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                                       In the last article I wrote how the Christians where miserably persecuted in the State of Arunachal Pradesh India . The years of persecution seems to have developed a kind of inferiority complexion like never before to some.Thus the time to rescue the co- believers of little faith in persecuted place like mine , who have become increasingly escapists and fearful and take one side of the Bible for excuse for non involvement in politics for their own candidate or place their communal commitment above God out of fear and greed .I appeal this as an exceptional case where we have to change our tactics to help our co-believers where the healing crusade and preaching seems to have been meaningless. This is by directly funding our deserving candidates in elections.

                                                For long we have been criticized and wrongly alleged of getting foreign aid whereas these places have never received any .And worst the seldom reached some christian places. And inspite of our maximum cooperation to others if the doubt and ill will persists, so be it even if they allege us of outside help.The condition here is like Male Gibsons movie-`Apocalypse`, where the Spaniards are seen to arrive as guardian angels for some minor tribe in Peru in dire need. The things here in some Assembly Constituency in Arunachal Pradesh India during election time is worst. The deserving ones never get chance only for the paucity of fund ,this is unlike in other place where there is no Christian persecutions in my State and other place in my Country. See today God himself seems to be behind the revolution to fight for justice and equality worldwide , so it will be chance to work with God to make this world as one devoid of injustice. See the Arab spring revolution and fight for Jan Lok Pal Bill in India.Than how God can now tolerate injustice on Christians in some places, where they have been persecuted since long time.And so this S.O.S. to you all, not only the Christians but good Persons of all the world over.

                                   As my Christian brothers are so poor in my place, that they need a good political leader which is only possible with your help.As the rules are different here we have to make a Moses here than a Levites, as the belief system here is like in Olden days.The problem with the Country is acute need of the God-ordained leader , more so here in my State.We should treat this as the integral part of the mission work to sponsor a political leader in such place. As in this part of the world it matters a lot to have our own leader. Better to make a fish Pond than giving a fish as we have so many problems as the society is in worst transition period. Only in 1947 the People here saw the sudden surge of civilization and still yet to cope with it. The Christian believers here in my place have unfortunately started to feel that only the poor man becomes Christians this mindset is dangerous and have to be removed. Why our rich Christian Countries can remain mum from this painful scene in some places.Doesn`t Jesus` command,` to preach the gospel all over the world `include such places?
                                    It is pertinent to mention that my Publics in state are completely dependant on Govt. projects , and as in some places none of major contract work given to Christians so far.And not only that more than 80% of officers from Christian background only targeted in some places recently in transfer . Therefore our local leadership have to be encouraged as believers now seems to want a miracle of different short. As in our places this alone seems to be mattering as the Politicians carry lots of claught and the present non-Christian representatives are failing in delivering in the front of justice and equality, yet by money and muscle power each time they come back.Thus the best way is praying for their repentance and praying for the confidence and welbeing of the co-believers .

                                     And to some critics who opine that some power obsessed senior leaders seems to fear the doctrines of Bible, which talks about justice and equality and so indirectly and secretly rising anti Christian activity so this appeal also to give them befitting reply by prayer and fasting . As inspite of giving them utmost cooperation earlier it is doubtful they will show their magnamity for us by reciprocating also. So we do trust that only God and his power can fill many readers with pity for us.Some expert believes, Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient Biblical towns were basically destroyed by God for injustice to poors more than the sins of its citizens .Thus it may be time for becoming guardian angel in some of my assembly constituency in Arunachal Pradesh ,India (Asia) as for long there is open injustice to poors and believers during elections.

                                      We may have to give a damn to one who says we are fanatics, as for God`s work this is but natural that we will be criticised.After all Christianity is not a fashion, It is a passion , the way the God has for us. Remember God is not asking us for killing our son like He did to Abraham to taste his loyalty; he is telling us to execute our right affirmatively and help others do so in places where Christians brothers have been directly or indirectly persecuted for long.And where so far Christians have not got their fair chance . As going by Holy Bible it is seen God is definitely against selling one`s right, if one takes money for vote in election it is against God`s commandment. And yet years of injustice seems to have developed that beggars mindset in my place,to remove this we need the support of the guardian angels like you.

                                            As the others mock Christian community as poor and downtrodden ,may be this is the time to show them who the sons of the God are.And this mission should be a beginning of intervention to save political minority of all religions in long run. I fervently hope one day this dream will come true.Only the United world religion can make a better world , and since one has to spearhead a good revolution I am appealing to you all.As this Arunachal case is different , for so long the Christianity was persecuted here. And my credentials as spiritual leader can be verified in the previous testimony, it is up to you to trust me or not?As lately accepted their were too many thugs. But my long endurance in writing this blog for you is testimony to my sincerity and story of one- man struggle against odd`s even if I could have earned crore from my rich relatives help .

                                  The propagation of gospel of God the issue is so important that some genuine leaders in my place have to sacrifice their own profession, relatives and friends also.This have made some genuine leaders without much financial stability to pursue their goal with much difficulty. And having come so far I accept my Christian brothers in particular to be loyal to God till the end and back us up. The more challenges we have ahead more we will have greater blessings from God and will have miracle and testimonies to be seen by others. As today all the spiritual leaders may have to unite to face the challenging time ahead. As the dedication to God is decreasing day by day due to some pockets where some devils have made their last bastions and operating in whole world from their. Thus like holy crusade we are waging war with the principalities and dark forces here so this S.O.S.This should not be misconstrued by none believers friends to thinks that we are planning a secret war against them.But this is basically a clarion call to fight the immorality we have in world ; beginning from my place, which can be a world unity spiritual centre in long run,as lately world has also never united for a common purpose that is good and noble.

                                       Remember the Lord never like to forsake a single Sheep and same is accepted of his disciples to look for us also who are in verge of getting lost.Besides God like one who gives from heart.The amount is not important, we want someone who gives willingly from his bottom of heart. Fortunately for me cutting across party lines friends like - Rahul Gandhiji Youth President INC , National Spokesman for BJP Tarun Vijayji  and Baba Ramdevji should be supportive to me  .The evils need to be demolished with prayer and financial support and unity in diversity .May be the reason Lord told to doubting Thomas-` I will bless them more tomorrow, who believe me without seeing me`.As He might have been perfectly aware of the rich and powerful Christian believers dwindling interest in Christian cause.And for that God`s graceness, today we need to believe more in Holy Bible and regard our leaders as modern prophet`s and do charity in really deserving places and purposes; which will be in fact best investment for yourself. As it is easy to criticize but difficult to tread the hard paths of the genuine leaders.

                                                    In this challenging places, leaders have to be respected and supported, as many missionaries and pastors go to bed without food.And out of poverty some believers in my place has been made to accept the election time as money making time.And the greed has become major stumbling block with the poor and innocent here who seems to pray their representatives rather than God.So much poverty, a God- ordained leader alone can repair the broken wall of my State . Basically due to prolong manipulation by some rich candidates who are yet to know God all the walls in my State seems to be in broken condition like in Nehemias days.The Corrupted one`s only seem to remember Christians in election and use them as voters. And for years they have been dividing my fellow beings in the name of the clans and tribalism to serve their own interest. It is time for all the co-believers in this world to be with us in this testing time. Whereas God wants us to do good thing all our times and those gentlemen seems to have perfectly stood as the anti Christ making others to believe them more than the God. And worst the innocent Villagers are starting to think that they are helping them from their own money and are more trust worthy than the God ,missionaries and pastors.

                                  But in fact it is not even 10% of what they are individually helping to themselves, their family , their supporters and none believer contractors , this is in spite of the fact that there are even Christian Political party workers with them, who seldom get any benefit. Truth is bitter but God seems to be also angry with this injustice, so presently as per God`s prophesy which come to Evan. Christopher in the healing crusade in Aalo town West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh. who conveyed God`s message that- initially we will get one Hon`ble Chief Minister from Christian background .The present HCM Sri Nabom Tukiji is our first HCM from our community , he is from Roman Catholic denomination. But he also seems to be helpless to change everything suddenly , as such this appeal to fulfill God`s 2nd will that the State is going to be Christian State soon.

                                           To some it means most of the Christian has to be promoted as Member of Legislative Assembly-MLA to remove the much draconian Indigenous faith Bill, based on this untold miseries earlier fell on Christians in State of Arunachal pradesh. Incidentally last time when Hon`ble Ex-Chief Minister of my State called on me, I had warned him regarding this injustice to the Christians and Poors who are synonymous with each others.He should have done something regarding this, unfortunately he died in choffer crash. Remember God wants us even to vote for his chosen ones, he is the owner of our life ;we can`t afford to keep some thing secret for us.But all this things have been cleverly sidelined by some crooks in some constituency, threatening and luring the poor and innocent voters before elections. Basically unemployed and troubled youth`s are said to be well financed with wine and money to protect their interest during election time.The condition in fact is no less than in African countries.

                                            Therefore,this may be the right time to highlight this injustice to protect the Christians from desperations even in present era in some place in State of Arunachal Pradesh India, which earlier show unprecedented persecutions to Christians and this seems to be continued indirectly now also. The rich and whimsical may always use their money power , and those co- believers and good persons of world over who believes in my vision of a united and happy future world are accepted to help us.As fortunately for some, though they have been blessed with good family background and knowledge, but they have burnt out themselves in the process to be voice of the voiceless. And have not earned much as they could have and need all the good Peoples World over to support them. After all can a Christian leader can overlook this evil practice anymore? as tolerating injustice to poor and downtrodden should be a great sin to my believe. Even if you forgive someone for personal harm to you, can you overlook the injustice to poors?And thus I am appealing to all the world because this is not only our problem but the world problem. As the God must want us to use the new globalization scene to help each other and prosper together. As today God has made us as global village and our body of Christ constituting the believers of all the church of the world are part of same extended family. And it is my duty to tell my problem to all of you. As if there is cancer in one portion, mind it all may die soon.
                                                  Today the good part is , the world inspite of rampant corruption is also seen to appreciate the one who is waging relentless war against corruption and nepotism. Specially waged by those who could have enjoyed best of their life.As saying goes truth always triumphs, many a times I have been also offered bribe to change my ways but I rejected. Friends, if you are a person of pure heart , can you afford to neglect the suffering brothers , and God who is ever willing to help the righteous will he fail us by not blessing those who support this most important God`s mission? As he says love thy unknown neighbor as thyself.Once roaring professional success has a limitation, Public tend to see them as opportunists giving time to themselves. Today need of the hour seems to be, a leader - who have come up from pain and excelled against the odds influencing so many peoples. The more the corrupted refuse to budge and try to portray others in bad light, more the good Peoples should unite and back him up, as there is evil in the society because good people do nothing.Who knows for a one good man , whole world may also prosper tomorrow.Thus to show love thy neighbor theory in letter and spirit. I am not at all filling with shame and appealing you all to send us financial help in this great mission. After all if the corrupted one`s are shameless in doing corrupt practice can we sit silent also?

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