Friday, May 11, 2012

The gospel truth of A.P Politics:-

                             The gospel truth about the A.P politics is now we want a leader who have passion to serve society in this turbulent time.As the treasure is empty now, with only natural resources remains to be exploited ;so the Govt. should be honest in its approach as already in Saw Mill era their was virtual looting. The honest approach is best for future as days of unfettered power is gone.With many mini Hydel projects still in unfinished condition, in spite of so many money spend .The Govt. and the vested interest need most today is at least one middle party like PPA to broker a deal for all.As it is fresh and innocent and empty where the good ones from NCP ,TMC and BJP will like to join together to ake a united fight.
                       As it will be still foolish to look simple villagers with eye wide open as if to put psychological influence over other by some, which non care today.Bhaiya this will not work today as Publics today know everything, and may be only joining today to fool latter. The God`s power have been always the motivating factor in this life to all ,and those who credit to Him for all are praise worthy.He may get blessing on him and his society also, as a matter of fact present leaders have also once upon a time evolved by mercy of God and by help of  few good man.It is bullshit to bank on wealth and human wisdom alone and thinking they can do kushi kushi as long they want. Honestly the divine force seems to now personally supervising the state of affairs particularly in this Poor state. And as long as the corrupted try to act smart we have to also cry from roop top as their days are numbered.
                                  Today even the divine venues like Mopin are unfortunately made as election platform this is pathetic.The reference of Hon`bles as Pinku and Pinte is absurd ,the more funny justification that other new one will be more corrupted , as if some those not want to keep its monopoly.Today Mopins  spirit power also betraying them because mother Mopin may seems to accept that it is now time to give chance to the Christians in some place also.After all everyone is her Child as she is on God`s purpose only.The mother Mopin will also never like injustice as the good leaders even from the Christian will like to market this festival as tourism attraction in a more nice manner, beneficial to all.The godess will also knows the inner heart though others always get fooled by outer behavious.The prosperity will also come by paving the way for more educated and qualified ones.Howsoever the other try to justify their position by taking help of culture also.But the fact is what precedent we are setting for the future generations for not rewarding our own eduacted ones.Ones dream and hunger seems to have never diminished for power .They have lied and lied for their own benefit and mother Mopin also now seems to be hating this, as a Nyibo priest was telling me of anger of god upon praises to political masters, injustice to poor, debuchary , excesssive zandimunda and  violence in her name in Mopin fest.

                               The corrupted ones  don`t seem to realize how vulnerable their future life is, as most seems to be least sincere about their promise , even the olive branch extended to some of them for honourable exit,seem to be not appreciated so far.As God seems to tell us to love our neighbor, and never to attack other without a reason also,and this good deed have been already tried to some also.But some seems to be not knowing things like admiring sacrifice, while they have themselves benefited from others when they were in poor condition.Though this ougt to have been reason for apprciating one who is also suffering now,that too for their false promise. A good deeds is often seen to be blessed later ,so hope God will also do miracle later, one likes it or not especially if someone have complied his prophesy partially.So we need to be stopping making castle in the air now that through ruling party alone one will progress as Lord seems to be in absolute command.This money alone will can`t mindset is harming the State ,and the manipulative leaders are doing nothing than to counting even the commission of window grill in building projects says a critic. Barring MLA Lad which cannot be denied to the Opposition leader also,today what this Govt. can do now, besides this lies and lies and lies now?Thus everyone seems to be made today to make day dreaming in this society. But even if the corrupted ones wins the new law can not now forbade their exposure of misdeeds. At this time of crisis if the prodigal sons wants to take the responsibility for overall development of society, they have to be respected.
                                      As Edmund Burke once  said -`The triumph of the evil is for the good man who do nothing.` thus it is every ones responsibility to remove the barriers of development which zero in to some smart crooks.The Godly persons have been always denounced initially by citing their earlier mistakes, but in the end everyone where seen to longing to support them.Like Kuber coming to lend his Pushpak Viman to Lord Rama in Lanka war. The end product is for all to see his good work from day one like in Sikkim.Friends Rishi Muni -Valmiki is also said to have been earlier a Dacoit by some, so there is power in good thoughts, and may be some sinner have to be a changed man to tame some crooks.Some one`s past goodness may be cause of showers of blessing by thy blessings upon himself and whole society also through himone never know.Once removing Britishers where thought as impossible and enemies in our front is so vulnerable in their compare.And we think the story of Mosses is to be only read in Holy Bible.But Lord want us to fight the good fight in this world like those great man in this limited life.

                                     The group of Narendra Modijis loyal Hindu supporters were also initially criticized, the ones who come to your house in social occasions like baby`s birthday during times of troubles will also surely stand by you in tomorrow`s good time by grace of God.And so many have also good supporters from day one.Only he have to have a will power, today others are also appreciating Modijis functioning as gujrat HCM, after all delivery is that matter.The great man wants to take all with him ,not only sharing this worldly profit ,but want everyone even to go to heaven with him.But after winning alone he can show his acumen ship in todays world that is also fact.And one have to have atleast 30% support with him all the time this way that way.It is for the general publics also to break that caste or religious conglomeration , which society unfortunately always blames on their leader only.Without introspecting their own corrupt nature and not siding with the genuine one`s in times of troubles.But this negative attitude peoples are less and more than them good positive Peoples are also praising good deeds.But some seems to be only interested in themselves, and some may be thinking they need to have also done corruption before the issue have become very hot topic now.But Baba non will give that hard cash today specially in election ,so it is better to go spiritual for them also. As others who had good time earlier may have been also good persons, and if any injustice is their they will suffer also by Almighty`s curse.After all in this modern times corrupted one`s should be most fearful ones also, and honestly many are suppose to be caught in net in our State also.

                   As the demand for strong Jan Lok Pal Bill and Lok Ayukta is creeping in against which non can stand no more.And as such for the Haves instead of planning mischievous plans to control the power by hook or crook ,time for them first to make friends with underdogs.As better to stop the head long collision in this historic period.Even in some great mans mistakes ,they have a divine example for life.As any can be criticized for shake of criticism but dooms destiny seems to be sure for excessive corrupted one`s as Lokayukta checkup in other State is unnerving the Publics for excessive wealth of some.As they have minted money like anything at the cost of the general Publics earlier,and today Publics have woken up. And as for some enlightened committed ones they always knew the future and believed in Gods purpose through them, as He loves innocent Publics more than us and will like to have always right persons to lead them at right time.Who knows some envious Bhibisan like character was always ready to take advantage of tactical mistake by his brother`s also, after all jealousy seems to be still their with some which is of course a natural phenomenon.
                            But in the end truth should triumph, which divine power alone will ultimately make to accept that one who has God gifted power will alone deliver.And similier power can be earned by fasting and prayer not by criticism.It is wrong to single out the weakness of the particular Individual and community especially in election ,this is fascism , as the manipulative ones never says the good points, and advertise one joining as if all the villagers have joined. Specially when no political chance have been never ever given to some in some place,how Lord and His supporters will keep mum.There can be thousand excuses but fact is a fact that most of the present leaders doesn`t belong to any sect.And have been playing divisive roles so far, unless chance is given to a person from other community also how the capability can be seen.Today the co-believer friends have been matured enough to love and respect their own also.Today even God seems to be believing in FTC mode of justice in some place`s.For me it seems some State Congress members hypocrisy of giving divine status to Gandhi family seems to proving their nemesis also.As this is like idol worship as none can be priorities above God also.

                     In the present political world where influential persons alone can bring company and Industry beneficial to maximum Publics; it is wrong to harp on old system which have benefitted few.And few like Duryodhan in spite of utmost request with regard and respect to complete the promise, seems to be refusing to budge. Why so much power obsession bhai as some may themselves need to know that they have already got enough from this society. The temptation should not be that strong like the story of the man who tied all his gold in his body and died in boat wreckage in sea.The situation like this made the epic Mahabharata where the Peoples were compelled to choose one camp.As the situation like this once comes in life ,none will like to be seen in wrong side.Next time let us see where will be the Kurushetra. I will respect a person who will donate his all ill gotten money, if he really want to continue in vintage post.As for now all the help is only for a personal interest that too from Public funds.I fully agree with Sri Nitin Gadkariji the BJP National President that one who want to earn money in politics should not come.More so now when everyone is very cautious , thus honesty and Godliness alone will be good for all, as today none can satisfy all as this is hard facts also.As expectations of Publics have increased many fold and it is impossible for all to win by money alone, as none in Arunachal is that rich ,and those who pretend to be one will definitely fall like anything.Today games have changed it will be difficult to undermine young, educated,dynamic and creative new leaders.

                      The society have also evolve into lobby politics and want to see their own as leader .Though it is also accepted that non also will get more than sixty percent of his vote bank. And worst the Old vote bank have also shifted now with the co-clans anger with one mans own personal profit and their lack of interest any more in one`s personal aggrandizement alone,this are hard facts.Besides majore political power shift is accepted due to new developments.And thus worst is coming for one trying to potray him as Dan Vir Karna type charitable person, who have less other qualities.As today Pubics wants in crores, as they will never be satisfied with petty amount, and why Publics even the Hon`ble MLA`s themselves of most of places also seems to support the educated one`s for Cabinet Minister post only, as fact is today self respect have increased many fold.The Kalchakra have seems to be truly come in the world ,which is like Biblical day of Judgment predicted in the world.The world was never so conscious for the activity happening here in this society now.The adamant leaders may finish whatever they have earned also, as the publics today have become more aware,and may reduce them in lurches.And may like Sikkim Public may give a damn to Gandhi family visit also in election time to bal them out.As thanks to Tata sky and DTH Network common Villagers are also enlightened now and cannot be put Gandhi topi that easily ,after so much price rise and corruption. Thus the alliance talk with PPA may be good for Congress party also, when there is cancer in one portion best way is to cut it out.

                       The good leaders like Mamta Baneerjee have sold their books for sustenance , we can learn from them.And she also made progress step by step before final D day as great revolutions are made in pain and walking with human legs, not necessary by caravan of vehicles with some. If revolution has happened in foolish place like Arab country, it will definitely rock in more enlightened place like our`s .The aspiring candidates have to just wait for right time, as history is after all made by some.And it is our common duty to atleast pray for good things to happen which will be good for all.Those who think truth should not be said are in minority today , who are trying their last ditch effort to manipulate everything.But they need to realize after all this lies and deceit how they will live in this society after they loss.As for right now power alone is making them to be salute , real respect comes by sacrifice like others also,who have sacrifice for them once and for many more .Even if they were smaller.They better knows that is fact their own family interest now depends on this great man like Anna Hazare types ,hated like earlier Tamro patra receipent Great Moji and Moj Riba for unruple the national flag before time by some Jamadars in late 50`s.The gospel truth is friendshif with  small but powerful PPA alone can salvage Congress parties credibility to some respect.The Publics is going to see the Congress response in Panchayat elections, the choose is with them as PPA is not aversed to any talk on State interest. 

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