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                                   The time has come for all the world Citizens to support the logical, rational and practical mission`s which have far reaching ramifications. As a one sincere man may prove himself as one man Industry and game changer. The good things of each other has to be taken to make a better world.There is no scope for egoism and pride in the modern world, in my earlier article I have written that Lord Jesus came for sinners of all the World , and Christianity is a World religion as it is all encomposing.But the God is a good God as well,he gives freedom of choice , but it would have been good if all the world community have also searched highest form of spiritual truth besides quest for modern development, to begin with even if the spiritual perfection as the Holy Bible demand is not possible, atleast a beginning is to be made in that direction.

                                       We have to change our attitude for it, beginning with what we have with us like the short man called Jacheus the text collector climbed up the top tree when the lord and savior Jesus christ was passing by .As one great man said- if you can`t run walk , and if you can`t walk crawl, the point is one should always move ahead in all the field`s in his life.It is pertinent to mention that all the great mans like prophet Mohammad , Mahtma Gandhiji and Swami Vivekanadaji is said to have initially tried Christianity futilessly.As they were great man thought it as impractical for common believers .But for us who know we are sinners, God is the best refuge for us as , he have cleansing power and we need to renew again and again with His graceness.

                                               After the repeated failure of the astronomers on the mission to moon.When the Appolo -11 mission was finally successful .On landing on earth Astronaut Neil Armstrong was asked a question by a journalists. And on his reply they where taken by surprise when this question was asked? What was the highest feeling of achievement in his life.The answer was emphatiticaly- when he took baptism in the name of the father , son and holy spirit. They thought he will say it was reaching moon after so many had died before. Friends the fear of God alone can develop an Individual , family and community , no amount of nuclear and missile capability is going to give that super power stardom. As to a educated and rational man devoid of prejudice and dogmatic views I fervently hope Lord and savior message can alone logically convince him. There has to be a spiritual torch in the world to lead and inspire others and one like it or not Christianity is doing that, and this may show that he is real living God.

                                                 Even if the Britishers are hated for subjugating India for long , but Mahatma Gandhi used the philosophy of Bible I,e- non-violence to give independence to modern India also .But see the son of God Christ Jesus he showed his magnamity to talk about love to others, he never wanted to finished other`s viewpoint.Infact he appreciated that good Samaritan who took care of an unknown strangers who was dying in a roadside Jericho. The Lord seems to have really come for all, as he show his love to Jacheous the tax collector who was perhaps a non- Christian.As the devotion of the Lord of the Jacheus spirit seemed to attracted Lord. And He who alone have the super power to give salvation to some one who make nice confession in cross along with Him alone is the real God and treat all world as his own . This we see when the thief crucified with the Lord Jesus Christ repented truelly and his spirit was taken to heaven ,but this are also exceptional cases . So though the Jesus Christ alone is the truth, all the religion in the world seems to be mutually complementary also, and as such the Jesus Christ at least cannot be monopolized and patented by any one community or Country.

                                The world over not only respect the United State of America for it`s high-teck arsenals but for their good Samaritan work also , as they are number one when it comes to running charitable institutions and fighting for the Poor and destitute. And they soon find out the genuine one`s who are really working in ground reality , this makes them class apart. As God pity the poor and bless those who love and help them only. And as such to get the God`s blessing by the good work it is time to be hurry, one cannot rear a snake in his backyard and think it will bite enemies only as Madam Hillary Clinton said to Pakistan Govt.

                                  Even the three Georges dam may come under God`s fury if the china always harbor ill will towards the Dams in India. But one has to appreciate them more than Pakistanis as they have seldom felled down so low . Thus the will of the God has to be followed in letter and spirit, least there is a natural catastrophe , remember the movie 2012 this can be a grim reality also. God surprisingly says love thy neighbor whom you have never met. Thus the hatred and anger is meaningless , love and charity alone will make everyone of a Individual , community , State or Country prosperous. That too to one whom one has never meet this alone will make world a better place.

                                      I am sure there are good peoples even in China and Pakistan. The word of God alone has the power to change them, we can`t do anything about it , thus the nationalistic feeling persons should have appreciated Christian missionaries earlier who always think of developing positive energy for the Country man. Did any corrupted foreigner put their black money stashed money in Indian banks? as our traitors seems to have done in Swiss bank as Baba Ramdevji claims. But unfortunately in our state and country Christian mission was always seen with doubt , earlier unfortunately the Hindu mission centre’s where only pampered by the Govt.We have to accept that there is need for everyone to be given chance equally.

                                           It is a fallacy to think that the active evangelism will convert other`s only. It is will of the God alone who can do any wonder. When God`s calling come one will become a Christian one like it or not. The Christian missionaries are also doing yeoman service, why one don`t appreciate it? please see the best in the Country say –St. Stephen college or Bellore medical College. So they have to be really appreciated as ultimately who is benefitting? Due to this doubting Thomas nature , today so much corruption, nepotism and ill will in the country , see the black money stashed in Swiss Bank may be benefitting the foreigners rather than the country. Thus do unto others what you like other`s to do unto you.

                                      The mothers of the military serving in Chinese Govt. also must be bothering for their lives as blood is precious everywhere. Thus the war scenario will be equally unwelcomed their, thus their must be peace in the India China border. The rich mans who have always manipulated in their life also are seen to be dying of dangerous diseases sooner than others, so also have powerful nations like Germany collapsed for anti Christ activity. Thus the only answer to enjoy one`s richness is charity and selfless work as an Individual , community and Country. The capitalists in the look out for a good prosperity , the politicians who want to repent and the religions like Buddhism which earlier benefitted immensely from the Western countries. The time for them also to show similar magnamity to Christians in troubled places like mine ,as it is meaningless to love animal rather than thy neighbor.

                                    The business man , does they also not owe something’s to the son of God, as this charity alone may be the solution to live freely without any fear thus they need to try this religion one time .The top political party of the country filled with my friends must advise others to refrained from seeing Christianity as the Britisher`s left behind sons and grandsons. Specially Tarun Vijayji National Spokesman BJP, cine Star Shahrukh khan and Rahul Gandhiji Congress youth party president my face book friends are you two hearing? As for years their seems to have been injustice to Christians whichever party come to power. Mind it the prosperity of some Christian close to Delhi durbar doesn`t make all the Christians prosper in interior places. The best Govt. should reach the poorest. Though we are alleged of receiving foreign aid always which is a true lie. Accepted that some Roman Catholic missionary get some foreign aid.

                                  But here also the believers get back what they give as thanks and tide which goes to Rome first and comes back. Besides the catholic Church is filled with mostly disciplined fathers and nuns and use judiciously what they get. And most of the top Indian Institutions are run by them .See when other religion are allowed to do their mission work without any hindrance in other Country, so why this kind of discrimination to Christians here in India. I have earlier rendered my best cooperation to my Hindu friends like- Baba Ramdevji, hope in times of trouble he will also help us. It will be wrong always to increase one`s own property without sharing with others. I requests my high profile friend`s to unitedly fight for this injustice, as one cannot have injustice least in spiritual arena.

                                  The way to prosperity for China and World is also through gospel of God.As Holy Bible also talks about justice and equality on which democracy and communism is ultimately based, so hope one day the Chinese Politburo comrades will realize their mistakes also. The Hindus have to show magnamity to us also, as their forefathers where said to be one to identify the son of God Jesus christ of Nazareth first.The Muslim`s brotherhoodness cannot be also completed if it does not accept the Christian`s ,as sons of common forefather Abraham. And acknowledge the great achievements of Mughals our Mongol relatives who were basically responsible for increase of Muslim name and fame symbolized by the rise of Mughal empire which ruled India for centuries. Thus it is pay back time for all as the peace in the world has also a cost. And this can be by helping the social activist of the future spiritual capital of the world I,e my beloved State Arunachal Pradesh, where only solutions lies to whole issues like environment protection- good management of last water reservoir in the Planet earth and friendly relationship with both India and China by engaging them in peaceful way.As fact is also that by working together only this great Countries can progress. one day it is hoped china ,India and Americans can work here peacefully for a better world.And I may get a role for this good work when I am old , noble and virtues.


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