Friday, January 27, 2012

The Chanakyas Opinion :-

                                              Today if the Chanakya would have been alive what he would have advised to the NDA team.He may have said make a honest introspection of the political situation. And may have honestly advised the BJP to declare categorically to do away with the Verna and the caste system in the Hindu society if the BJP comes to power. As the rise of the Mayawati madam within the Hindu is basically against the anger of this practice.And madam may not be pleased anything other than- this promise before any olive branch is offered to her; as she may know, this time or never for salvation for her community .As in this historic occasion the Behenjis support may be crucial for NDA success , as she is smart enough to kick out all the Crooks before election, though she may have been hand in glove with them earlier. After all our Publics are so forgetful and she may cash on in her avatar of new jan lok pal bill messiah.After all the action speaks louder than the word, and she has to also respected for her guts.

                                        And contrary to her, BJP seems to be doing what it should have done long time back.That is giving chance to the deserving backward caste members , but today it has to be content with the tainted Khuswaha .Sometimes BJP really seems to be slow in coming to a conclusion. But it is never also late for a introspection. In this world one never get something unless he makes a sacrifice. And when one demand for a political change , this changes has to be also ready to be accepted by them.As Publics will like impartiality of demand in letter and spirit , than only Publics will respect them.After all this is the crucial and historic period of the Country.And in no way the Peoples can be demarcated on the basis of class and caste which is also a no less important issue than the corruption issue.It may be not possible for the Hindus to change instantly , but nevertheless it will be a great gesture and political stroke if the BJP acknowledge the need for change which seems to be effect of the excessive glorification of Lord Rama by Tulsidas and Manu Wadi Vichardara of the Hindus.

                              Interestingly in other religion like Christianity,Muslim and Bhudhism also their was earlier a similar practice but later on this was removed . After all how one can claim themselves part of same Hinduism and divide themselves in the line of caste and creed.Thus BJP may be seen by some critics as the part of the only religion in the world which openly practice this evil practise , thus before blaming congress it should also introspect itself.Friends it will be not easy but not impossible as well, is politics also not all about public welfare? And how long this facts can be overlooked.If we don`t love our own how we can expect the world leaders to love us and press the Swiss govt. to cooperate us in black money issue.If the Hindus is revolving over this evil practice than honestly this has outlived its utility.Unless the real problem is addressed it is doubtful that the BJP who reflects Hindu ethos will get benefit.

                          The only problem of the BJP seems to be themselves being seen as slave of its own custom and tradition; today whole world has changed and the globalization is their to stay one like it or not.And questions will be raised on many issues not only corruption.The Khaaf panchayat fatwa on intermarriage murders are temporary .This frustrations won`t last , one day the victims may become martyrs. Tomorrow the more will like to marry from other culture and ethnic background I am sure .I remember in the Delhi University days the outsiders were dying to flirt the Mongolian girls who were called as Chinkis.As the latest interest of the new generation seems to be liking to do something new.

                                             Even biologically inter caste marriage is said to be very good from point of view of incorporation of good genes. The reason most of the poor Muslim are seen to have diseased , malnutiritioned and orthodox mindset progenies is said to be due to inter family marriages. Thus time for the BJP ruled State to give prize to one who resort to inter caste marriage with other communities and religion followers. Earlier Tulsidas may have wanted to have jealously protect the Aryan blood purity but things have changed now.In the present multifaceted society ,this though itself is seen to be evil and God will never bless this mindset also, as hating Dravidians may show indirectly that they are still Ravans descendents responsible for Sita Matas kidnapping.Man unless we forgive each other we cannot forge together. See many South States have today better track records.Honestly some publics thinks the BJP have still that Tulsidas mindset , who seems to have never digest the fact that Sita was kidnapped by a Dravidian- Ravana.

                                         And Mayawati mam may not be wrong in her own way ,as Hinduism in spite of its beautiful culture and tradition seems to be dogged with this dogmatic views for long.And as the BJP is basically the outcome of the Hindu philosophy majority thinks.The orthodox hindu way of life itself seems to be disturbing BJP`s growth now.I appreciate uma Bharti for her guts to say that Ram Janma Bhoomi are not in her agenda.Thus this favorable change in circumstances need to be use by the party effectively to show a new face.After all as Hindi saying goes-` Dar ke Age jeet Hain`.Earlier I also advised my close friend Tarun Vijayji to organize a healing crusade for the BJP and RSS cadres.As the Hindu forefathers seems to be one who seems to have certified the birth of son of God jesus Christ.As such today time has come for introspection of highest order , did not even the hindu Devtas earlier organized yagya to appease some god, may be time has come to try some one when everything else has failed. Today unfortunately the same Hindus the son of great rishi Munis seems to be sleeping – who where the one`s who told the story of Devta and Raksas pulling the snakes in samudramanthan ; which in fact may have been the introspection/ atma chintan to explore new horizon from where only the best result/ amrit comes.

                                            And for this one hell of a boldness has to be shown.See earlier masterstroke for the Congress was its theme song-` Jai Hon, of the movie -`Slumsdog millionaire’. See sometimes being a youth,the Gandhi son and the being master also matter a lot.As it helps in quick and bold initiative ; the experiment rocked as in politics one has to do something which yields maximum result in shortest time .I am sure in the BJP also there are lots of good think thanks within the party.The seniors need to also hear their innovative idea. The Peoples cannot be expected to convinced without addressing the main issue and cleverly defusing it is an art.The recent Salman Rushdie protest was a good political gain for the BJP though it is doubtful the party have that ability to master mind it.As the none welcome of master of Satanic verses seems to have cleverly divided the Muslims into educated Vrs. uneducated , good Vrs. fundamentalists. The new movie called ,`Gali Gali Main Chor Hain,`may do the trick for the opposition also what it did for the Congress, one never know.The new Uma Bharti is a major shift from her earlier tantrums, she looks more mature and talk senses now.Contrary to her some members of Congress party in U.P looks to be very rude, brash and abusive in her compare. Thus bit of more senses has t be incorporated by the party.

                                      The time is precious for the NDA the movie-` Buddha Hoga Tera Baap`, seems to be favoring the Old Advaniji , they should still now make a introspection of highest order. The senior leaders may have to still now make a secret deal with its potential allies. Sacrificing weak areas to potential allies and concentrating in their strong hold is need of hour.In this regard the Persons like Baba Ramdevji who is equally respected by the Mayawati, Nitish Kumarji and the BJP should be used in this field.Mind it the women from the Italy is enjoying the power only for this hatred and infighting within the Hinduism as she belong to none of the camp .And unless this real problem is addressed than their seems to be no way out for the BJP.And also years of indirect persecutions to the minorities and the Christians seems to have angered God and the Publics of this communities.
                                                                   As more the hatred is more the blessing of the God is seen to some in disguise.After all the minority majority will be not convinced of future security if there is categorical statement in this regard.It is wrong to see the voters only from the perspective of the number , as their may be Gods loved person or a party .As in the State of the Arunachal Pradesh where untold miseries where earlier given by the Congress Party to the Christians there is lots of soul searching to do by the Congress party.As temporary silence is also not golden always.

                                            Though the corruption is also an issue but in the end the Hindu vis a vis BJP have been seen to be more marginalized in their own place due to this caste reasons. The God and the Human dignity demand`s required that this issue has to be addressed. The Anna Hazare team seems to be helpless against the kind of resource mobilization need in the election. They did the worst thing by thinking themselves more powerful than the Baba Ramdev earlier .Who knows they were used by the Congress to divide the civil society also as they have this expertise. But it is never late, the helpless Anna team has no option than to tie up with the Baba Ramdev now.The Baba alone is seen to have the guts to criticize the Congress at impunity. One likes it or not, he seems to have outsmart the congress in the fund collection and may have not knowingly benefitted from the black money crooks also even if unknowingly some fund may have come to him.As the Congress are alleging him to be a thug, this I personally think is wrong , as man with evil heart cannot lambast someone with much conviction as telling truth is more difficult specially by a holy man.
                                                              As the word of the God is double edged sword , before cutting other , it Pearce oneself first-Holy BIble.The fact is the Opposition have also never dared to attack the Gandhi family directly so far and the congress man knows if Gandhi dies than Congress is finished. Also Babajis resource mobilization ability seems to be feared by the Congress, for it may fall into the opposition hand.After all Baba Ramdev can alone be seen to be going all against the Congress to any extent.And he has sure secret sympathizers among the Congress man also.This is atleast majority publics thinks, but it is equally truth that the Babaji seems to have failed to make major inroad with the minorities.

                                             The word of advise also for the Congress, it is time it stops its self obsessed nature and stop treating the smaller parties as slave.After all in spite of the best effort it is only the God`s blessing this time it is going to be mattering .As odds are also against the party not due to strong opposition but the new mood and fashion world over.The demand for change of the political party all the world over is danger for the Oldest party.The Punjab poll success may be due to prime Minister Manmohan Singhjis position in the Congress , but what will happen in other place, only time will tell .The Congress should at least have an ally to broker a deal in the future.In its quest for perfection , it should not kill all the lesser known parties in the region who could have really broker a peace deal for it in troubled time. In the case of no win win situation honestly persons like Nitish kumarji could have been used for both camps benefit by someone like me as blessed are those who are peace makers –Holy Bible.As my PPA was the only party who stood for the persecuted Christians in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in late 70`s .Will it also not get blessing by God today?And time also seems to have come for that as the alliance is not our compulsion like it is to some central parties, forget the days when Arunachal was land of kushi kushi.

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