Friday, May 11, 2012

The power cut in the Land of Highest Power Source in India:-

                  The continuous power cut`s have proved as pariah for the Publics, as reported the NEPCO is refusing to give more than the allocated electricity quota from Yazali Dam.More Mega Wat should have been demanded by the earlier leaders one Power dept.officer was saying.From Publics perspective who are in lurches ,it would be bad if later some leaders name comes up for earlier  self aggrandizement policy ,leaving the state interest.

                  The small hydel project also is said to be sabotaged by some contractors in connivance with the Officers of the Hydro Power Dept.This is really bad, the Govt. should at least make some one accountable. It is possible in this land of Kushi kushi some corrupt ones have become Ministers and parliamentary secy. and even Chief Eng. Also one never know. Now Baba how will Chief Engineer’s and other Officers will respect and hear their Political Boss advise, if they have been contractors in their same Dept.once upon a time. And who knows some may have been also responsible earlier for failure of couples of Micro hydel Project also.So will this Govt. make some head role, if it is real sincere with peoples problem`s.Or use it as pretext to sign more MOU for construction of Mega Dams by using some uneducated corrupted one`s who seems to be ready to take any risk for personal benefit as scape goat.Thus the Dam affected areas have all the right to doubt some manipulating persons.

           As for the Power grid connection from Aalo to Basar, which was supposed to be from Basar to Aalo.The express line have been interrupted between the Basar to Aalo by villagers which is illegal as per norms. And more than that the Villagers are also not allowing the Power House serviceman of Basar to cut the trees near the line.I appeal the Memo Aao clans to have mercy on Basar Publics , as it is filled with their own relatives also. The earlier tenderer who were allowed by the power grid has to be seen weather they have really done nice job from specially Daporijo to Aalo,including their officers.After all when even most of the privileged class are not even ready to accept the peaceful reconciliation by middle party like PPA .It is better to make a full scale war against some of them , for whose earlier mistakes all society is now suffering. And the danger is now real with them in the helmn of power in this sensitive time of Dam construction controversy. Whereas their should be also other good man in HCM Tukijis camp.
                      The role of educated and qualified man in  responsible post is invinsible for State interest howsoever someone tries to neget this.Should an important thing not told for a State interest even if some Individual calls truth teller mad , as if some one themselves have not become liability for his own party also.As he may have no trust left in  both the camp for his long act of disloyality.After all the Lions never likes to cross each other`s territory and ultimately make friendship to some ones peril also one never knows.As the voice of the Publics cannot be neglected any more.As the rumour that some ex-contractors who were always good at making poor projects and now in the helm of power in making inportant desecions may unnerve the Publics  least tomorrow ,pasighat and Aalo is swept away by Dam brust.

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