Thursday, January 5, 2012


                                        My beloved  29th Assembly Constituency Basar in spite of being the best place with the moderate climate and centrally located geographically, seems to be the cursed place also. This is so far as per as the developmental projects is concerned .As the capital of the State of Arunachal pradesh which is now made in Itanagar was also once proposed here, only because of our earlier Publics lack of awareness. After Late Tomo Ribaji Ex – Hon`ble Chief Minister and Late Todak Basarji Ex-Hon`ble PWD Minister and Rajya sabha M.P ,the phase of development has suddenly stopped. As the present Agriculture and Horticulture college in the east Siang Dist. Was also proposed in the Basar initially only for the inefficiency of our local leaders than.And not only that the ICAR Dept. one of the biggest after Shillong set up by Late Tomo Ribaji and SE Circle Office PWD set up by LateTodak Basarji was about to be moved out of Basar , but stopped in last minute.

                                                       Therefore the other constituency leaders has to be also sympathetic to the Basar`s bid for the district Headquarter and other development projects.After all this is most secured area as there is no fear of any Dam break and it is centrally located as per as communication is concerned .As it is middle to three District Head Quarters- Daporijo , Aalo and pasighat towns , as the NES is also taking up the Pasighat to Ego road which will shorten the distance between Hq. of East Siang Dist.pasighat to Basar by 70 %.And reduce distance only from about 170Km to about 70km.The Arunachal Govt. has to have a practical approach and need to have a viable blue print for the development , the development projects should not be politicized. This makes the consensus difficult later on, as today two Galo community of Basar and likabali are made to have ill will only for the divide and rule policy of Congress party . Where as the natural suitability is to be seen before declaring any development issues. to make the matter worst the proposed NSM Nursing school also shifted from Basar to Aalo this news is highly condemnable. In place like Basar town- the education institutions and Medical Institutions are best suited for the place having moderate climate .

                                 The problem with the State of Arunachal Pradesh is the society is changing so quickly and it is in worst transition period. Earlier the leaders having lots of money where prepared who where basically business man and gave more time to their business interests. And their connections with the Hon`ble Chief Minister and the Officers alone mattered mostly. The leader need not to have been educated or a elite and above all charismatic but should have to be in good book of the high ups , this groups may now be finding themselves in great problem and in penick seems to be making lots of political comment without the sincerity to fulfill this .As recently what to say about them , even the educated persons like us are finding it tough to be in tandem with this latest MTV generations .As today one have to be real popular and for this media support is very much needed .And even for the development projects, media lobby is important thus I am doing my duty for my constituency.

                                           The one who was Un- educated and from Business background may be seen to be failing behind the new youths in this respect. Who though devoid of much money this new kid in the bock`s are also gifted with some understanding of latest nitty gritty of politics. So the coming elections will be interesting to see what the society wants. After all the Arunachal Publics are also today not untouched with the Anna Hazares revolution. It would have been more good if the senior`s who are rich and prosperous should have willingly blessed their junior counterparts. And burden also falls on the junior`s to ask their favor without hurting them. As they were also product of their time and were good when relationship with the publics lasted .We should have magnamity to respect and accept each other`s as our own father and their own son`s.As coordinated approach is need of time.

                                  But who knows suddenly the Arunachal society has also changed today , the days of the educated and visionary leader may be also coming , who were earlier not used by the Society effectively and many returning from Delhi and Bombay had to live a long frustrated life .As their talent was not used , as honestly they were so sentimental about their birth place development but everyone seems to have been busy in looting and seeing them as fools.The Galo clans to which I belong ,Which claims itself of being the most civilized place.Here under its very under the nose of the elites and educated , the minorities right where also curtailed. See the persecution to the Christians as mentioned earlier. The injustice to Christians unfortunately remains indirectly as mostly christens officers are still seen to be transferred here in compare to other christian dominated places and development work deprieved .The contract and development works so far 95 % are seen to be enjoyed by the none Christians.This is fact established in places like 29th assembly constituency Basar where Christian population have today reached 30-40% .Though there are rulling congress workers from Christian background also and many are deserving and fit business man also but why this double standard?Though this may not have been an advertent step, but we should be careful of such things in future.After all this are sensitive issues , and smells of chauvinism and superiority complexion .If the Christians are advised to be affirmative in claiming their rights , some will again criticise them for doing so. 

                                                           I condemn this injustice any where but being the Christian leader it is my duty to highlight this, I will even appeal my Christian leaders not to do this with other`s in Christian dominated place.And time is for others also to realize their mistakes , as without true unity we can achieve nothing. After all when we expect our Galos to unite in time of crisis how we can hate one section. But this may be also due to the shy and good nature of the Christians, but society should love them for this very good nature isn`t it .And as saying goes the good leadership is one which reach to the poorest of the poor first. The fact is also that on general the gap between the rich and the poor have become today unimaginable. And our senior Galos greed is manifested in the fact that, in spite of Galo clans lots of population we have only one district namely- West Siang Dist. As every senior may have been busy about their own business than , at least ex-minister Doi Adoji only have the guts to confess his guilt once .

                                                                         I am appealing to all the present leadership to show their magnamity to retire gracefully and giving the dais to the young and dynamic leader. It is pertinent to mention that not a single time since its inception after free India in Basar 29th Assembly Constituency, Publics have given chance to a Christian leader. Therefore this is a matter of great concern as Galos are termed as most intelligent and civilized clan by none other than British Anthropologist- Hamilton. Each time I want to start a good life , thinking to stop writing a new articles which I prepare with lots of pain .The divine thought that if I don`t sacrifice for my place who else will do, this thought`s engulfed me.And this is not only about me even the son of the present leaders and officers I believe have a good heart. The most of the young generations have also some goodness in them , this the older generation has to also respect.

                                                            Give a damn about the political calculations please hear the voice of the conscience. I respect my face book friend Rahul Gandhiji in spite of being from a great family he is so down to earth. This generations love has to be appreciated , even if we are from different party for which we can have different of ideology, but no personal differences you can see with us.Why the old generations don`t also learn from us regarding this. Brother this hate will take you no where. And unfortunately our senior leaders most of them have developed personal enmity and vindictiveness nature, this is shameful. Mind it the political equation will fall down one day, so none should think of completely finishing other, this philosophy of life is only with animal. The good family name can be alone shown by keeping one`s promise and showing sacrifice also if the new generation can show this why the old generation in death bed are failing behind. Remember one day history will question you? So what none dare to tell you fact now? Everyone has to face God one day , so we should not miss good chance to do virtuousness and righteousness in short time in life.

                                                               The demand for the District Head Quarter at Basar, this was always the subject of discussions for the Basarites who where fed up going to Aalo 50 k.m away which is presently its Hq .The annual conference of Galo clans I,e- Galo Bane keba like the Loya Zirga of Afghanistan is the apex body of the whole Galo clan.Few years back the Publics of the Likabali area who are living in foothill area about 150 k.m below Basar town submitted an application to the President Galo Welfare Society in its Aalo conference for supporting their cause for the Lower siang Dist. with Hq. in  Likabali town in Galo Foothill area.This they claim was not challenged affirmatively by the present leadership of Basar at that time.Some critics claim that if one educated person was a sitting MLA than, he would have done something regarding this , as a need was to just apply a first application or at least vehemently protest the Likabalis demand by filling application against the application.

                                                                            But things like this I personally believe was also not easy and one cannot blame the present leadership only for not doing what he was supposed to do.As the Publics are also one`s who want lots of money in the election. They seems to be seeing this occasions as festival time and if they are making unqualified leaders they have to also change themselves . This has to be accepted that this culture was increased many fold during Sri Gegong Apangjis time.He seems to have went out of way to finish real popular leader like late Tomo Ribaji , though he seems to be a very changed man today after seeing this ill effect himself. As the Arunachal Publics have today become very immoral and this becomes evident everywhere. The personal mistakes apart we should respect a leader who will maintain probity in public life to some extent and that also seems to be absence today.

                                           And to make the matter complicated setting aside the demand and recommendation of Galo Bane keba and Galo Welfare Society, the ruling Congress party in the previous state Assembly elections and the parliamentary election had promised to give the District headquarter in Basar town if the congress party was voted in power. This was the main reason every one vote this party in the last time in 29th Assembly Constituency Basar . I also did not contested in the last assembly election as the present Hon`ble MLA Gojen Gadiji requested me through my brother to refrain from contesting in the interest of the whole Publics. As being the leader I had also to sacrifice for the Publics so even if many of my admirers where angry I had to cancel my intentions for contesting than. Even MLA Saab`s close friends where offering me cash amount and next MLA ticket from the congress party if I supported him. But as I had little trust in the present leadership I prefer to support a RJD candidate who had lesser chance to win but was one of my relative.Though this days it is very doubtful one will reciprocate the good gesture next time. Need not to say she lost miserably as the District issue ,ruling ticket and the State machinery and muscle power did the needful. The present MLA Saab was able to manage powerful lobby under this issues. He had played his card smartly.

                                Not only that the rampant use of the state machinery like notorious IRBN Police which surrounded the Tirbin Area and did not allowed the ordinary Basar citizens to campaign in the Tirbin area which is the strong hold of the present MLA was practiced. The Tirbin area in spite of being the Christian dominated area so far seems to be under the present MLA Saab`s spell .As the clan politics he is said to be playing is said to be effective so far.But the Christian lobby is nonetheless powerful as last ZPM also won with the help of Christian lobby .The use of muscle and money power is highly condemnable , one should win by his own merit not by muscle power , as in the free and fair means alone one`s worthiness can be find.But mainly for district issue the officers and publics earlier seems to have went berserk , but the Govt. also got an excuse due to a violence which started in Tirbin in last election. who knows who may have orchested it like burning of Reichstag building by Nazis before 2nd world war; as some senior and mature person only can be behind this evil organization called Taliban youth groups from Tirbin who were said to be assaulting RJD supporters at impunity , campaigning in Tirbin .

                                               One should fear God in the old age he should not do many evil things to hamper the family members future prospect also.If the majority 60% of publics of Basar and Ego belt are so good and gentleman why this bad name on Tirbin by few miscreants for one`s Individual interest. And with this similar apprehensions in future should aspiring leaders should not be prepared also.The case like this may have prompted some one in Tirap to invite NSCN`s in Arunachal politics to protect the majority co-believer voters in some pockets from voting free and fairly. As after every elections the Christians seems to be given more injustice here.By seeing my earlier sacrifice, this was the time the present leadership should have invited me to share the developmental projects as per his assurance which was short of understanding to leave the dais for me next time.But in Arunachal the love and sacrifice seems to be seen as meaningless by some who only seems to know how to loot as some of my friends believe. And worst to the Christians who seems to be hated as some critics believes and they may not be wrong as graphs speaks as the present officers mostly from my belt seems to be seeing Christianity as foreign religion. Fortunately for me though at least everyone are seen to be good to me, basically being relatives or knowledgeable , but can I deny injustice to my poor and destitute co-believers though they are goodto me personally.

                                                          And more so when I was the one who helped my present  MLA Saab taking as an old friend in not loosing MLA for third time .As this was time he wanted to become representative for only one time and was on verge of committing suicide out of frustration. As such I have moral right also to claim my right .But more than present gentleman from whom I have great expectations .I suppose some of his notorious supporters may be mostly wrong and ill advising for increasing his greed.One should fill more than satisfied winning twice in educated place like our`s. But I have full belief in my relatives and friends even from opposite side who should let the better sense come to my honorable friend eventually. I never think one will be that power obsessed , ungrateful and callous to the need of the society specially if one is related to me indirectly or their sons are my friends .The jealous officers for the reason best known to them went out of way to support him last time. The anti Christian and pro-minority communalism card also seems to have been used in some places like always .

                                                But before taking violent way one should always take the help of love and reconciliation. It is better to win one by love first and use violence as last resort. My RJD camp should have also used this power earlier. But eventually it is God`s will and the destiny for one  to succeed in life .Tomorrow in the changed context when the District issue is no more and the officers mostly transferred or retired , we have to see what happens of the political scenario , as one may have also to be also apprehensive and refrain from committing political hara-kiri howsoever rich and powerful he is , as world has changed a lot suddenly. But one thing is to be also accepted that some is also good at management money in election and have been seen to be smarter than his competitors in this regard earlier. And in place like Arunachal earlier this was mattering a lots and also seen to be very helpful for aspiring leader. But the good leadership is sum total of all the good qualities so the political results in many place in Arunachal will be interesting to see next time . But so far the Publics seems to be giving a damn wherefrom money is coming in Arunachal types of society. Thus unless all the good persons of the world over don`t unite it may be not easy in places like our`s.But one has to accept that after Anna Hazareji Jan Lok Pal/Civil right movement, the bond among the good Peoples of the world over has also increased.

                                                        One fine Gentleman of the Congress party Sri Gojum Basarji was saying once that the uneducated leaders are the worst persons as they do any thing to come in power.The majority arunachal publics goodness seems to have been used by the Business community earlier to push up their own candidates who in fact prove to be number one business man themselves this they don`t realise.As in my State some are said to have shown their income as one crore in first term of their tenure which increased many fold within five years.But going by the meeting on 4.01.202 where anger poured in like anything on the absence of the senior leaders on the important meeting on District issue , ANM Nursing School issue , FTC Issue and Hipo Land issue of piri Village finally the enlightenment seems to have come in Basar also. On next election things should not be easy for this leaders ,as even many earlier ardent supporters were now seen to questioning their leaders for none action in this issues. But I don`t admire the criticism of the senior leaders in their absence .I have always criticized a person in his face and we should leave this wrong practice.But what ever I am writing is fact and for historical records.

                                                     Now it is the time for our highest introspection .Today the society is suddenly awakened the games seems to have totally changed, the old style of leadership may have now problem .As today the media is best weapon , see why even the 3 G connection seems to be always closed in the Basar BSNL Office , which ought to have been opened 24 hrs. to be taken advantage by the Basar citizens who still wants to fight for the above projects. As the in ternate and media war has come and we cannot be seen to be lagged behind others . And the light also is going off and on in Basar township ,this problems has to be solved as soon as possible. As this are correctable mistakes. As for me like always I am ready to sacrifice my valuable time to work with the present leadership for any developmental work of my constituency.

                            For history sake some facts have to be written this is nothing personal. I hope this article will make our leaders to make a introspection of highest order reather than being angry at me. And I apologize to not tell this in secrets as honestly I have lost hope in our senior leaders magnamity and large heartedness.Like when I showed to them also when my only vehicle was dashed by one of someone`s relatives.The God seems to have truelly send some one like Anna Hazare for this lack of love by the rich and powerful in this part of the world who need also to love us as their own after all once upon a time we also helped some leaders.