Sunday, January 15, 2012


                                    I must acknowledge the good Samaritans who helped me during times of troubles , as it is wrong not mention some sponsors behind me. They have proved that there is also some few good Peoples who value relations and sacrificial life. As since the day one I have been doing social activity like one man army. And the persons who inspired me most was my father Sri Dakto Basar who was richest man of Basar area once upon a time. Only for his quest for justice and equality he never progressed , but I am proud of being his son. And another person who was my mentor was my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar (Supt.Eng. PHED )he is best man in this planet .And it is also worthy to mention a person who bear my tantrums for a long time my younger brother Sri Tojo Basar now a business man for this unique adventurism of mine.

                                        It is better to be in the place where you enjoy doing work , than to do what other`s want you to do. From the day one I have been a socialite .In my Hindu college days in Delhi University I was made as the president Arunachal Student union Delhi. Than I was made as the Adviser- Women Welfare Society Basar, Adviser Emmanuel Baptist Church which is my parent Church, Adviser Galo Baptist church Council , Adviser Christian Community of Basar , Adviser peace and Justice Dept. Council of Baptist Church North East India. And State Gen. Secy. Peoples party of Arunachal Pradesh. And henceforth I am refusing any more post and even requesting friends to remove me from this posts.

                                 As this extra-activities took much of time of my professional time , and I was increasingly finding this difficulty to take this extra burden any more in my life, as I have to look after my family also. And being a social person I had to compromise with my professional ethics. It was this time that the following persons come as guardian angels for me:- Sri Tabom Bam IAS my high profile relative being the Hon`ble Chief Secy. Govt. of Arunachal pradeh India ,Sri Mento kamdakji my relative and top business man of my State , Sri Setong Sena Hon`ble cabinet Minister Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh a co-believer in Baptist Christian denomination and a very genuine man of our time. Whatever help one had rendered I must be obliged as the drop of rain makes a mighty Ocean.

                                  As today it is better to donate openly than to do any omission and commission in a secret manner, as this secret practice have spoiled the society. Is in America also the donations is also not openly made to the politicians? Though it is far less than what my mission work demands but I am really thankful to this peoples, who have believe in me when today I am no one.I have learnt in life , it is up to one`s personal relationship also to get one`s favor, and there are secret admirers of one`s good work. May God bless this generous helpers who are seldom to find in this part of the world.

                         In this transition period we must forgive each other and give second chance , as God is already their to punish also.As some officers may have limited power with them earlier and could not have stopped the prevalent injustice in soceity.And I am sure many of the good mans become victim to the total failure of the state machinery. It was cumulative failure even if their was a mistake, besides any intellectual and elite, barring the animals can be rectified- I fervently believe. And when even some officer have specially studied in the Christian Colleges they can be our future asset. And today their name may be unnecessarily dragged by the critics without verifying their personal involvement in persecution era .
                                      This is an era of reconciliation and we must also win over some genuine supports, whose support will be also very much needed for this society in the transition period to make this place a better place.And as such all should also show much needed magnamity.And we must work together for a better future of the state and the world to make it a better place, where the Christian and Donyi- poloists in Arunachal Pradesh India , Hindu and Muslim in India and Muslim and Zews in the Jerusalem can live peacefully. And remember love alone has the power to do this unthinkable.

                      And one who sponsor for the cause of love and justice, their name must be remembered also.As the good persons work are recognized.Nerverthless, we must be prepared also as peace has a price and a spark may start from a small neglected  place.

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Roy Francis said...

Good evening. I am Roy Frnacis, the Principal of St.Thomas School, Basar. I was very delighted go through your articles. Your articles coined with religious spirit is very much inspiring. Wish you all the best for your Social works and other activities.