Saturday, February 4, 2012

The BB Plaza Victims :-

                                The BB Plaza shop owners of Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh India are worst victim of last riot , the internal Congress Politics should not be an excuse to harm some innocent shop keepers who have put years of earning in their enterpreunership.The shoppers have been said to have lost about 3 Crore for no fault of their. They should have all the right even to get remedy from the State machinery, as after all it is State duty to solve the law and order problem , and it failed miserably that day.Thus it must repay their loss this way or that way.If there is a will there is a way, the Govt. can always manage something from no where if it really means bussiness.

                                   In the State of Arunachal Pradesh howsoever we hate some beaurocrates and technocrats we cannot shrug away from the fact that earlier their was a systematic failure of law and order and none can be single out for corruption and nepotism also. As many also don`t know that many officers and their relatives have also burnt their midnight lamp and shed their sweat to make a fortune. As God bless the laborious persons also. Thus before changing other`s we must also change ourselves also. Hope this short of misdenemour never ever happen again , their has to be a democratic process to punish any one that too through the legal means if one is to be punished at all. The Law of the Land should never be allowed to fall that law in the future, for it is only ants who get tramped if an elephant fights.

                                        I am personally for a legal action against all the officers and politicians who have earned more than their known source of income but it must be in a free and fair and democratic means , not by way of hooliganism. Say 5 most corrupted persons officers and politicians from each community who are known for all the bad reason have to be picked up and their property confiscated. And this can be best done tomorrow by Lok Pal member consisting of half of Civil society members .This may be only a prudent way , here also their has to be genuine Lok pal members like Jodik Taliji and Pai Gyadiji from Civil Society side. But since in our State since the corruption is from top to bottom only new leadership with clean records will only have moral right to take any action in this regards also.And for that all the good persons have to back up candidates of new and fresh party like PPA.As for others it is old wine in new bottle.

                                      The Hon`ble C.M who is said to be a good person individually should immediately give BB Plaza walas justice as 14 shop keepers right have been effected. Even the shop owner Sri Bokar Basar and family who are going to welcome the marriage party guest on 12.02.2012 will like this to be the best marriage party gift for the poor and helpless shoppers for whom they are also unable to do anything right now. As his sons Mr. karsang Basar`s Holy Christian marriage party is due with Miss.Mary Jini that day, I being his cousin as well as co-clan Basar family member wish him best of happy marriage and expecting miracle in his life along with the Peoples dependent on him. May the situation turn to be like the climax end of the movie-`Kabhi kushi Kabhi Gam.`

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