Saturday, February 6, 2010

Togo Talk

Its been long that the thunders have striken , as if it had prayed for the cloud to fall down and so it may be time for some one to speak out his mind though some Peoples may not like as the torrential rain sometimes damage some farms , But for one who was so foolish and harmless as to be attacked time and again
Who in comparison to those great ones like M.K. Gandhi in whose comparison some is like an ant in comparison to an elephant may not attract every one speacially ones who will always dispute his statement . But he one who think himself to be an ordinary man and thinks there are much mission to be accomplish to give back what he he has got from his birth place he need to be modest . Many things were also said against many Peoples whom later history defined as great for they prefered Africa to be their work place like Mohan Das Karma Chand Gandhi when they could have succedded favulously in London . Those who could have shined in their own life in any field , if success means material comfort which the world thinks , but choose to went in the wilderness to work for the downtrodden I salute them . Those who didn’t wanted to enjoy but take pleasure in making others get their basic right and justice. Many blunders were also committed by them after all they were also mortal unlike God and saviour Jesus of Najareth . But they had the audicity to accept their guilt and work sincerely for they fear the truth and had the experience and experiment with the truth like the Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi learned from Holy Bible .
They have been criticised for their peculier life and philosophy but People could not deny that they were different as they may have born for different reasonand those mostly semi lunatic creatures there were something in common with them all that they fear God and kept him above everything else . Though the Publics despised there peculier attitude . As for even the friends who separated with them it is heard that they also appreciated their love for humanity when they were together , only that they failed to accept there greatness and separated with each other . Both were right in there own way for one priority was family and other Humanity . That there ex- friends man / woman were afterall ordinary man in comparison to them and could not sail the boat together . But the one like them only wonder why on earth friendship could not always remains as one , even if the Social relation is separated after all something are not in our hand and we could still maintain our divine rlationship which is so pure and holy , for likes of them their folly is also destined and their future lies in Gods hand . But likes of them have a firm believe in the power of God and pervently believes that if they are choosen one , then definitely one day water will come out of the rocks like in Prophet Mosses days ; as they strongly believe that the hands of God is still working and he makes someone like them special from others , who only need to be right in the eye of the God and not abuse his power like the Mosses did by striking rock for water three times instead of ones . For the likes of them , though there are times when they are also so low and helpless but have believe in the power of the God . The power is not for abusing but for bringing in a change for good for which the Lord and saviours have also died. And yes those peculier creatures also need prayer support as world runs to many extent by those peoples whom sometimes God and destiny makes Great

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