Friday, January 6, 2012


                                                      A solution must be find out, to my view the CBI can be under the Govt. but its anti corruption wing should be Independent .All the CBI officers family back ground report should be prepared in advance and their business interest monitored. As per Kapil Sibbalji daring the BJP to pass Lokayukta in Gujrat. The BJP has right to have apprehensions that ,if it sacrifice Narendra Modiji also like Yedu Rappa the former HC.M of Karnataka and than if congress refuse to buzz than what?As some thinks congress plays Chanakyas type kutil politics as there are lots of dirty mind in working in this party.but one has accept their think tanks for making lame excuses and for backing their arguments with lots of media blitzkrieg.Honestly the Lok Pal Bill without Lok Ayukta in all the States is meaningless.But next time both the BJp and Congress cannot blame each other after the khuswaha case in U.P State election some critics belive.The step which the BJP was least expected to do ,remember only the debauchery fits a casanova.But harm has been done.I wonder why Narendra Modiji should not have been roped in if the party fund was that needed.

                                           The BJP may have to still make an unofficial alliance with the JDU as it has better image in places other than Kushwaha dominated cast. If the congress wants the head of Narendra Modiji for passing the strict Jan Lok Pal bill next time so be it.I feel the congress will be also at loss this way that way.Because most of the money minded Peoples only seems to have crowded this party and they have seldom developed 2nd rank leadership in their constituency in some remote places like ours.As it is easiest to praise an individual and forget the society, And if they are rejected due to jan Lok pal bill than congress will have problem in those constituency. Specially in the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.Where even the good deserving persons have boycotted the party in advance knowing fully the fate of earlier good congress man without money.And if the Annas demand is not heard than there is also danger indirectly as the Congress may be routed in ensuing Lok Sabha elections.As ultimately most corrupted place like Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is dependent on the Lok Sabha election outcome also.But the Anna team has to also introspect itself first , may be they have to show their intention to resign after State election if they want to campaign. And they may have to be satisfied with supporting Nitish Kumarjis JDU candidates.As the Congress and BJP seems to be identical now in corruption issue.

                                   The best solution to avert the constitutional crisis in India now defends on the CBI Directors and Officers who should take concrete steps regarding the controvercial issue`s like black money stashed in Swiss Bank.To show that they are not under Govt. even when the Jan Lok Pal Bill is yet to be passed. As the air have been badly polluted against the congress party by the opposition and the use of the swiss bank depositors money by the congress in the election cannot be also gainsaid if they have real pot of gold.After all who will like to be guillotined along with the emperor thus this fear must be alleyed by the BJP .As in the state election declared in five states it is highly improbable that the peoples representation act is going to be modified to check the circulations of black money.Congress seems to have taken for granted that each time it can fool the Publics and pass on the problem faced by them for the next time.And they have been also successful also so far with earlier voters also believing them blindly.But more there is a monopoly more will be Public outcry as well.The Anna factor cannot be undermined also after all majority still likes him.See the black flag demonstration to P.M on his Amritsar visit.

                              But for Congress popularity the sacrifice by Gandhi family and their royal image is also responsible. But the coming election result will show as to did some congress crooks have really finished the good name of Gandhi parivar for ever.So the new CBI director can play a major role in solving the controversy of Jan Lok Pall Bill by making making a major break through in the black money issue before the coming State election, mind it this will benefit CBI and Congress more than others.This may only thwart the constitutional crisis faced by India as the congress refuse to give Independent power to CBI,claiming that this will be against the constitution. But the fact is that the Independent judiciary/CBI is also going to help the congress party in long run also.As if the Govt.changes in centre , the BJP is straightway accepted to target at the unearthing the swiss bank secrecy once and for all , and the nonindependent CBI post will easily side with the new Govt.Imagine if what Ram Jetmalani the BJP M.P allegations are really correct than what will happen?After all none of a sovereign country can resist the offer of evolving power like India to tell the truth if the Govt, really mean business .

                                As the battle line is drawn between the Anna Hazareji and Rahulji it has to be seen who wins.This outcome will be historical , also as the Wiki Leaks has advised even smallest of the smallest ally is going to matter for the congress so the party need to be better watchful. And for this ones style of functioning have to be respected. After all they are not in desperate situation like them as none of our members should have money in swiss bank .And small party may make the presence felt in unpredictable future also one never know.And the party with clean image even if ditch by the leaders leaving the Dais for the honest one`s may be tomorrow a force to be reckon with .As tomorrow who knows Anti corruption issue may matter most.Fortunately for us the earlier PPA MLA`s at least ensure our party registration and party symbol.Today the neutrality and equi- distance policy like our most deserving Nitish Kumarjis of JDU policy may help in finding a new political friend benefitting the party.

                                      The BJP can also make a different game plan on Jan Lok Pal issue as lately they have been also seen as radical party and seen as hacking up emotional and impractical issues, the issue though very genuine but they fail to tell a viable mechanism to solve it. Like in black money issues I sujjest the BJP should be giving one month time to the defaulters to voluntarily confess their sins to Publics to get amnesty if their Govt. comes to power.And acknowledging the first confessor as a good nationalist. Those who confess after two months to be fined only.Those who confess after three months to be punished if found guilty along with fine.And those who confess after four months to be fine and given rigorous imprisonment ,those who confess after five months to be given life imprisonment and confistication of all their property to be made mandatory .And those who confession after six month should be given capital punishment along with confistication of all property and categorizing them as traitor of the nation .If the BJP later form the govt. and find the suspected persons hand in this black money stash activity in European Banks , the BJP party stand should be as mentioned above.The rich and powerful persons will be also definitely looking for their security this is law of nature.i am neither with any one or against with any one but always advocating a way for a reconciliation .As this is my Christian duty as well.

                                        It is better to adopt best course I,e-middle course this days , as Publics like practical and realistic solution and don`t want the secret to die with the congress debacle also , as the swiss defaulters lobby are also not something the opposition should undermine and will also not like to miss out. Besides the stubbornness of BJP and baba Ramdev may benefit the European countries who may blackmail them.From my religion perspective also we should forgive the sinners as revenge is Gods. See even if they kept their secrecy with them if God wants they may die prematurely. Even now they will alone know how much pain and uncertainty they and their family are going through for this issue.And many of them may be ready to run away to foreign country unwillingly. Thus this formula may be a good breakthrough in this issue. Or the other option of the opposition is to allow Anna Hazareji to select the new P.M if the congress is dislodged as without his active hand it will be difficult to dislodged deep rooted congress party also.

                                  And Anna camp also may not blindly support BJP if it does not categorically declare to support Anna`s Lok Pal bill in future specially when there is better option in Nitish kumarji.And as for congress party lastly I suggest that to keep the no non- sense image of the party against the corruption.It should order for compulsory polygraph test/narco analysis test of the suspected persons by the CBI. As fact is also that congress may be telling the truth this time .But publics seems to be smelling something fussy in this episode as they have earlier taken lots of advantage of publics blind fate in them. So better before this election in 5 States congress they should realize that they need to do something to win Publics trust by sending their own corrupted party mans in gallows as Mayawati behenji is doing who may have the ultimate cate walk also for this daring move.

                      And in that case the BJP may be compelled to burn the Manuscript to win the Mayawatis favour.As the castism in Hindutva behenji seems to despise most.

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