision of Gandhi family. And before formation of great empire there is historically seen to be fight before peace and tranquility is established is what his fans are saying, Modi fans are also saying that the minority need not fear his rise, as he is a changed man now.And advise the Nitin Gadkariji to invite more resourceful Modiji instead of giving mischievous comments as if to invite only the crore pati ones in the party to fill it coffers.

                     This Modi fans condemn this BJP plans after the Bangaru Laxman case, as the corruption and nepotism is more suited to Congress man they think;and the BJP need to be like Lord Rama camp in letter and spirit they believe .The Bajpaiji experience is also cite as a lesion to be learnt for the BJP, as initially the Ram Janma Bhomi issue seemed to helped him, but in the second time the Rajiv Gandhiji`s freshness and Youthfulness seems to have better of him and Bajpaiji lost.And as such only the Modiji can beat young Gandhi scion what Modi fans are believing, who expect him to do wonder for Country also like in Gujrat.And ultimately for party interest all the BJP leaders are expected to take right decision’s the Modi camp hopes as all have at least one thing in common hate against UPA .As for the Nitish Kumarji the rise of other Mulayam Yadav from U.P and section of Public uprising against him may ultimately compel him to accept Modiji also, many believe.But things are not easy unless Modiji confess his sins from inside.As some section will also clamour for good man Advaniji who has to be also convinced without breaking his heart.And his support as Charioter like Lord Krishna to Arjun will be also invincible for Modis sucess.The problem with the Arya Putras seems to be a bigger egos with them.

                            The fed up Publics with the ever increasing price rise seeing the congress monopoly as it seems to be the real reason the angry Publics in general want even the surrendering of P.M post to Mulayam Singh Yadavji if he pull down the Govt. mid way.Thus this Bombay session may prove as the greatest atma manthan for the BJP.As friend of all and the respecter of will of God it is my duty to warn all.And being blessed also by a Hindu pandit who predicted my important role in shaping countries destiny in future, it is also my duty to do so to please God.As blessing from all god and godess  is also very important if the intentions is good for the benefit of mankind.

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