Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Youth Cultural meeting of the North East in Basar:-

             The youth Cutural meeting of the North East on 12.05.2012 ,held in Basar was really a gala event which mesmerized the Publics of the Basar of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh.More of this should have happened in whole North east to unite our Frontier State.

                The culture as such fills once with respect and admire for each other,this make one to realize to learn from each other valuable lesions .We got to see how the sincerity lesion is imbibed in the bamboo dance of the Mizoram to make them successful and discipline peoples , as any wrong foot will make the dancer suffer. The Manipuri Tabla dance and Asamese Bihu was also interesting to see at, the other lesser known tribes were also a surprise element. The new generation who intermingle with each other need to pave the way for future peace and tranquility where the issues like-terrorism, boundary disputes and the road blockade should be things of past, if more of such is organised.As after all we are mostly from common Mongolian stoke only, and most of the mischief seems to be created by outsiders.

               May God bless the organizers especially my College mate- Madam Indra Jai (Malo) I.A.S, my school Hostel and college Hostel mate for sometimes -Hon`ble MLA Sri Pasang Dorzee Sonaji ,And my relative- Director Social Welfare Smty. Moni Tsring Riba Madam.And last not least my friend Sri Sachin Kumar Shinde I.A.S Deputy Commissioner West Siang.And the Dept. of DACO including all of its officers and all the officers from Basar Sub-division.But the absence of the local top leader in this very important occassion is very much regretted, as this was a very important occasion not to be missed.As will this short of big event again happen in Basar?

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