Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The solution to the swiss Bank black money:-

                                     There is a common Publics feeling that the Govt. is hiding something in the matter of the black money said to be stashed away in Switzerland. Even the none accepting of the Independency of CBI in the failed jan Lok Pal Bill earlier is seen to be fruitlessly tried to be a step to save the names of the Crooks by the ruling party. The doubt confirmed by the speech of M.P Adv. Ram Jetmalni in the Rajya sabha upper House. This issue is most embracing issue for the ruling congress party.

                                    As the more they are trying to deviate from it , more the questions seems to be coming in this regards , as peoples like Baba Ramdev also cannot be undermined, they have also some loyalists , that cannot be denied.At times may be more dangerous after all the religion is opioum of masses as said by- Maotse Tung. The Anna teams allegations that the Govt. refrained the Bombayites from joining the Anna rally recently seems to be proved right by the black flag shown to Hon`ble P.M Manmohan Singhji even by co- sardarjis in Amritsar visit. Unfortunately there are less number of Peoples  who speak the truth in India or this condition may have not come today.Everyone is to be blamed for the long stoic silence not only the Congress.Atleast Baba Ramdevji is praise worthy in catching the bull in its horn.

                               The only way to pass vibrant Jan Lok Pal Bill as demanded by the civil society members followers of social activist Anna Hazare may be defeat of the congress in the coming State election. But is Indians preferred for this ,will the wave of Arab spring effect us in coming elections? And the political fatigueness like we showed in West Bengal also go against Congress this time? As years of begging nature of the voters seems to have made Congress think thanks to undermine the Indian voters and made them to give their side with the rich and powerful.Some close to political bosses is said to have become millionaires within short time. So much so that the congress party may be now be caught unaware with the Arab spring type effect everywhere with the restless civilians . If what happened with the revolution world over even in Uncivilized Arab Countries is to be believed, the congress party may be in the historic occasion to be phased out.As after pinnacle of glory one`s downfall also come , but things are also different in India , the Gandhi family have also sacrificed and seems to know the pulse of the Publics for long .Today the Congress last line of defence seems to be also breached with the party taking out all its arsenal in this election, this was never the case earlier also as reserve forces have seen to be exausted.

                                                             Therefore this 5 state election in India may prove as the litmus test for one of the oldest party in the world- Congress party. And Baba Ramdevji who is the master and the pioneer of the Black money issue is expected to make his presence felt also , after another civil society activist Anna Hazareji is taken by ill.In fact Babaji seems to have better organized following, physical fitness and energy and may have visit many places by now.And even in the days of media the hard work alone is going to count.And one cannot undermine the supernatural power of a Yogi . Anna team may have did right thing  to tie up with him or it would have proved to be one day wonder.The Anna team seems to have done a wrong step earlier by sidelining Babaji, organizing last dharna in busy place like Bombay.They should have chosen the venue in revolutionary place like Calcutta in its place , this was even if Delhi permission was denied. And in the 31st December when People go to their home town they would have naturally got poor response. And to make the matter worse Baba Ramdevs presence was missed which gave the impression that their was a misunderstanding between both camp.The Civil right activists also need to make an introspection of highest order or it may be a political hara-kiri without it, and they should also show their selflessness. One thinks some tainted members of the team Anna who is seen to be  lacking  guts against Congress for their own past silly mistakes , should announce for retirement after Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed.As barring few like Kumar Viswasji most of them have been shown in bad light by the Congress party.This ready to sacrifice image may further win the Publics as enemy cannot be undermined,but the corruption issues are their neverthlessly also, so the fight will be interesting to see and the victory will ultimately lie with the God and destiny.

                                                                               One has to accept that there is more party discipline with the Congress even if one family politics is seen to be outdated concept in other countries. Thus the Congress cannot be easily undermine as well. Even if they fail to form their own Govt. they may be still be in a formidable position to form a Govt. of their choice giving outside help. The situation right now seems to be right for rise of a neutral person like Nitish Kumarji whose JDU have so far maintained equi-distance with BJP and INC.Thus one never know about the political future of country. If Congress emerges victories it will be also difficult to be dislodge for say another 20-30 yrs. Also.The anti congress groups has to win the minority votes as soon as possible , this is the only option left for them. For this some real confession of sin may be needed for all the injustice done earlier from high caste to the low caste and minorities. And the Baba Ramdevji has to be able to unite the spiritual persons of other religion also, and thus smallest of smallest persons have to be personaly invited with financial assistance.As ultimately it is the grass rooted leader who is going to be mattering.As Publics are also fed up of Blitzkreiz in national media .
                          And for this he may have to show his charitable work to  others also ,as it is easy to criticize others but difficult to sacrifice , so this aspect have to be shown by him also.As in India the Hindu Charitable trusts have been more previliged than other spiritual charitable trusts in Country in the matter of donations .One can`t afford to loose the organised Christian lobby in this historic occassion as  the most of the Publics secretly appreciate the  Christians yeoman service.And today it has been proved that all the allegations of the Countries development benefits  and  foreign aid to the Christians where nonsense.Other Hindu trusts being seen to be  the number one beneficiaery.The Bharat Swabhiman members may recommend my below article below, seeking world help from good peoples to Baba Ramdevji. After all did any Christian from Europe and America  deposited money in India , thus what have to be appreciated has to be appreciated .
                                                      And the Indian Citizens should also learn from our past mistakes and refrained from giving leaders and rulers status to our representatives, also any political party should also stop taking credit for taking any development initiative- as if all the Country are its subject and money was used from its party fund. The development work is basically galvanisation of citizens commulative tax collected to be used for overall benefit , unless the political party also share large booty in their party funds to the genuine persons they can`t be respected either.As charity which is done in selfless way only need to be respected and God will bless them those who does it secretly.lately the Political Parties have been also seen to be only selfish.Giving State and national awards also to the undeserving sycophants only.Thus time for repeantance with all, beginning with enlightened one`s of all the Political parties.
                             One cannot also criticise political party like Congress at impunity without doing charity himself.Today the enlightened Publics will not like two dfferent yardstick for the enemy and oneself ,in any case we have to hate the sin than sinners.The God will only bless us if we have no vindictive attitude in future, thus personal enimity we must discard .And not only that, all the spiritual leaders may have to give assurance of equal treatment in future to all the religion, specially if the political changes happens in India.One`s like the  Hindu enlightened leaders like- Baba Ramdevji and Pt.Ravi Shankarji should catogarically affirm this in national media.Mind this , no catogorical statement on this subjects in  earlier election have strengthened the Congress hand.As the Party filed with crooks also take no time in confessing it`s sin a critic was acknowledging this special trait of the party.

                                Whatever Congress senior leaders has said of justice and equality has to be shown in letter and spirit. As in the state of Arunachal Pradesh , earlier their were worst kind of persecution meted out to the minorities and opposition members. Who knows God may be punishing Congress party for this whimsicalness in this helpless and hapless places. But, I also appreciate the brutal honesty of Rahulji in communicating with friends from various fields, who call`s spade a spade.And he seems to not mind.Incidently all of friends in his face book from none congress background may be indirectly giving him right feedback he always wanted. And in times of troubles those friends from different class may also help him to broker a deal for him also.As you cannot bank on sycophants and political traitors as there are ample of mark Antony and Brutus this days, worst is enemy within.`Lean and thin and hungry looking Peoples are always dangerous,` as said by world famous novelist- William Shakespeare. And only a inner democracy within a party will help in evolution of ones personality.But honestly the  congress leader is seldom seen as groups of rubber stamp sychopants. The congress man`s sense of fear to Gandhi family rather than respect seems to have engulfed the cadres so far , and though Gandhi family members cannot be blamed also for the dumbness of its cadres but party is seen to be suffering in this new environment.

                                               Thus Congress seems to also facing worst transition period, the situation`s like this also keeps party in dangerous situations as it increases palace intrigues, as silence is poisonous or kills a person within. And also in this new world one has to be well equipped to make new friends and advisers, one can`t expect other to tell only one part of life as gospel truth .This may have helped the party earlier , but seen to be harm the party now.Mind it Rahulji may be Congress strongest point or the weakest point.As he represent the 3rd generation Gandhi family.In fact in the new public mood the parties strong point seems to be persons like-Mani Shankar Aiyyarji, Sashi Tharoorji, Jai Ram Rameshji and Ajay Makhanji who speaks truth.Not like other`s who only spell venom.But they are also becoming game changers and trying to prove that all are not yes man in the Congress camp.This internal democracy are also important to bring a vibrancy in the party but also dangerous in the long run as after all the congress is a one man family party.But if the world over is today for a revolution can anyone stop this?Party loyality vis-à-vis belief in hierarchy have been its strong point so far, let us see will it remain so or not? As the single family politics in world have become long obsolete.

                                   As for Ram Jetmalanis allegations I say only one like Baba Ramdevji has also moral authority to criticise the black money holders , because in India none is clean , saying is easy only God has the power to punish as he is alone clean and judgment belongs to Him.The problem with India is everyone is blaming others with impunity. I also suggest the Anna Hazare team to completely abstain from taking any post, after they succeed like the Gari Baldi who played majore role in unification of Italy did ;than only people will respect them.Neither Congress or Anna team can take the Country man for any ride as they have become far matured .God alone give justice though in many a case`s it is late.
                      Thus we should also forgive our senior corrupted leaders and also defeat them democratically rather than planning to harm them physically .As if they had earlier purchased the voters, Publics also allowed this .The corrupted leaders tomorrow will have also more problem motivating the supporters specially if a strong Lok Pal Bill is passed .I believe by love alone one can be changed ,or everyone will definitely try to save themselves and their interest and this confrontations will always go on between have`s and have-not class cinedie .

                                Friends it need halluva lot of guts and power to resist the bribe money thus the Jan Lok Pal issue may go a long way if the national reconciliation is not shown by all of the sinners who where also silent creator of present monstor.when Late Dorzee Kanduji Ex-C.M Arunachal Pradesh was repeatedly offering me some bribe to convince a whistle blower. I have seen that it would not be easy if I have not sit for 40days fasting earlier to say no. Thus one has to be really a born again person to refrain from the temptations. As such I have many a times also advocated open democratic discussions evaluating our spiritual beliefs as well. As if we pray the wrong God itself will it have no effect in our Individual . famility , society and countries health.The main source of corruption has to be addressed or it will be a difficult task. 
                            Thus better not to discuss certain topics which belongs to God like judging others.And if we discuss let us discuss to logical end and seek the real God also, than only we will be perfect , as unless God bless we will never be hundred percent holy .I have always tried to bring peace and reconciliation even if it harm me and my party.Well the strong party like Congress can easily bang it now as our`s is a small party but that may be not God wants after all.Will a loose federation also make a strong nation?But the God will expect magnamity and charity even from big Political party and in this absence also today all the parties may be in worst horrible transition period.I am ready to work for real political peace if the Congress and BJP calls me someday.

                                With time more congress silence in Swiss Bank issue will also bring more rumor that the sincere , foreign educated ,vocal and senior leaders are not allowed and removed in the congress because of their danger of divulging some secret of the party that may be hidden in the Swiss bank.And with the opposition given one time chance the Publics will be expecting lots of secrets to come up.And this protection of some alleged secret if proved a reality and exposed will be most challenging point for the party if it looses the election. Mind it the real question is search of identity of the Indians this election will prove that. And if the Gandhi family again wins than it is to be expected to be divine blessed family also.For me honestly both BJP and Congress is friend , my friendship also cut across party lines. As finally it is the will of the God I am going to respect.So time alone will tell us who is right , as for now both the parties have lots of time to confess their sins to God and publics.

                        As in spite of better resource and think thanks and advisers the solution to the swiss bank issue for the Congress should be in telling the whole facts before the U.P election, as Publics seems to have smell blood and may not be amused with justification of agreement with the Swiss bank authorities forbidding the disclosure of secret.And telling other things like earlier they always did.Today Publics want clarifications on issue which they want to hear. The age old tradition of the Congress party to side with the rich and powerful may boomerang this time, if immediately lots of crooks are not put in prisons. What at least the Govt. can do is to make polygraph / narco- analysis test of the finance minister of country and alleged international business man who have invested in Foreign countries compulsory .

                             This too with live telecast, asking them this questions like- was agreement with swiss Govt. fixed and weather business community having business interest in Europe have ever stashed money in Swiss bank or not?And this has to be underataken by a neutral agency. And to begin with it should be experimented on the relative of the rich and powerful ,who become rich overnight. After all does any foreigner deposited black money in India?Thus one cannot denounce Baba Ramdevji also.He may have run or stage managed to be shown as eloping from Ram Lila Maidan , God alone knows the truth, but is his black money issue is not worth pondering also? And the Congress party should not be experimenting with the jan Lok pal Bill with the success or failure of the party in this 5 State.

                                 Innocent Seva Dal members like it or not, the removal of Congress party in this 5 State may alone ally the doubts of Anna Hazare supporters.And for the party last chance is- good Samaritan work alone will give the Congress justification in not having the CBI under the Jan Lok Pal members.As even if the kushwaha issue may have defamed the BJP.The civil society members may also make a surprise U- turn in ensuring the win of less corrupted and genuine person like Nitish Kumarjis Janta Dal united in the U.P State election. One never know the sudden reversal of fortune for some who have been maintaining good ACR for long to be neglected.

                                            As Country also not belong to a single party, if Narendra Modiji is criticized. Is their any reason that all will hear same criticism heaped on by Congress Spokespersons on other more deserving leader. Friends It is wrong to think all Indians is filled with Congress seva dal members , as eventually the undecided Peoples decide the politics. Is their a better option for the Country man than Bihari babu this time ?in spite of the fact that Rahulji seems to be a nice guy and some cannot garner media blitzkrieg like others.But today the price rise have broken the backbone of the Publics living on jungle vegetables and fruits in State of Arunachal Pradesh , than what to say about the marginal farmers in U.P and Bihar who have inherited bad custom like Dawri system from their forefathers. Thus God bless the India with a good leader as leaders heart He alone know , as too much of talking have been already made, and most of the countryman are now  matured to decide right thing who knows?

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