Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Prospect is left for Congress Party now?

                                   Congress party filled with all shorts of goons who have known only  to praise Gandhi family which is easy for some seems to have made the popularity of the party all time low.And so much so for their evil that if necessary they will also kill angel type persons.The Congress lobby seems to be so much responsible for price rise as Crooks only seems to be interested to keep their interest; and as such the Publics are really agitated like never before.Best for the party now is to go for repentance many believe, and only and only way is to follow the will of God who seems to have made whole world upside down to prove that He is the real boss in some place, where so far their have been still persecutions to his believers. After all the family which can go to hell for fulfilling some spoiled brats ever increasing demands , have all the right to command the party to toe their line and throw out some bad element for overall interest of the party also as critics believe. As the Gandhi family seen from Christian roots may be also God fearing family still to the believe of some Arunachal Pradesh christians. Therefore the earlier plea for pre-poll coalition with still powerful Congress party by some opposition groups like-PPA, has to be seen as a great initiative from party,as the Lord bless the peace makers.

                           And more so, responsibility on bigger party to show their magnamity to bow down to will of God leaving its pride and prejudice before its citadel crumbles as things are unpredictable this days ; Sometimes the mercy of the God can be in the smallest party and leaders also.Incidently I had foretold Rahul Gandhiji in face book of poor performance by the Congress in the 5 State election earlier? as a good friend one have to tell the truth. The place where since inception of human civilization, some Christians representations have been never given chancein some place has to be sympathetically seen. The Congress man may do themselves more harm if they use muscle flexing to woe some relatives of opposition in their camp. As it may be counter productive ,as the frustrated heart are seen to help more from outside, and more mistakes local Congress party cadres do, more undue curse befall on the Gandhi family; who have the real responsibility with them. As the tall claims of their leaders of secular image of party will be incomplete without doing away with corruption which is hate mostly by almighty God.

                    And remember when time is tough all the trick will be counter productive for eg-the leader who have image of poor mans leaders , it may be a better bet even if their rich relatives are segregated,as the Lord Krishna type persons support is seen to be beneficial eventually. Not Lord krishnas money and soldiers where important for Arjuna who was already the best, their was nothing official about him.But what the world failed to see was he could have single handedly annihilate all the Duryodhans army as Lord`s power was with him. Thus for one evil man the war may spill over to other areas also mind it, as the Epic modern Mahabharata battle is going to be zeroed in this important place`s where their have been injustice so far.And today in this historic occasion ,one will be compelled to join one camp or other barring party affiliation, as sometimes question raises above seeing immediate political interest Vrs hearing the will of God. And non want to be caught off guard like Bism Pitamah to be seen with the more unrighteous one`s in historic occasion like Mahabharta. The Congress members who are praying wholeheartedly to God in this crucial stage have to also see this, will He be amused if His disciples are still deprived in some place after worst of persecutions by Congress man to the believers and Church in late seventies in my State?Where in some place where the Christian population has reached 30-40% now, is yet to get chance in political power.After all they have so far slogged for majority and also, this is Congress party manifesto.The PPA promise that in case of Congress ticket to minority their will be a friendly fight only.

                    The authority to talk in the name of Lord comes only when Lord have already used someone to great many extent. The miracle shown on the writer`s life by Lord can be seen in his earlier article by that name only.The witness can be checked to verify the events.The world eventually have to come back to fundamental `s of the life;see howsoever some will laugh at this this deep down their everyone fears and feel the need to make friendship to truth teller.As one cannot bash up all the righteous seeking ones from Baba Ramdevji to all Tom Dick and Herries .As some living a simple life does not mean that they are less loved by God. Friends howsoever some party man have money and power , say even black money in Swiss Bank, will it be of some use if Lord is angry? So someone who speeks truth and correct is a good friend and have to be welcomed.The solution will be not seeing them finished as this is psychopatic line of thinking.As the God and nature also  likes various thinking and philosophy which helps society.The Congress will be still living in fools paradise to live in their offdated ideology as if People does not know that Britishers where better than some present Congress man.

                    The present State infighting within the congress camp in Arunachal pradesh can be also controlled by removing some persons who have become like- cancer ,who may be one responsible for all the troubles in the party, as honestly they have outlived their utility for corruption and visionlessness and seen to be reason for price rise. Going completely contrary to the Congress manifesto of transparency and accountability they are looting the Publics. It will be other matter that some one in highest level will want to enjoy their chaploosy of highest order at the cost of the Lord to whom they decided to be commit on their Baptism, also they have to look back as time comes for all to be tested by thy Lordship -rich or poor alike. And who knows some party High command and observes , may want to get maximum price for ticket from the highest bidder of the party ticket. And this is definitely going to make the State like in Goa poll, as Lord also seems to be fed up of excess corruption and nepotism in this State.As two kind of persons dwells in this State one siphons of creamy layers and other destitute who are misleaded to believe more than in Congress high command than God, where this discriminatory policy have ruined Poors and made their cry reach heaven will He keep silence any more.This none seems to be realizing ,priding in all short of tactic`s used to befool the tribal population learnt in Congress camp.The new Villagers are today more knowledgeable than others this important point seems to be missed.

                         Today atleast one need a good friend, a middle man and peacemaker for the Congress party which have become like-rich mans party going to be rejected by majority haves not class. And mind it this is Congress desperation to have this arrangement in this historic occasion of coalition politics, not our`s.The Great man also accepts their past mistakes and seek repentance from God,and without this no amount of evil tactics will matter, as He is alone who gives real justice, and mind it ,sometimes His punishment will be too much for some whimsical leader`s, as some top leaders suspected of immense property is seen to be dying mysteriously also.So let us once again show love and sacrifice and this time burden more on some fatty Congress Party member in State of Arunachal Pradesh.

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