Monday, January 9, 2012


                                        The spiritual mother of the Galo Baprist church I,e-GBCC of which I am adviser is undoubtedly the mission partners of the GBCC for about 30 yrs. The Chakesang Mission Society- CMS from Nagaland North East India.Each members of the Chakesang Baptist Church members ,Who brought up the GBCC tenderly feeding it spiritual milk from nascent stage .Today on 8th Jan. 2012 the members of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, which is also my prent Church on behalf of the whole GBCC give an standing obation to the CMS and all the rank and file of the Chakesang Baptist church members by giving farewell to its last missioeries as symbolic farewell to all.The partnership had to finish, one day this is but natural as there are more needy Peoples to cater to.But this end will never end our love and respect for the Chakesang Peoples and have definitely improved our relationship with the Nagas in general who rendered their utmost prayer support and send the God`s precious gospel for our salvation.We have become spiritual brothers and I convey my sincerest thanks to all the Chakesang believers in general and the Naga believers in general.

                                     And also the GBCC have decided to stand on its own feet after a long spoon feeding by the CMS members , the decision was mutual and in a friendly atmosphere .I convey my most special thank`s from core of my heart , on behalf of my parent Church Emmanuel Baptist Church members and behalf of GBCC to the spiritual mentor and friend`s of the GBCC namely- Chakesang Baptist Church Councils and its affiliate Church members and all the Baptist Christian believers of the Nagaland in general.The CMS missionaries where seen to be really simple man and dedicated to the missionary cause.When they came our Peoples were least enlightenened as such if any untoward incident happened knowingly or unknowingly from any corner I seek my personal apology.
                                                  And also on behalf of Christian Community of Basar –CCB and Galo Baptist Church Council- GBCC of which I being adviser and Council of Baptist Church North East India- CBCNI of which I am advisor of peace and Justice Dept. The Chakesang BCM also organized many healing crusade which benefitted us immensely. Few years back in crusade programme in my Gori village Sri Chotisu Sazo Hon`ble MLA parliamentary Secretary Govt. of Nagalnd also came .He become a good friend of mine and also helped me meet Hon`ble Nagaland H.C.M Neipho Rioji.Thank you Hon`ble MLA Sir, personally on my behalf and on the behalf of all the peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh-PPA of which I am State Gen.Secy.

                                                The Chakesang Nagas came for the mission work after worst persecution to the Christians were meted on local believers in my State of Arunachal Pradesh India.Thus it is wrong to associate the Nagas only with bad work.Had the Christianity have not come many secretly accept that some may have been more ferocious.The glimpse of the Chakesang Missionery work is reflected below.The head office of the CBC in the Phutsero Phek District in 1979 decided to send some missionery to the Galo belt of the West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh N.E India.In 1980- Survey of the Galo belt was undertaken by Rev. Dupor Dibasa of CMS and Miss Velli of the CRC , they come to Silli Village in Likabali which is foothill part of the Galo Area.

                              In 1982 –The CMS started Telam church near likabali.The Mission work was started by Rev. P.Lohe from his parent Yoruba church in Chakesang Nagaland ,this was on 1982. Than Mr. H.Medeo came on 1984 from Thuvopisu Church Nagaland .Than Neibilou Lasuh arrived from 5th june 1993 and worked till 2000.Sister Muzipolu Nyekha from parent Chesezu church came in 1993. She was transferred to Gori Baptist Church in 20 feb. 1996 and after some temptation on the Gori Baptist Church she had to move for the Telam Baptist Church, than she came to mission centre GBCC of Nyigam Village and stayed till date.Today on 8th Jan. 2012 she was given a befitting farewell by my parent Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kadi Village West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Basar N.E india.The CMS council called her back to be send to other mission field in Jonai Assam we wish her all the best in life.She stayed for the maximum period in Basar out of all the missionaries and had to faced the most difficult phase of her life as well.And inspite of this, won the heart of all the Peoples of Basar Christians. She could also talk fluent galo language that was her added advantage.

                                             The missionary Murahu Shizo worked from feb 1996 in Basar, he come from parent Ruzazho church Nagaland. L.Keho and K. Basa come to Likabali foothill side of Galos than on 2005 Rev.D.Medeo come to Aalo from Yoruba Church.The District Hq. of the West siang.Sister Aru Lurhutolu Yoho came on 2007 from Kohima Church followed by sister Zulhoupen Koza who came from CMS Kohima, She joined in 9th may 2009.At this time Chappell hall of the GBCC at the Nyigam Village Basar was dedicated. And both sister Aru alias Atu and Sis Zulhoupen alias Alupe were pretty close to my Emmanuel Baptist church members as well.And have developed a life long bond with it.

                                        Sister Atu faced tragedy while she was staying in Mission centre GBCC her mother died of prolong illness and we could not give her a befitting farewell also. Sisiter Alupe was farewell on 8th Jan. 2012 along with sister Muzipolu alias Apole by the members of my parent Emmanuel Church.They represented the whole CMS and in their farewell speech in which we were all drenched in tears they wished us best of luck.They told us to be always united and keep the passion for working for God`s kingdom. And ask us to enjoy doing the God`s work not take it as a duty only.We will always remember it sister.And hope that this relationship will go to new height. Praise the Lord , Jehova Tse.
                                                                                                              Sincerely Brother in Christ.Adviser- Emmanuel Church,CCB , Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI.


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