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                              By default fortunately most of the crops here in the Arunachal Pradesh of the North east India are naturally organic. But we needed a short of a marathon and brainstorming introspection to find better ways to increase our agriculture, horticulture and vetnery production and to market them.So on the day of 5th January 2012 we sit in a brainstorming session to make a blue print of the farmers overall problem once and for all.Hope this report becomes Hammu Rabis code of conduct in the future.

                           In spite of the fact that the Arunachal soil is truly blessed as it is abundant with water , but farmers have been really not getting the deserving result so far.May be the communication bottleneck and lack of marketing and advertisement of the products under a brand name to be named few seems to hamper the progress. And as when we all met and sit for brainstorming discussion on 5th Jan. 2012. we really feel like we are inspired by the unseen spirit of our popular leader Late Tomo Ribaji Ex-C.M who was instrumental in bringing in the ICAR in Basar.

                             This brainstorming workshop of the issues of the Agriculture Development in Arunachal Pradesh and role of the KVK in the Present context by the Joint Director R.Bagwati.This was the topic and was organized by the krishi Vigyan Kendra ,West siang ICAR research Complex for NE Region AP centre Basar- 791101 Co- sponsored by Dept. of Agriculture Govt. of A.P.The program started on 8 a.m and finished on 2. P.m.The resources persons consisting of the luminaries of the agriculture field, Horticulture field , fishery and Vetnery field , who dealt on the existing problems faced by the farmers and their remedies at length.
                      I personally thank the below mentioned persons namely- The Honble Chief guest Sri Setong Senaji Hon`ble cabinet Minster for Agriculture, Horticulture and Vetnery Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh for his historic speech, Dr.S.V Ngachan , Director ,ICAR –RC-NEH region , Meghalaya for coming so far from Shillong ,Chairman Sri Hage Kojeen ,commissioner Agriculture and Horticulture for his undulating love for the own Publics . Joint Director ICAR Dr.R. BHagwati for good hosting, Rapporteur Dr.A.Nath , Dr.P.Sharma, Resource person A.K Purkayastha Director Agril.Marketing, Sri K.Ado Jt. Director Horticulture, Sri Karyom Doji ,Sri Henrik Basar , all the ICAR Staffs , Dr.Heli and other officers present .This is from my bottom of heart on the behalf of all the Publics of 29th Assembly Constituency Basar.


1.A.R.Bhagwati J.D, ICAR Basar :-

               He said the State Govt. land policy has to be changed as it was very difficult to procure the land in the State .Agriculture land use methods has to be changed. There has to be a coordinated effort with all the dept.

To his view as to why agriculture is weak. He felt that as the marginal farmers are dependent on it only so there is need for much investment in this sector , unscientific method of cultivation , lack of interest of the young farmers , and subsistence nature is generally responsible for this none progress.

He felt there is need to Change in Policy vision technology , Seed policy has to be changed , 2 yrs. Plan ahead method has to be practised.We need to make more seed verification agency he added.Non availability of right inputs, Lack of awareness of medicines. Exclusive right of trade by surruptious business man .Social activity and behaviourial attitude has to be changed to his opinion . The farmers seems to be interested in their old way of farming alone.Thus he opined the entrepreneurship has to be increased, lack of agro-processing and value addition centre like storage facility and transport facility was hampering development , this has to be increased he thought. one agriculture University is needed in Arunachal Pradesh he said .We have to see the specialty of specific district.KVK has to act as frontal agency in letter an spirit.The scientific method of communication has to be made to the farmers to give them feed back.And informed that ICAR Basar is doing this reporting in the form of SMS.

2.Sri AmzadTak I.A.S( D.C Aalo ) :-

                                He informed the house that the Siang farmers federation is formed and discussing the farmers right under Sri Doi Adoji ( president).They can be contacted he said .

Some fund must be given to the farmers by Border Area Development Fund scheme (BADF) he assured to look into it.He further assured that in the Yomgo river festival special emphasize will be on the opening of farmers stall.

3. Sri Hage Kojeen ( Commissioner Horticulture and Agriculture Govt. of A.P ):-

                                    He said that seventy percent of the farmers in Arunachal pradesh are dependent on the agriculture, the time to make it a commercial venture has come.The farmers have to be win to do settled cultivation as right now 70% are dependent on Zhoom cultivation which is harmful to the environment. Local Indigenous technology has to be emphasized he advised. Farming should be made in eco- friendly manner, new marketing network has to be evolved. The need for the KVK to progress in scientific method to evolve our indigenous technique as per the agro climatic zone requirement is need of hour. The farmers need to be properly trained. Agriculture land is decreasing so we have to have a viable policy. No planning for water management is fearsome he warned .He said heavy private investment is needed in this agriculture and horticulture sector. He further informed that Rs. 25 thousand crore was earmarked by the central Govt. for this developments .But confessed that in our State only about 60 crore can be used by the State Govt. last year which is very unfortunate.

4.Hon`ble Cabinet minister Sri Setong Sena :-

                          Hon`ble cabinet Minister for Horticulture, Agriculture and Vetnery Sri Setong senaji really seems to be a dedicated man.He made the members to hear with the rapt attention .And kept the head high of the State along with his family and District to where he belong.This is a surprise element with this part of the world.Which surprisingly is filled with more educated persons than in Tirap and Changlang District but seldom giving chance to the educated and deserving leaders .He said A.P has come a long way in short time.100% agriculture custom is their in our Arunachal Pradesh and so a way has to be find accepting this facts as today it is well neigh impossible for Govt. to fulfill all the demand for job.Attachment with the nature has built up our way of life thus we must respect it he added.Today we need to launch into new way of professionialism and has to make Horticulture, agriculture and Vetenery only as the source of earning.The enthusiasm of a farmer must not be let to be die down by the Govt.Thus Govt. must make market for the export of this products.This short of workshop must be introduced in all the schools and colleges in the nascent stage he felt.Forget huge land, specific project has to be undertaken which is more meaningful he opined. Natural organic crop is with us we must thank God.He said he was surprised by the 10-15 trucks crossing Likabali check post each day carrying truck load of oranges.
                                     He said we have to systemize our production he felt.7 % of the Govt budget was used for increasing the production last time in this sector he reported.Hoped in the 12th plan the central Govt. will make some fund relaxation in this scheme for the State of A.P he opined.IR-8 veriety rice introduced by Govt. is a success he reported.Outlets of the crops and fruit for going in the mainstream market has to be specified and less middle man should be encouraged he opined.The marketing with the south East Asia countries have to be increased to avoid depending on the fluctuating market in Assam he said. We must reach the young professional farmers so that they start believing in themselves he said.The officers are doing heir best he accepted.The young farmers with the increasing demand market should prosper he opined.The farmers has to be made to believe in themselves. Creative ideas has to be encouraged this was his personal opinion.
                             He said the farmers confidence level has to be increased. The KVK should undertake extensive soil test undertaking and advise in this regard to the farmers.The Govt. should fuse the irrigation dept. of WRD with the department of Agriculture and he showed his willingness to request the Hon`ble C.M in this regard.MLAD corpus fund need to be collected for a good and viable projects he further added.Land , water conservation is need of time.The flood and bulldozing has to be stopped on priority basis he advised. The extra benefit of the Sikkim and the Arunachal is, it is snow fed areas besides rain as water source which is its extra benefit he reported.the KVK has to always join the meeting like this and tell their needs he advised .We are in the same boat to sum up with Bhupen Hazarikas famous song.His Assamese connection may also help us immensely as NE areas of India is so much dependent on Assam . Thus his wordly wisdom and vision immensely helped the farmer I fervently hoped .

5.Speech by Director S.V Ngachan of ICAR –RC-NEH region Umiam who put forward following points that-

1. The Arunachal is bio-diverse and naturally gifted place ICAR need to coordinate with the KVK

2. He said technology has to be upgraded

3. Farmer first policy has to be accepted in letter and spirit

4. And reported the success of the ground nut , pea nut, maize and temperate fruit crop like apple in A.P.

5. He said Govt. target is 2.5% growth.

6. He appreciated the Kiwi success in West kameng Dist.

7. The local agro and other products can be exported in south east Asian Countries he opined.

8. He informed that Mithun has today evolved as good source of meet.

9. Think globally act locally was his last advise.

                                  Thus we are very thankful to all this great man who come to bless us , hope our Arunachal future will be never same again after this historic discussion.if I have missed out someone I beg my sincerest apology.And in my next article I  will like to put my personal view to solve the farmers problem .

                                                                                                                Sincerely ,

                                                                                                            A farmers son.

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