Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Has time came for the Union territory demand by some?

                When the love is at its lowest level many problems come, but solution is not sitting silence by good man whom history may question them one day for their historical silence.More so by rich and powerful who should not be seen as parasite in the future for not coming open to air their view openly and only seen to use political system as tools for self aggrandisement.But good part to some is the dream of the united and peaceful Arunachal Pradesh seems to be more predominant as for now, especially with local Itanagarities with all agreeing to be changed from now ,and be ready to be sensible to each other`s problem.

               Let by gone be by gone thinks many, God is the best judge so let us move forward seems to be the common appeal by them now.But they have to really deliver in this front of peace and justice ;as for the present Leaders who seems to be sincere now, they may be also given some more time also, as burden to change is also upon them thinks some critics also.So hope they will deliver in this front like in Assam where the bad element in majority Ahums have been tamed by State machinery itself long time back. Interestingly that too by their own elites as the State interest was predominant. But equally the vested interest Political party members should immediately leave the divine platform like Galo Welfare Society, as it is a social platform. It should be run by non political goups, as they can alone be able to take right decision in social issues like demand for Union territory issue thinks some.

                            As it is a sensitive and emotional issue, as none may in fact like this in fact, more so specially if the Govt. delivers in law and order front with brutal honesty.So we are expecting a revamp of complete law and order system within short time by Govt. And they should be also cooperated by not telling provocative things by all as well. So that hidden anger against some local anti social elements in capital area don`t become an excuse for the division of our beloved State feels many.As some leaders are also seen to rise emotion and passion for shake of it,are they themselves responsible persons, helping the good ones to progress in their own society, that is a different question. Mind it , the haves and oppressor`s will be everywhere even in new U.T capital also ,mind it last political riot was not only of political nature but definitely also may have explode be due to long ill will between two dominant communities that was beaming secretly, may be basically for our long stoic silence also.As none seems to know the importance of Philosophers in our society, as they prepare us for future which is very important. And also for the increasing gaps between the haves and haves not class also ,that only seem to have needed a match to explode. So that way all was responsible for this mess, this way that way.

                           The way we are in opposition platform why can`t other`s also follow the democratic set up of the country and make a name for themselves. After all inner democracy is best way for ventilating the Public grievance in todays time. The political aspirants should join promising parties like our PPA as tomorrow belongs to one who is equally liked by all , be it rich or poor,BJP or Christian, radical and moderate etc.The day the party feels that separate U.T is real need of hour, we may definitely side with Publics also. But no body likes one who secretly hit below the belt ,and respect ones -who says openly anything like our party members .In fact none have a problem with a honest speaker who have no personal grudge against any one , and only speaks the truth.And as the demand for U.T is now in hush hush stage , so we can infer that the situation has still not deteriorated to that extent ,we have to wait and watch before taking a historic decision regarding this. After all everyone has to be given chance to repent also , and also cry for justice has to be a mass revolution also to be really seen as a revolution.And we should respect one who openly says any thing which he believes, specially for good cause, thus this piece of article should be taken sportingly. Having said that it is also time to realize the hard facts by the ruling party,that the adverse remark against the deserving uprising leader cannot stop them also in todays kind of politics.And for stopping this controversial issues time to do away with uneducated and redundant leaders who out of apprehensions create communalism in their own place which grows into this big issue in State level.

                            Why no this peace bid in the State by all? after all most of the Abo Tani sons in particular and every Arunachalee in general have so many things in common also , even matrimonial alliance is building up now.The locals of the Itanagar have also made some sacrifice we can`t neglect that also, and are they also not themselves in worst kind of transition period with sudden exposure to modernity and need our prayer support also? Some persons badness does not make all the society evil also, we should maintain our gentleman character in the worst condition`s. As even Holy Bible says,`those who fight with the sword ,will die with the sword only`.So Gentleman character is our strongest point of Galo`s, soon many will realize this importance. The Galo welfare Society was unfortunately confusious by absence in many of desperate period`s of the community. Thus it is bad to play politics in good times alone, while not pondering weather great Galos are not knowingly or unknowingly harassing some persons or religious minority within ourselves also or not.As it become imperative to treat more nicely to minority like Obama was given chance in America.As this is the real trait of great civilization.So magnamity is also expected of great Galo society.This, need of peaceful existence which will come by sacrificing leaders initiative , may be a deep rooted Galo persons will alone know its importance not business man.As today time to give emphasize on quality ,Peoples expect overall development, so the social activists living in grass roots area are best left to look after GWS work.And as they are also well versed in Galo culture and society, have the moral authority also to become its ambassadors.

                           Another point to ponder is regarding the boundary problem with the Assam,the GWS should also include the boundary of other place also like- Tenga valley ,Balijan and Banderdeva etc.within its scan.As we have to be united to fight the common adversery as our difference is not that grave that we become ununited in front of others.The talking does not make a person weak, it is good and visionary leader who begin the positive talking and categorically says his idea, today none will like a leader who is not clear about his ideas. Last time also I was first one to reach Itanagar in height of violence and also present in the meeting for peace and reconciliation in Ashoka Hotel with Nyishi brothers. After all they are human beings only and should have some genuine sentiments also.Thus we should not criticize each others for shake of criticism. The maximum numbers of Galo wife married by them shows how passionate they are about us.So may God bless the Abotani sons and make us to realize the importance of peace.This much is my advise being the adviser of the Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI.

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