Saturday, February 6, 2010


If you are both Arjun and Ram what to say this can be said about cine star Arjun Rampal who was my temporary room mate in Hindu College Hostel when I was doing my B.A . The guy sure knew how to hit the bulls eye , the first time I show Arjun was his ass exposed underwere down in legs with the jahapanah position as shown in amir Khans 3 Idiots . That was the way the new comers specially the non tribals were made to do in hostel first night and we popularly called as Chinkis were exempted of this humiliating act . May be chinese karate film was at that time doing the round ; we had sadistic feeling of also doing it sportingly . After that I shockingly saw the self mastervation of about 50 students in the Courtyard of the Hindu hostel because that was the custom than . Once hostel warden come instantly when the boys where lined up to release there white fluid. As I was also looking for the temporary rent house and took shelter with my Arunachalee seniour Sri Sonam Thungonji of Bomdilla which was already packed with senior Sri Kanki Darrang now ADC West Siang dist. A.P. Aalo and friend Arjun Rampal who had hanging bed above a bed in that small room . Sonam Bhai reluktantly gave me refugee status thank you Sonam Bhai from my and Arjuns side . I still remember the chissel faced handsome dude Arjun man he was a real hunk girls were dieng for him that made Biharis more furious may be ; we become instant friends as there were time we were broke and used to pass our time talking to each other . He used to share his family problems . It was like any body else during College days we were so care free than and never thought what was burning inside Arjun . He used to confidently tell me that one day he will become a cine star and his first film will be with Manisha Koirala we never took him seriously as who would have believe this . whenever Sonam Bhai was angry we used to bring XXX rum and pork which was sort of his room fee .
In hostel initial days Ram was in great problem because there was intense regging from Bihari side who seemed to be after him . As Rampal end up being neither Bihari or non Bihar , as he was settled in Kodaikanal with his father a Punjabi who had married a Socialite there as such he failed to get protection from both the camps Jats and Biharis who dominated the hostel politics. Because the jats and Biharis were always fighting for election in Hindu College elections . Things like this seems to have made him more strong . Once he virtually cried to me regarding the regging and said one day they will cry for him . I used to console him and his best comfort was my bike RX 100 which he used to borrow frequently to move around . And some times made me very irritating as he used to take it for long time . Soon the best of the best girls started coming to the room and sonam bhai got furious and seems to have once slepped him also . But his was like elder brothers slap , soon arjun become difficult to be traced . That he was once told me that Rohit Baal have offered him MONTE CARLO add offer . Who is said to have predicted that arjun will be star one day . Later he was linked with one delhi Model and we started to fail to meet each other . Meanwhile I also shifted to a rent house and one day show him in film fare that he was dating Meher Jessia and few months later as said by him I show his movie Moksha with Manisha Koirala as he had promised . the good thing about the Guy is he is still said to be in touch with the old common friends in delhi , one day may be if I am something I may have to look for old friends like class mate Ajay Jadeja Cricketers in my delhi day .
Arjun know me by name narsimha which he himself kept ; this was a Sunni Deol movie we show together in Priya fed up of regging he wanted to take revenge to the senior hostellers in his own way . We decided to lambast like sunny Deol by shouting Narsimha by in the middle of the night and run towards our room . Next day many Peoples were enquiring who the fu… were last night who disturbed us . We kept laughing secretly and than hostellers started calling me Narsimha .


oto said...

wah wah very informative and funny story:))

Anonymous said...

really , did u meet him now

Anonymous said...

togo how r u. It was nice to read your blog. I have posted 92 group photo of our hostellers. Your blog on Arjun is nice one.