Monday, January 9, 2012


                                                   On the 7th jan 2012 the ICAR organized the Kishan Mela this was opened by Sri Hage Kojeen Commissioner Agriculture and Horticulture Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh who was invited as chief Guest.And he was accompanied by Sri S.V Ngachan Director ICAR-RC-NEH Region who was the Guest of Honour.The programme was superbly managed and the credit definitely goes to our J.D ICAR R.Bhagwatiji .In the morning session all the modern machines where shown for which credit goes to Sri M.K.Biswakarma Dir.Farm machinery , Vishwanath chariali Assam .The demonstrated machines could be also used in our hilly place I hope and has tremendous scope for the enterpreuners who want to do mechanical farming.The similar Mela in the future should be encouraged by the publics of the Gori Village Basar in particular and the Basar publics in general.

                                          As in long run this ICAR Basar place can be developed as Agri-eco-tourism destiny of for the tourists. Today I feel my leader late Tomo Ribaji the pioneer of the peoples party of Arunachal Pradesh did the right things by bringing ICAR in Basar.And my Gori Villagers who donated large land for the ICAR they did the right things . The things of particular importance from my perspective was mini size rice crop cutting machine which cost around Rs80,000/-, mini size power tiller best for garden and Zhoom land even , the Germany made Orange plucker and orange pruner and grass cutter etc.This where displayed here for the first time and seen to be of immense important for our place.Even the orange cutter should be modified to cut the Toko patta leaf used as roof in our traditional Galo houses I believe.

                                I personally feel the Dept. of agriculture should keep this machines in the Dept. office , so that the farmers can hair them regularly. As this days it is difficult to get the workers therefore we must do the things in the mechanized way. But the Dept. has to be particular with its maintenance and repairing which unfortunately the Agriculture and MCP Dept. earlier where maintaining nicely or not we don`t know.But ICAR which seems to be very sincere should be more trusted for this activities even though they are basically for the research work.Going by the past experience some opine in the KVK or agriculture Dept. of State Govt. The driver should not be a local person, as he is seen to use it freely in his relatives field if local. Rather a none tribal driver should be encouraged to their view point , I suppose even none tribal employee even from other district can be used. I exhort the rich persons also to invest in this sector, as this small things matter for marginal and progressive farmers. And time has come to take agriculture and horticulture professionally as business and contract work is going to diminish soon.

                                                    The interested persons can send their relatives in the given address to learn the use of this displayed machines and many more which M.K.Karmakarji who said he could not bring most of it this time.He informed their was maximum concession for training , to and fro and fooding and lodging to the progressive farmers .Even the machines will be given in subsidy to the trainees.The interested persons can gather the information from Govt. of India Ministry of Agriculture Department of Agriculture and Cooperation North Eastern Region Farm Training and Testing Institute Biswanath Charialli: Sonitpur , Assam -784176.Fax:03715-230358 Phone :03715-222094 , Email:fmti-ner Website training on farm Mechanization of this year will start from April 2012 to march 2013.

                                                  In the afternoon session of the Kishan mela, their was a question hour where many valuable questions were answered. I suggested a research work to be undertaken on the cheap fencing where the thorny tree called Tage locally which branch grows when cut and put .This can be experimented upon by planting them closely in criss cross manner or planting them serially in close manner.And the ICAR Director promptly accepted to initiate the experimentations. I also suggested the Mechuka Cow veriety called Bala can be tried here as Basar has more or less same climate as snow fall area like Mechuka.As it is easy to rear the Cow variety which is self depended and gives milk .So that the people take interest in diary , as the present poor Cow breed seems to be loitering freely ,encroaching the agricultural garden dampening the interest of the Prospective farmer in any field agriculture as well as diary. And this also reduce the interest of the nice Cow breeders as the owners take least interest. As they think nothing can be done regarding this. But if the loitering animals is banned and controlled to some extent ,the owners will be compelled to emphasize on merit than quantity .And in the view of the maximum time consumed by the zersy cow, where our Publics are least interested and busy more in their agriculture field we should try this Tibbetian stock Cow`s which were said to be earlier present here also. I personally opine this will acclimatize soon if it is bring in winter and cared initially.

                                                       As the diary and the agriculture is something related to each other we have to bring a harmonious relation with each other.The ICAR must take this research work in priority as the local peoples mindset has to be understand and most needed things must be procured for them.Also their has to be coordinated approach with all the dept. as everything is interlinked , therefore I am appealing also to State Govt. to support this ambitious project. As the ICAR may have limitations with their resource though don`t lack in interest .Also appealing to all the Basar Publics , if the locals are fed up of encroachment than they have to also make some sacrifice.Today either you choose the interest of human beings or unseen force .As some villagers explanation that they have to sacrifice animals to their deities is not satisfaying .If by the controlled and protecting their animals they will have better cash crops to make them more rich and give them more freedom to do whatever they like .

                                                  And thus keep their animals inside the fencing is need of the hour , but as this is not immediately accepted of them now, we have to find a way out to stop loitering animals which mostly get killed by animals and get stolen as the owners also take least interest in inferior animal breed. The farmers have to also know that they have to be expertise in one field instead of mastering all .And some places have to be identified where animal rearing will be better option than the agriculture and horticulture.On my question for need for the outlet for selling our products like oranges in the roadside as the business man and truck drivers seldom goes to the interior`s. The Assistant Director Horticulture Sri Igam Basarji was also of the view that the a outlet has to be opened in the main road side and advised us to form self help group and identify the place .And accepted that it is fact and advised us to search a nice place so that the Prospective farmers can sell from that spot in session.

                                  The questions were also answered regarding the disease of the rice and chiken etc. specially question asked from Daporijo farmers and all the ICAR officers effectively answered them.I once again appreciate the ICAR officers for this extra burden they have taken to educate our farmers.It is time that we benefit from them as tomorrow it may be too late.The nova rich officers and Public leaders need to realize that they were educated by their fathers who where basically farmer `s.And investing here in this field will alone be an standing ovation to their loved one`s, some of them who where no more. Remember initially nothing will be so easy as well as impossible either . Be the leader in the true sense of term and win the much needed respect and love which the huge files of money have failed to win so far.

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