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                               One has to respect swami Vivekanadajis far sightedness , he anticapated in advance that one day religion will be a global concept and tried his best to forge all the good parts of all the religion.As he knewed fully well that what was needed first was to seek God`s kingdom and righteousness first.Remember it was time that the missionery work was at it`s zenith in the Bengal society and this introspection and retrospection really helped other society.As Bengalis where really advanced in their thinking  from long time back ,one cannot deny this.
                          For a Hindu who was born in the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata it will be difficult to accept the Biblical God.As years of isolation may make every one of us a fanatic, though presently this word is coined for Muslim brothers exclusively. But many hope if the Hindus are told the gospel in their language , they will rather take it more seriously. As their is seen more hunger for Gods in the Hindus, but can`t say right now they are hitting in the bushes or not.As all the religion in the world also may have been God`s creations and western country at times have shown their magnamity in helping leaders like Dalai Lama even more than their own.Therefore we need to be completely free from any prejudice in evaluating fact.As God`s love was eternal he send Lord Jesus to die for each one`s of us.This world religion cannot be patented even by the Western Country.

                            In fact our RSS and VHP brothers seems to have more spiritual inclinations and less corrupted also.Only it seems that they have never been feed with right kind of spiritual food to its logical end as such they hack up a religious issue not finishing it making minorities more confused. And thus community seems to be failing to like them in spite of their bulging cadres. The good character of all the religions have to be openly evaluated like the earlier sages /Rishi munis told us about samundra manthan which was in fact attempt to define the self introspections. this will be immensely beneficial to them.As we are at least in same boat from the perspective of seeking thy kingdom.

And mind it those who don`t seek the truth will harm themselves as an Individual and community, Thus one should be always spiritually prepared .As spirituality is something if one is not in-depth in it he may hurt God, man and devil also. So I approached my top BJP friend to organize a Healing Crusade for their cadres if they really want to be blessed as they now need quality adviser one like Lord Krishna who proved to be more heavy than Duryodhans army .Remember in the garb of fighting everything foreign they should ponder weather they are also not fighting against God himself. After all many during Mahabharata times also hated Lord Krishna.It is also false to think that devtas only used to win in the earlier wars, with the help of Muni Sukracharya Raksas also did win many a times. Ironically earlier Dravidians and Aryans may have claimed themselves as devtas at cost of others.This superiority feeling seems to have ultimately finished both.The Ram Rajya concept today being an only ethopian philosophy.

The epic Mahabharata and Ramayana is part of the truth but Jesus was the whole truth according to the scriptures .As he affirmatively said that-` I am the way , the truth and life,` In a zews synagogue which is like Hindu temple Christ Jesus once said-` today all the religions have been completed in me`.He was extension and full accomplishment of the God`s plan on earth , he is the beginning and end ,and completion of God`s mission from time to time to send great man in earth.This philosophy Hindus also accept .See the Baghwad Gita famous sloca-`Yada Yada Hi Dharmashya………………………………..Dharma Sanstapanay Nitya Sambhawami Yuge Yuge.` ,which says whenever the religion is at threat in India , to remove sinners to restore good Peoples the God`s avtar will born from time to time.But they never seems to seek his truth and righteousness to check his authenticities, as some corrupted Peoples always wanted to monopolize their interest in each century .

While they will not mind going after their thousand gods .The Swami Vivekanada`s philosophy of universal brotherhoodness will be incomplete without a beginning and Jesus to many was the epi- centre of the modern spiritual activity. Swamiji fans claimed him to be one of a avatar of Saft- Rishi/seven star who went in advance for the master like John the Baptist. And Swami Vivekananda stopped short of accepting Lord and Savior Jesus as the living God by saying whatever Lord jesus Christ said in Indian context ,that-seek the truth yourself. As swami a brilliant student himself got academically effected by the hunger for unseen God in his nascent stage. Thus the religious doctrines should not be told to immature child if one is not a good teacher and least not the lies told to them .

The Bible claims to be the word of God Himself and one who study it thoroughly can only understand it.Swamiji said-`the Indians are good at sweeping the dirt inside the carpet how long can it be hide’. And similarly Mahatma Gandhi who tried Holy Bible in South Africa days also said once -`truth always triumph’. Herein People seems to fail`s to see and understand what this great mans may have meant .As the good God never compel others he gives freedom of choice. And our great mans seems to have choose issue of Indians Independence more seriously, rather than evangelism/enlightenment during their time. And this short time worldly gain seems to have been more harmful as scriptures says -`seek thy kingdom and glory first’. As what Indians in fact needed at that time was Gods spiritual food and for this malnutrition effect still seems to be seen in our society.

See according to Scriptures God also wanted to give the Muslims peace and heaven but ultimately gave only great worldly richness, as their forefather Ismail was born of their grandmother Hagar before Essau.Whereas the God is said to have promised Old Sarrah who gave birth to the Christian forefathers Essau to give birth first from common forefather Abraham.And due to her disobedience it is said peace and heaven is denied to Muslims in this world .So some critics attribute the mayhem created by some Muslim zealots world over for this famous curse referred in Old testament .And these they also seems to have not disapprove in letter and spirit , even the most educated Muslim members are seen to be blindly supporting the fanatics whereas this is not the case with the other religious Peoples. In Muslim community we seldom see a revolutionary leaders for peace and justice and their famous peoples are only seen to be busy with their own interests. Everyone in this community seems to be in fear of a unseen force represented by uneducated Maulvis and Qajis and none can question it.

Whereas in other religion specially in Christianity there is liveliness and dynaminism due to introspection. This is giving them free happiness due to freedom of expression. The present Arab spring revolutions also seems to be orchested by God and media. But hope those who accept Lord and Savior Christ they will have eternal salvation as he came for all.It is heard that the Muslim scriptures also have lots of praises for Christ Jesus , as a matter of fact Prophet Muhammad is said to have initially tried Christian religion futilessly.But the Biblical divine meaning may not have been that easy initially for one living in hard desert life .Unless one is also ready to discharge the duty commissioned by God Christianity is not easy as no pain no gain. The world will be a good place if their is spiritual democratic discussions so that People can choose the best one from their free will .Now unfortunately in some place People are following some religion out of fear but this won`t last long as the world is changing.

The nut shell even of the Bhagvad Gita is also the realization of the self in its spirit form which Lord Sri Krishna told in the war field to Arjuna .The fact is spiritually conscious persons fear no death and this has discouraged Taliban types of extremists in other religion areas, as good people their seems to fight that mentally in their society.So need not to say most of the despotic rulers are seen from Muslim countries so two question comes are Muslim scared of bad Peoples ? and second is their religious doctrines of dated. As the macho man image of the individual and community is well accepted .But why they are not fighting against the worst Muslim enemy who is within them .The solution to problems like insurgency in North east will also lie through the example of Church activism like in Mizoram. Howsoever other`s despise us they are closely studying us as role model.

Seeing by what is happening in my society which is in a transition stage. It seems most of the religious scriptures of the country was redrafted in the eve of the Britishers coming to the country. As it is but natural that the intellectuals try to jealously project their own religion and try to show that it is not inferior to others. The years of the separation by natural geography seems to have blinded us and made us to question everything foreign. This seems to have prompted Ramakrishna paramhansa to tell the story of blind man thinking elephant in different form basing on which side he touch. As Ramakrishna who is heard to have received holy spirit also may have been unable to tell the truth straight way, that Lord Jesus come for all. But nevertheless he emphasized on interactions with the other holy mans.As the freedom fighters had controlled the common Peoples mind at that time and none dare to antagonize them like right now none dare to question Taliban in some place some.See some great mans may have been not vocal in some topics , but none less this questioning ability helped the evolution of Bengali society .

We in fact fail to see our weaknesses and only criticized other, in this backdrop the swami Vivekanadas journey to the open world is interesting .He show the truth and try to brought the best .Howsoever we despise Americans but forget that they were the once to give him first break in Chicago World religious convention. Hope more of this is also conduct today to make this world a better place. Critics opined that he accepted what the Biblical experts where claiming all along that from the Adam and Eves point of view we are same brothers. As his most popular sentence -`Sisters and brothers of America`, mesmerized others. And later he set up Belur Math based on the Italy`s Papal estate model. And need not to say like the Roman catholic institutions the RKM has also done many yeomen’s service.

Swamiji even engaged Sister Nivedita to help him with getting the working pattern of the Christian missioneries.The remarkable similarity of Swami Vivekanada and Gandhiji have been use of Holy Bible with impunity. The jealous Ramakrishna Mission products forget the fact that Swamiji may have acted as Jhon the Baptist for the Indian Society for more open role of the Christian religion in the Country in future. And need not to say Swami Vivekanada and Gandhiji seems to have benefited immensely as they piggy ride on the preaching of son of God even though being an illegitimate son.

But they were certainly great man as they achieved something which we could not imagine that too in an era where their was no media. The present groups can be immensely benefitted if they trod in their way of intermingling and taking good things from other religion more openly as the situation today has demand it more.As love alone is answer to all the problems and this will be manifestated by intermingle of most sentimental and contagious issues like religion also.

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