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                                    The Abo Tani was the first man of the world the Galo tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh India think this way, this is going by the genealogy counting of forefathers of the Galo.As the Galos have a unique system of memorizing the name of the earlier forefathers. But their seems to be some errors nevertheless from anthropological point of views, this are interesting and is made to be subject of academic discussion right now.Hope none will mind it as it is not aimed at criticizing a great civilasation which I am proud to say is my roots. As some issue has to be studied, least the misunderstanding may not harm the society to make the Peoples outlook parochial and rigid. Their seems to be a missing link between the Adams story of Holy Bible and the Galo forefather`s name , as the first human being Abo Tani from Galo perspective ,may have been the Adam himself one never know .
                          The Biblical first forefather Adam may have been the older Abo Tani , why because the Galos only can recall the forefathers name of 30-40 generation .The Galos who jealously protect the great grandfathers name through unique way of the naming of son, say I am Togo my sons name will start from Go say Goto.This way one can easily remember the name of previous forefathers of say 30-40 pre-degree chart as there is a sequence which is easy to mug Up.And all the Galos are made to feel proud about their origin in their nascent stage, and mostly know their family pre-degree chart /roots.

                                                                   In my own case say my forefathers name from Ato is- Topo, pone , Nu-ur, Urchi , Chikar , karko , Koreh , Rihar , Hara , Aka , kanngu, Nguchi , Chimar,Marsen , Sengo , Gomar , Marli , Likar , kardak , Dakto and Togo.The sons of Rihar where later called as Basar`s . The critics still have reservations as the name of the place where Basar`s are predominant is also called Basar which some claims is name of a place; and some that Basar town and Basar clan name was the name given to the grandfather Rihar whom others wrongly spelled as Basar.This unique Galo naming practice unites all the Galo clans and community who where earlier living as brothers. And the Galos feel very proud about it, and some still despise the Christians for bringing foreign name as they fear this age old tradition will be broken.
                                                   Some Christians respecting their sentiments still maintain this Galo naming system, its good in a way that there is a mutual love and respect and desire for co-existance.Hope the none Christians will also appreciate this endeavor .But for academic discussion it is always better to make an introspection that we know the truth before acknowledging. To many critics , the forefather Abo Tani must not have been the first forefather their must have been older Abo Tani , as at this same time when the Abo Tani who can be traced 30 generation backward was living , the other Mongolian counterparts the Mughals where perhaps making Red Fort and Taj Mahal in India.

                                       Thus the Abo Tani who is considered to be the first Human being comes only under say 30-40 great grandfather genealogy list counting backward , it means either he was the first one to start the Galo language or he was not the original forefather .And their must have been Abo Tani -2 and 3 etc.Even the Galo trace back the roots before Abo Tani to zimi which means- silence. Than perhaps word of God as said in Hoy Bible come after silence. Thus there is need to systemize and coordinate the oldest belief in the world with the Holy Bible than only the true picture may come.As even the forefathers in the Old testament period have maintained the list of the earlier forefathers name, which shows that the Zews where much later forefathers before that all Human race seems to have been from Gentiles only.Even the Galos accept that the earlier list where eaten up during famine, as it was written in the Skeen of the animal. Thus the original forefathers name along with his immediate relatives name seems to have been missed by the Galos , which may have been a good point to see the missing link in the Holy Bible.

                                          But the story of the tower of jerrubabbel is important incident , as it is said that till the forefathers decided to make a big tower in place called jerrubabel.They had a common language but after their tower was demolished by God.They separated and migrated from each others and forgot the common language. Thus this story seems to be more plausible, after all the human being of the world may have not started from an ape but a common forefather only.And Charles Darwin has told us how the Environment will effect a particular living being if it migrate to some other place. And not only that there are too many language similarity also between Galo and other language of the rich civilizations which shows that we after all had common heritage .Like Galo term of father is Abo which is akin to Abba in Hebrew. I even wonder the word Allah must have been derived from Mongol.
                                                                                          As the Mughal roots can be traced from Mongol Chenghiz Khans descendents who where also Mongol clan members.Mind it the Mughals the Mongols relatives were not Muslim Khan; the khan term was later said to be given by the Britishers to the pathans.The term Allah can be seen in the Akbar’s personal autobiography- Din-e- Illahi , Akbars autobiography where famous quote of Muslim-` Allah Ho Akbar`, seems to be mentioned firstly. Interestingly Allah is an exclamation word in Galo also.When someone is suddenly getting pain this exclamation word comes naturally Allah which means save or so painful. The Old Prakrit language before advent of Sanskrit also has a similarity with Galo language , here Ma means No in Galo.Thus anthropologically the Galo culture is seen to be very rich.

                                   The British explorer Hamilton termed Galos as most civilized tribe of the NEFA as Arunachal Pradesh was earlier called as North East Frontier Agency. Another interesting point is the Donyi and Polo sun and the moon God , whom some locals worship now was perhaps not in the adjact form they where worship earlier. In the olden days sun God was seen as one who took human sacrifice like Incas sacrificed humans to sun god in Machu Pichu of Peru. The myth says that the criminals , physically underdeveloped , poor and destitute where earlier taken as sacrifice offering by the Village elders rich and powerful. Though their was a parallel belief that the sin of killing of human being , tiger and an elephant was also not easy to wash also in the Galo belief and practice.
                                     Today also the hunters refuse to shoot this animals for fear of curse of jungle god.But it seems this bad custom emanated from the Jeal to preserve the right kind of gene pool in the tribe and may be also a cult practice developed by some rich and powerful Galos to continue their hegemony .As earlier their was prolong inter tribe warfare and physical fitness must have been the need of the time .In some case symbolic sacrifice was also done, when the spirit of the hated Person who defied the Village customs where sacrificed. Thus this practice was like black witch cult practice even in Hinduism in the form of Narbali. Later on in the time of Lt.Governor R.N Haldipur this practices where banned. The Old bad practice naturally get phased out in the society this we see here.

                                                But later the sun and moon god has been symbolized with the benevolent god and goddess of the Donyi Polo sect of the Galo tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh India, though it seems to have been earlier used to symbolized with the man with pious heart by some initially .The advent of the Christianity made the Animists to revive their religion around this view that the sun and moon is the real creator. The contradiction between the Hinduism and the Donyi Poloism is eating of Beaf by Abo Tani followers, and the making of sun as female and Moon as male god,Or both the religion are more or less the same .The genesis of all the Old religion is nevertheless the practice of Donyi poloism type of religion , but it was not organized as it is now.Thus the Galo rituals and the practices are the treasure house of anthropology, and many anthropologists come to do research on this Oldest form of human worship practice.

                                                This is not adjactly a religion and seems more to be a way of life. The Christianity is considered a taboo here, because they think it is a threat to their cultural and tradition. As the custom and tradition is part of the thousands of years of evolution of Galos and peoples have seems to have engrossed to its belief and think themselves inseparable from it.So much so that the Peoples have become slaves of customs and seems to despise others .But slowly the society is evaluating and are appreciating each other .Thus there is need for mutual admiration rather than hate , as both community has to live together here.And nothing like learning from each other is fast changing world. Thus the need of the time is not only saving our culture and tradition but also enlightening our inner values like filling oneself with the love for the poor , destitute and minorities supporting justice and equality, which only Holy Bible teaches. Thus good part of the Old beliefs and Christianity can do wonder for our Peoples ,so we must keep this communication open . The totality of an achievement has to be seen to judge a culture as truly civilized .
                                   Thus the Christians and the none-Christians must co-exist.And their has to be a mutual respect and magnamity.We should not directly intimidated each other in the name of religion ,unless there has been real manifest injustice to some.And other in the formidable position should also should show their magnamity , without creating brouhaha over it.As why whole societies peace and tranquility suffer for one mans egoism.The deserving Persons from any religion should also be given one time chance.The Galo has to show its magnamity to show that it is truly civilized. Mind it the future relation between the Christian and non-Christian is going to determining the Arunachal Society to many extent.

                                               The peaceful reconciliation is today the duty of the elites of all the religion as God alone knows what is right and best.Thus subject like conversion is best left to God as it is his jurisdiction. The religion topic is unending and emotional one too.Thus unless a person is really interested one should not discuss this .It is difficult to educate one with the gospel alone , as the God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him with spirit. A educated man will take his own time; there is beauty in all the God`s creation we should think meanwhile, society is in a transition period therefore it must be given time also .It may have been so that Lord and Savior Jesus Christ priorities love over everything else as he wanted us to co-exist. We need to take the Mizoram model of Christianity even if we have Christianity believes some .Another friend said -mind it peoples are not against the Christianity but some believers , as one has to have a master worthy to be respected.
                                               Thus appeal to all the Christian and none Christian to love each other and co-exit in spite of our minor diversity which is nothing in compare to our common love and similarity and shared future vision. This is a humble appeal to all the good persons of both the religion , who should not be misleaded by some rich and powerful to make them rich cinedie at the cost of the majority who wants deliverance. By unnecessarily trying to create a rift between us and deviate from core issue of deliverance in which some seems to have miserably failed.

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Unknown said...

Achi, it is a well known fact that Abo Tani is the first man known to earth (According to Galo thought) indeed in Bible, people live more than 500 yrs like Noah, Abraham etc., then it may also be possible that Abo Tani- Nito- Topo- Pone- Naur may have lived more than 700 years each (though i do not have a evidences to prove, its a mere assumption) as they lived with their spirits. later,life spans diminishes to recent but somehow, it seems to me like Galo civilization started more than 5000 yrs back from present markedly around 1000 BCe at the time of last phase of Indus Valley Civilization where people started migration. another fact, stone tools (Stone Axes and Chisels) found at Nyigmoi, Logum Jini etc., has revealed that Galo inhabited area was experienced a Neolithic Era, who knows he might be Abo Tani or his descendants as they have been continuously migrating as per academicians/ Anthropologists which prevent them from permanent settlements and developments in Ideas and Techniques.

and also due to inhospitable and hostile region they could not manage to overcome and walk with the other tribes of plain areas, also it is mentioned in Ramayana as Kiratas and Kiratas and Chins in Mahabharata to those hill people of Northeast India, they were very brave and have a monster look which scared enemies. they fought along the side of Duryodan (Kauravas) in Mahabharata against the Pandava. hence, it seems that their (Galo) civilization is much older than your opinion.