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                                           It will be worst on my part not to tell the glory of God. This is to glorify Him alone who is the real God and living God. In the Day of the Judgment I will be at loss if I don’t say this today, when I am already writing too many others thing with His mercy and graceness.Friends God alone command life and death it is our privilege to work for him as on death bad our all shame and egoism becomes naked and proved meaningless. Howsoever famous and successful we are, some thing in life alone remain fundamental principles like loyalty to God.Even if some laugh at you initially this alone will make one successful and ultimately humanity have to come back to it.

1.God`shelp from turbulent life :-I was a introvert child in my childhood my mother died early , their was too many who bullied me in my convent days .But finally God helped me to evolve from childhood trauma. After my graduation in D.U, I was floating like a rudderless ship as some dreams never fade. Even if one like it or not , after all every young man`s have crash on some point of time and first distractions are not easy to go away that soon .And for long I was like floating in Sea like rudderless boat helplessly floating, like character mentioned in Homer`s epic Nobel-` Iliad and Oddesey`.But lastly God helped me forget the past and get ultimate peace in him.

2.God helped in my operation:- Once When I was getting operation , I virtually died in the Operation theatre but God saved me .I felt the bitter truth in life that- everything is temporary only Gods love which will reach anywhere even in death bed. Friends I had near death experience when I was being operated alive , as the anesthesia medicine failed .It was so painful as if thousand snakes biting ,I am few person to see this stage according to a Doctor relative .This is hell you want to die but could not. But there were worst pain than skinned alive, that were the sins I had committed earlier. Friends one is really willing sincerely to repent and take Baptism when its too late. Remember the story of the rich man Lazarus who wanted to repented in hell as told in Holy Bible. This is fact for rich or poor alike I am privilege few to be given a second chance in life you may not be that lucky, more so only in Operation theatre I knew Lord and Savior . As I went through hell and have seen that lord Jesus Christ alone can save me from this eternal pain. So beware of death it is hell to the sinners.

3.God helped me clear my LLB:-after operation it become increasingly difficult for me to clear the LLB.I was a brilliant student cleared my first year Law easily which is considered as the hardest. But after Operation it become very difficult for me.lastly I undertook many fasting programme 3 days in Jipu Prayer centre -Likabali , 21 days and 40 days fasting in Chate pasting Centre Medziphema Nagaland India and God showed me the result also.This was a very positive spiritual experience and good for me in future so that I rely him in alone . After fasting programme God used me as translator in the healing crusade of Brother Don Gosset , a Baptist missionary from America in my capital Itanangar Arunachal Pradesh India.

4.God showed me vision for warning some peoples and some top leaders of my State. This can be verified from the Person concerned most of them who are alive should not deny it :-

                  A.God show me snake curse upon the body of the Mr. Mihuk Taipodia of Gensi town of west Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh in the Chate prayer centre when I was in 40days pasting programme.After a prayer in broad day light I show snakes in Mihuk`s body. Her wife accepted that his husband killing 3 Python before he become Christian. There is a belief in our Galo community of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh India that unless old curse are cleared by ones old system of prayer and sacrifice to deity.One will have problem becoming Christian. But Christian belief is through nice repentance and fasting everything is possible. And some times we have to make specific prayer to get requisite result and for this holy spirit Person guidance is needed I learned after experiencing it myself.But it is very difficult to get this stage.

                      B.God Show me that my friend Adv. Goke Ori was making a building quickly. I told him to seek Gods kingdom first, he is now suffering from a brain disease and needs our prayer support, A vision come to gospel to Late Gohen Bam of my home town Basar also .He was ill than, when I visited his house. Though I wanted not to, but I had to go to his house to proclaim God`s greatness he should have accepted Him when alive.

                     C. Soon God Show Gobin Bus owned by Late Gohen Bam , was falling below road, told the church members of his native Bam Village to pray. Next day the Bus had a narrow escape, though the family members were said to be upset with me thinking I brought the bad omen for them .

                     D.God made me Warned Lijum Ronyaji Ex- Power Minister of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh India not to criticize Christian`s; when he was in the verge of becoming the chief Minister of my State of Arunachal Pradesh of North East India.If BJP had won second time under Bajpayji he was a sure shot .This happened When he was staying in room No.3 of the Basar Circuit house and this advise was heard by Mr.Modak Riba A.E Basar.The rumor is ripe that he criticized brother Neelam Taram a veteran Baptist leader contrary to my advise and also Ex-Home Minister of our State who wrote famous book-`A glimpses of Baptist Church in North east`, and fall down with the central Govt.

                          E.God made me Warn Sri Gegong Apangji Ex-Chief Minister who ruled my State for two decades not to promote his family members when I was working with Omak Apangji his son in his first M.P contest. But I was rather sidelined by the Sr, Apang for this brutal honesty. Later after lots of family problem Apangji seem to have repented a lot.I have also lots of expectations from old family friends who may have not forget me either.

                       F.God made me tell late Dorzee Kandu Saab Ex- chief minister of my State that one Buddhist leader was going to become Hon’be C.M of Arunachal Pradesh india very soon; this was on his repeated query in Borjhar Airport ,within ten days he become. This was witnessed by Hon`ble MLA Tswang Dondup from Tawang Constituency on my way to Delhi in Gauwahaty Borzhar airport Assam India.

                      G. God made me to tell Hon’ble cabinet Minister of my State Sri Jarkar Gamilinji present Hon`ble cabinet Minister Transport and Cooperative Dept. Govt. of A.P India that he was going to win as MLA this is in DC Office Chamber of the West Sian Dist. Arunachal Pradesh, this was one days before the counting of election results. God showed the victory in his face itself. But going by what he is facing hardship from a other clan member. I think it is pre- destined as also in vision I show some barking dog after victory announcement of his name.

                    H.God made me told Dorzee Kanduji Ex- Chief minister to repent when he called me before he died for a personal help.He should have repented may be God could have saved him.This was witnessed by Sri Kembom Riba of pagi Village.

                    I.And most recently I was warned in a dream that I need to be careful in the journey and I survived break fell of my old car.This is after attending the Healing crusade at Aalo.God ensures that even death is thwarted in his duty.

                     J.And more recently I was warned regarding the illness of my daughter Goshen Basar in dream, she is now hale and hearthy after prolong illness. Hope the good and gracious God will again help me in collecting fund for my future visions.

This are some important miracles of God in my life, many of which I even don`t remember. The facts can be verified as many of Peoples are still alive.The making of this blog also, which may help me quite a lot in getting favor of great peoples like you in troubles time is also God`s plan.This is also God`s mercy alone , this God is really living God.Let us work together for his lory.Praise the Lord.

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