Tuesday, January 3, 2012


                                                           I feel myself as the most worthless person in the Gods kingdom. But for my outspoken nature God seems to have used me so far.As mind it,it is always not easy to say what you don’t want to say . But , it is his graceness and graceness of Lord Christ alone that I have come so far .He is our true high command and Christian discipline is more important than any party discipline also, that`s what I feel. We have to loyal to him in letter and spirit not only in Sunday Church but for whole year and whole life as death may come to us suddenly making our property meaningless. Also our party may be un- popular some day but not him and his kingdom. The rise of Europe within 10 yrs.of 2nd World war shows Gods miracle. If we care about his kingdom he will care our need I fervently hope.
                                                      It is wrong to place the family or political party above God.In my above article I reflected the untold misery the Christians faced in my State.Who knows God may like to bless the regional party PPA which stood with the Christian brothers in this time of troubles.And themselves faced the worst political persecutions in the history of world.Thus the Congress high commands are also expected to show their magnamity to accomodate diverse thinking persons and party.After all the strong federation alone will make a mighty nation also.And to begine with in my State this is very much need of hour.As the central interference seems to have effected the Peoples morale.The multitudes of ponug party whenever the high command visits does not mean that all the People like them from their heart.Lately People are seen to be re-searching their clans and roots.Everything may be made by God for a reason so the Central party are expected to respect the balance of nature made by God.Even if they join the central party let they do so at their own term.

                                                          Today most of the infighting in the family and the community is due to leadership crisis. The leader made without blessings of God have failed us , they lie to us with impunity in election. Remember If we don`t identify some one as our leader we will never progress to counter the maladies in society.And we have to give him our utmost support.To see credentials of Christian Leaders hear his testimony and numbers of pasting programmes undertaken by him. As there is no other way to understand the human mind it will be wrong to demand huge wealth from Christian leader.Remember most important need of the human being is his willingness to servive more.This only can be get by following the will of God .Don`t doubt other believer ,way you come to God others have also come and it need lots of truth and purity to openly put ones views.
                                                      And whatever this discussions is, please it is not for my own interest that I am saying this. But for the mankind ,it is not educated and the senior Christians who will be blessed alone , but who work for God`s kingdom more diligently within a short time also they may have peace in life and go to heaven.Thus a good news for all persons who are suffering everywhere be it in America , china or Africa .Remember everyone is imperfect at a point of time be it democracy or Communism.Lord christ has come to give more to all, his principles of equality and justice is used in both form of Govt.each one are trying to follow it futilessly in different ways. And lately scientists have identifies unhappiness as main cause of cancer disease and remember even the most powerful of person have some future apprehensions even your party high commands .

                                     As for some deserving leaders their personal family and friends are seen to be enough to back them up .They were fortunately born in a good family and could have earned nicely as a professional also .But they have to be appreciated as they prepared choosing Gods way which is narrow and difficult. It is duty of true Christian leader to make others , part of this great revolution by letting other`s to think that one rise due to God`s mercy not by manipulation. This lesion is more important than one becoming successful himself and by praying human beings. As God alone can fulfilled human desire, may be the reason the Lord Jesus Christ lived like a poor person in world himself as he may have wanted everyone to come up equally rich or poor alike.As the feeling of equality and self pride among the general peoples seems to have necessitate the God to enact this drama.

                                           In this today’s manipulative world also, unless one still trod Lords path which is difficult and time consuming he won`t be successful and his plan won`t be long lasting.As eventually in highest level of political power what one find is even top politicians like madam Sonia Gandhiji will be a God fearing person.after all they themselves are depending on God`s graceness.More so in todays turbulent time.See others where sticking to Lord Jesus all the time but he preferred the hated tax collector Jacheous company, as he was at least a God fearing person in spit of his so many weakness as this is near impossible character of other rich persons. As you can`t always blame others always for earlier injustice? As God alone can change any body therefore sometimes we have to wait for his justice .
                                   Who knows the stubbornness of rich and powerful may be behind this Arab spring and Anna Hazare factor .After accepting Christ some of the new believers also need to be patient .And follow God`s thy will in letter and spirit, at times it may be bitter, as its long way to be accepted as Christian leader by God and Publics. As with power comes a terrible responsibility and sacrifice before being accepted. And for his sometimes some sacrifice has to be also made which is difficult also but not impossible. The one of the problem with the Indian politics seems to be only manipulating the top leaders without mechanism for them to appreciate the good religious persons below them.And this seems to have filled the cadres with corrupted and manipulative sycophants. And for this they may have to also suffer in the future.

                                                             Even some Christians are subjects of hatred , but I myself also being a earlier critics of outfits operating in North East can`t also resist some good qualities of outfit like- NSCN also subject of much discussions in my State , as it is highly disciplined group, using violence as last resort and so far may have also checked extortion of the outsiders to the North East India .And above all the big brothers are also said to be highly God fearing .And also accepted by some Christians to come as Guardian angel to save the righteous in some place, when it will matter most specially in Arunachal Pradesh. Who knows they are not the Gods legions on earth? A friend pondered; till People don’t despise corruption and nepotism and show respect to the righteous especially in our place, which seems to be in the height of anti-Christian activity.
                                Till than they may be always hovering their one likes it or not like Robin Hood in Sherwood forest .Even the Lord and savior seems to have loved them he got himself exchanged for Barabas crussification.So all the kinds of sins are pardonable by God. The crooks will be in for big trouble if thinking everything is purchasable in life thinks another friend .One has to respect Lord and savior refusing to call the legions when he was crucified and today his disciples for the same when they have powerful friends .Thus before one starts modern crusade of different short, it is time that there is a reconciliation and introspection of highest order; as none of the Christian I suppose will like to enjoy at the cost of their co-believers by the persecutors who seems to have always kept them in good humour.

                                            Some need to be vigilant for the Gods kingdom and everyone’s welfare and also stay in the grass roots instead of living in the capital and air-condition rooms to develop his native interior places. The grass root places whom the lord may also want to develop like others and may have inspired their leaders life to achieve it .Who knows many of them may have to cry like the character in Homer`s-` Odyssey`, in the wilderness for the lost loved ones for long. Though there are no dearth of some talented mans in our place, who may have been even fit for Member of Parliament post, but one has to accept his sincerity to work for grass roots after all here our true India lies .But It is ultimately will of God, he uses one as he wants in life. And missionary jeal at which one wants to serve his people may ultimately attract God`s blessings. And also one can`t bring that naturality in his speech unless he really meant it .As God wants his disciples to excel in whatever he does.

                        Honestly for me important issue was always loyalty to God and I never considered political party as priority .I fervently hoped if God bless one day Congress or BJP will die to make a pact with my party.Therefore I should be running after my God rather than leaders.But I have always rendered my word of consolation to leaders in bad time as that was my Christian duty.

                                    Let us see how far the prediction of a Hindu priest also come`s right, in my case. When last time, he told me that next year even if I want to become sage in Himalaya the 29th assembly Constituency Basar Publics will pull me down and make me a Public leader. As he claimed that he had also foretold one Sri Kito Sora ex-Hon`ble MLA was going to become a MLA when he was a truck driver and like me he had laughed when same was told to him in advance. Let me see what God has plan for me I have more believe in my own God who seems to have refrained me last time.A close friends said-`as a spiritual doctor cannot operate himself ,God may have also send someone else to help you`. Whatever may be we have to mutually co-exist and respect each other`s as everything is after all made by God alone. As for now I am content with graceness of God, who inspires me to be trying to be a good person in spite of odds. Only for this last temptation of mine to write this article which may be objectionable to some, for which God the most powerful of all should forgive me. As I think I have been also cleansed by the Holy blood of Jesus Christ and at least maturing in Christ to some extent and have to say spade a spade.

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