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The history of Christian Missionary in the state of Arunachal Pradesh is that of tears and pain that can shock every once conscience. I was also filled with tears while writing this . Surprisingly this persecutions happened mostly during Congress party regime in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in North East part of India from- 1953-1993. This reference is purely an academic discussion and not aimed at inciting any communal passion or hurting any one . And is written as compiled by brother Neelam Taram in his book-A Glimpses into Baptist Churches in Arunachal with special reference to Subansiri :-

1834- First time Mrs.C.A Bruce , a committed Christian lady , opened a school at Sadiya for Khamtis and Signphos and converted around five persons.

1953-union cabinet decided to ban the entry of the Christian missionaries into Frontier Tracts ( now Arunachal Pradesh).In accordance with the decision of the Union Cabinet, John J.Selender was forced to leave India.

25th January 1969:-Deed , Neelam Churches were burnt by SSB (Secret service Beauro),Home Guard at the order of the Harban Singh ,Area Organiser.Parliament ( Lok Sabha ) written answer on 16th may 1969.

1969:-Ngorlung church in Siang Dist. Was destroyed.

1969:-Shri Yonthem Lego and his party were arrested at Along for preaching the Gospel.Parliament ( Lok Sabha) written answered on 16th may 1969.

4th April 1970:-Shri Dikay Murang , Sri Saman Murang ,Sri Yonglin Taikam of Khambai Village was arrested at Nampong ,Changlang district for embracing to Christianity.

5th April 1970:-Kiyit Church , in Siang District was burnt .

22nd Oct 1970:-Dipa Church in siang Dist. Was burnt.

29th Oct.1970:-Zipo Church in Siang Dist. Was destroyed.

8th Dec. 1970:-Depi Church in Siang Dist. Was destroyed.

Dec. 1970:-Mebo Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt.

26th January 1971:-Kiyit Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt down for second time.

27th Jan. 1971:-Motum Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt.

31st jan 1971:-Miram Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt.

23rd feb. 1972:-Ngorlung Church in Siang Dist.was burnt down for second time

3rd May1972:-Likha Takha was arrested at Ziro

8th may 1972:-Khoda Takha Debia Takha, Debia Chotum and Toko Dodum were arrested at Ziro.

2nd July 1972:- The author of the book – Glimpses into Baptist churches in Arunachal Pradesh ex-Home Minister of the State Sri Neelam Taram was arrested at Ziro; however , he was released on 9th july 1972.

27-29Jan 1973:-Bogum Bokang Kebang , passed a resolutions No.6,7,810 to throw out Christians from their jurisdiction. The effect seems to continue to some extent in the west siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh .Specially in Dist.Hq. Aalo and its Sub.Divisions Basar my home town .The Christians here still hardly get any Govt. benefits.

24th march 1974:-Mebo Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt.

25th April1974:-Tana Ekha S/O Tana Sera of Sango Village in Sagalee was beaten , and he succumbed to his injuries after 6 days.

24th May 1974:- Pasighat Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt.

20th july 1974:-Smti Teli Eku w/o Sri Teli Tad of Khemi Village was stripped naked and hanged on to the post upside down by Sri Techi Takang , then Zilla Parishad member at the order of the EAC B.Kumar.Because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.

10th Nov.1974:-machination against the Christians by the Councilors of Arunachal Pradesh.

18th May 1976:-Depi Church was burnt.

22nd May 1976:-Oyan Church in Siang Dist. Was burnt.

26th May 1976:-Sile Church in Siang Dist. Was destroyed for the second time.

8th Dec.1976:-ADC ,pasighat vide order No. J.4325 ordered to prevent construction of Churches.

15th march 1977:-Vide No.CA.24/77 ADC Khonsa ,Smty.Vinita Rai prohibited construction of churches in Changlang Dist.

7th oct. 1977:-Suming Church in siang Dist. Was destroyed.

22 Dec 1977:-Gegong Apang ,MLA stopped Christianity at Komsing village of east Siang ( Now Upper Siang )Dist.

18th May 1978:-Denial of privileges to Christians by Sri P.K Thungon , then Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

28th May 1978:-Along Church was burnt.

13th Nov.1978:-The Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion become an Act.This was to check the christinity.As persecutions were becoming inadequate to stop the fire of Baptism.But it was too late the committed Christian representatives where also now starting to fight back.

7th Feb 1981:- Bible and Hymnbooks of Christians were burnt , threatened to drive out Christians from Yingkiong area if they continue by the local leaders and students of Yinkiong secondary school under the instructions of Sri Gegong Apang , Chief minister. See A.P assembly starred question No.116,dtd 31.3.1981.

14th june 1985:-vide Order No. HT(J)-11/80,jagir Singh ,Deputy commissioner Pasighat destroyed East Siang church.

10th april 1987:-Tawso ( Pakkekessang ) Church in east Kameng Dist. Was pulled down.

24th april 1987:-Deb Golo Church in east Kameng dist. was burnt.

21st-26th june 1993:-Loiliang and Bekuliang Churches in Lohit Dist. Was burnt.

Thus time for every one to have pity on the Christians in Arunachal Pradesh who have today reached 50-60% of the total Arunachal Pradesh.By joining for fight for Christian right`s in some places in A.P, where still indirect persecutions seems to be evident .Than only one may can get the forgiveness of God upon their father and relatives and party to which he belong, who earlier persecutions upon Lord and Savior himself unknowingly.

Interestingly the place where their was least persecutions to the missionaries by the locals like in Nyishi belt of Arunachl Pradesh India the blessings of the God is also seen manifold. The setting up of Arunachal Pradesh new capital in Itanagar is its example. This is in spite of fact that the original proposal came to my home town Basar and pasighat in Siang Dist. where most of the persecutions happened.And the Adis refused the capital than to repent now, when it is too late. This is of course barring few like lateTomo Ribaji Ex.C.M the founder of PPA.And my father Sri Dakto Basar from whom I learn so many good things, who was few of those than  to try to convince others for accepting the Govt. proposal. Today also we may commit a Himalayan blunder if we fail to receive the living God and his justice in time and appreciate his disciples and leaders by showing them magnamity also .

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